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The Best Podcast on Cannabis

Hempire | Our World in Cannabis

There has always been a stigma when it comes to talking about cannabis and we’re tired of it. 

  • Misinformation
  • Misdirection
  • Misleading

This is what we battle every day when it comes to anything cannabis.

So, we created a platform where we can bring people together to share real stories about how cannabis has impacted their lives and help inform our world about cannabis the right way.

This is Hempire.

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Ep. 23 - Glenn Chapman Special | Hempire

D.O. with Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics

Ep. 22 - Sober Junkie Special | Hempire

Singer, Songwriter, and Performer

Ep. 21 - Blakk Tatted Special | Hempire

Founder of Blakk Smoke

Dee Dussault, author of Ganja Yoga

Ep. 20 - Dee Dussault Special | Hempire

Best Selling Author of Ganja Yoga

Ep. 19 - Kaitlyn Verfuerth Special | Hempire

Former American Wheelchair Tennis Player

Ep. 18 - Phil Leavitt Special | Hempire

Drummer for 7Horse

Ep. 17 - Keith Doubman Special | Hempire

a.k.a. KCDAdventure

Ep. 16 - Annick Goldsmith & Big Twins Special | Hempire

Annick Goldsmith and Big Twins (Big Twins of Mobb Deep/Infamous Mobb and Higher Frequency by the legend RAKIM) with INFMS and Black Market Group

Chris Ball with Ball Family Farms on Hempire

Ep. 15 - Chris Ball Special | Hempire

Ball Family Farms, and J. Alphonse Nicholson, star of P-Valley

Ep. 14 - Ric Flair Special | Hempire

16-time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Nature Boy Ric Flair and Chad Bronstein with Ric Flair Drip Cannabis

Dr. Kevin Morley

Ep. 13 - Kevin Morley Special | Hempire

Head Athletic Trainer for Nashville Predators

Ep. 12 - Ryan VandenBussche Special | Hempire

Former Professional NHL Hockey Player

Ep. 11 - Mitch Pfeifer and Joey Brabo Special | Hempire

Founders of Respect My Region

Jorel Decker sitting with a friend holding freshly harvested cannabis.

Ep. 10 - Jorel Decker Special | Hempire

Co-Founder of Hollywood Undead and CEO of Ramshead Cannabis

Ep. 9 - Michael Moorer Special | Hempire

Former Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion

john monopoly

Ep. 8 - John Monopoly Special | Hempire

M-1 and Umi with Urban Aroma


Ep. 7 - Frank Shamrock Special | Hempire

Frank "The Legend" Shamrock, Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

jen bernstein

Ep. 6 - Jen Bernstein Special | Hempire

Executive Editor for Sensi Magazine


Ep. 5 - Kieve Huffman Special | Hempire

CEO of Engager Brands


Ep. 4 - Ethan Zohn Special | Hempire

Former Professional Soccer Player, Cancer Survivor, Winner of Hit Reality Show Survivor Africa, and 2-time Cancer-Crusher

Ep. 3 - Riley Cote Special | Hempire

Retired NHL Player, Co-Founder and NHL League Ambassador for Athletes for Care

Kyle Turley

Ep. 2 - Kyle Turley Special | Hempire

Former NFL All-Pro Lineman

Ep. 1 - Tell Us Your Biz | Hempire

Introduction to PurWell

Meet Your Hosts

Nick DiFrancesco

As the Founder and CEO of PurWell, my goal has always been to help legitimize cannabis on a medicinal level.

With Hempire, we’re going to help share that knowledge with the world to help destigmatize cannabis.

Peter Bahrenburg

Having spent years around cannabis, I ended up working at PurWell.

Together with Nick, we created Hempire to help educate the world on the medical properties of cannabis while chipping away at the pharmaceutical industry.

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