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The Best Podcast on Cannabis

Hempire | Our World in Cannabis

There has always been a stigma when it comes to talking about cannabis and we’re tired of it. 

  • Misinformation
  • Misdirection
  • Misleading

This is what we battle every day when it comes to anything cannabis.

So, we created a platform where we can bring people together to share real stories about how cannabis has impacted their lives and help inform our world about cannabis the right way.

This is Hempire.

Meet Your Hosts

Nick DiFrancesco

As the Founder and CEO of PurWell, my goal has always been to help legitimize cannabis on a medicinal level.

With Hempire, we’re going to help share that knowledge with the world to help destigmatize cannabis.

Peter Bahrenberg

Having spent years around cannabis, I ended up working at PurWell.

Together with Nick, we created Hempire to help educate the world on the medical properties of cannabis while chipping away at the pharmaceutical industry.

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