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About PūrWell

It All Started With A Dream

Well, it actually started because we wanted to help people dream (through better sleep).

PūrWell was founded in 2018 by Nick DiFrancesco who partnered with a farm in Pueblo, CO where our hemp is grown, cultivated, processed and packaged in order to develop the PūrWell line of hemp oil products.

To achieve this, we created a line of safe and effective CBD products that physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals could trust and feel comfortable recommending to their patients. The response has been overwhelming and the demand continues to grow!

We are extremely passionate about what we are doing at PūrWell and are excited for what the future holds.

PureWell Hemp Products

“PurWell’s goal is to continue to create natural solutions that help people address symptoms from a broad range of conditions. By working exclusively with healthcare professionals, we are legitimizing hemp on a medical level.”   – Nick DiFrancesco


We are dedicated to providing premium, organic hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness through whole plant relief.

Our proprietary formulations are crafted specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare marketplace, offering a range of strengths and applications for seamless customized treatment.


We understand that the return to well-being is more than the purchase of a CBD solution. It is an
ongoing journey of the body, mind, and spirit.

Committed to building lasting relationships within the healthcare community, we consistently produce the highest quality of full spectrum CBD products at competitive prices, while providing comprehensive knowledge, resources, and promotional collateral to help you maximize your earning potential.

Pure Well CBD Product


At PūrWell we take great pride in our products. From seed to sale and every step along the way, quality and consistency are our top priorities. That is why physicians trust and recommend PurWell CBD products for their patients.


PūrWell’s team of healthcare professionals created our premium hemp oil formulations specifically for the healthcare market.

Because we are vertically integrated, we control our whole process from seed to sale; thereby guaranteeing the safety, consistency, and predictability of our products. In a clinical setting, this is paramount in order to properly address specific symptoms from a broad range of conditions.

PureWell Medical
purwell cbd ingredients


All our full spectrum hemp CBD products come from organically grown hemp using sustainable farming techniques. Pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are never used on our plants. The farm creates its own organic fertilizer that not only helps us grow beautiful, healthy hemp but also helps balance the local ecosystem.


Our hemp extraction process adheres to strict, natural protocols, and the most effective method known to science. Cold ethanol extract is the best way to pull all the active compounds from the cellulose material. From there, the oils are further refined via chromatography to remove all remaining traces of ethanol, resulting in the purest of full-spectrum hemp oils.

PureWell Hemp CBD
third party lab testing


All PūrWell products are tested by an independent third-party laboratory to ensure product quality and potency. They are also tested to verify they are free of any pesticides, heavy metals, bio-contaminants, or unwanted solvents. We make these test results (Certificates of Analysis) available to our consumers via QR codes located on all product labels and boxes. You can also find them here.


In 2019, at the world renowned Medtrade conference, our signature product, PurSlep, won the Providers’ Choice Gold Award for “Best New Product” A huge honor being the Providers’ Choice Award is determined by fellow medical professionals.

Later that year, our proprietary line of all-natural hemp oil products was awarded the prestigious “Best in Show” Retail Product Award.

Medtrade Award
medtrade award for cbd
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