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About Blakk Tatted

Blakk Tatted is the young music artist & social media star-turned-CEO behind Blakk Smoke, the revolutionary Hookah products containing zero tobacco and zero nicotine. Many will also recognize him as the “New Orleans Dip King,” crowned by his pioneering the “Dip Challenge,” & releasing the viral music single “Dip Witchaaa”.

Blakk Tatted Special | Hempire

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Pete 0:00
Hi and welcome to another episode of hempire I’m Pete Bahrenburg along always is founder and CEO of pure Well, Nick DeFrancesco. How’re you doing over there, Nick?

Nick 0:10
I’m good. I’m good. Where we survived our hurricane. We’re talking to someone from New Orleans. He’s got an amazing product. We’re having a we’re launching a new product, a new mushroom blend, that things are good. Things are good. Pete

Pete 0:25
Yeah, all things on the positive side. I mean, and now we’re gonna say in the I guess, natural world as we like to be and someone who’s taking the idea of smoking fruit to a whole new level, and removing all the tobacco removing the nicotine and coming up with a unique unique wrapper. We’re talking about the founder of black smoke. Black tattered, what’s up, man? Hey, Don, hey, it

Blakk Tatted 0:45
was a man was up. Like Nick said, you know, things are good on just a little negativity on top of that positivity. I’m from New Orleans in the sense of losing right now. So

Nick 0:57
we won’t hold that against you though. Because we’re just talking off air and the food. Come on that food is fire. So you can’t do anything wrong in

Blakk Tatted 1:06
St. Louis. I go give me some fried crab cakes and you know

Pete 1:10
better in the true fashion of Jameis Winston we like

Nick 1:20
Florida State guy so you know that’s not to scrap steel in you know, quarterback right there that’s currently walking. It’s a crab

Pete 1:29
walk. He walked out.

Blakk Tatted 1:32
I felt this connection but I didn’t know wait.

Nick 1:38
Well, what did they say? Where’s your shoes? Isn’t that isn’t that the thing? When whenever you’re walking down? What’s the thing they say in New Orleans? When everybody when they’re trying to get money? They’re like, I can tell you where your shoes are. Or tell me what your shoes are? Oh, it’s it’s this thing where they say there are my feet is the actual but you don’t know the name and like Where are your shoes? And

Blakk Tatted 2:00
definitely trying to get money? Yes. It will take a hit from my family all Deacon

Nick 2:11
Yeah, it’s like a big thing. You know, they have the dog there when they’re sitting there. Yeah, because everyone has a dog. Everyone’s begging for money as a dog and you feel bad because you just want to, you know, you want to give the dog you want to give the dog money, let alone the person and they have this thing where where your shoes at? You know, and the whole thing is, is there on my feet, but they you know, so ultimately where your shoes are.

Blakk Tatted 2:32
I’ll keep my shoes at home. Exactly.

Nick 2:35
That was sandals. Exactly. Exactly. So so yeah. So let’s talk about this. So you create a wunderkind vape it’s a hookah product and it’s made entirely of fruit. So there’s no nicotine. There’s no no THC. So, tell me, You know what made that and you know what, how did that come about? Right? I mean, how did you think of to do this or what sprung that?

Blakk Tatted 3:00
Yes. So it’s been a long time coming. And I will say the process was every bit but sweet like I almost gave up. I got so discouraged so many times. But the process started with me simply having a conversation with some of my friends and family members. Like why you guys smoking cigarettes like we always like chilling and it was like smoking cigarettes and I was being very judgmental. Like have you got smoked it? Think about what you’re putting into your body just right under and it was like you kind of can’t say anything about me because you smoke hookah. I’m like it’s hookah. You got smoking cigarettes. And when he kind of shed light on what’s the difference between hookah and cigarette you still smoking nicotine? You still smoking tobacco? That’s when it all dawned on me like okay, I don’t want to give up hookah because I love the fact that hookah I love that I’m vibe and I love just doing it as a hobby but how can I just do this thing as a hobby because then I expose myself to the harmful chemicals like nicotine and tobacco because I don’t want to be considered a smoking I don’t want to smoke cigarettes. So the first thing you think about when you consider yourself trying to be healthy right? You would think about vegetables and you think about fruit even if you think about a diet and smoking a vegetable nobody wants to teach the letters

Nick 4:16
man past me that lettuce thanks to those letters that we know about over here but

Blakk Tatted 4:25
also let us pray so that included that also fruit what’s the next option so I already compare fruit well who cook and I started thinking about the fact that you go to certain hookah places and you will get the regular nicotine tobacco shisha stuck this out on a pineapple he stuffed inside of orange stuff this kind of free fruit. So I’m like in some way shape or form this fruit is still lighting and helping you to inhale nicotine and tobacco so I started notice there’s a

Nick 4:59
way you Yeah, exactly. It tastes a lot like food. And people know I mean, obviously it’s loaded. You know who’s ever smoked a cigarette and have you ever smoked like an unfiltered white camel or a mobile like back in the day like, hookah is strong. There’s a lot of, you know, a lot of nicotine in it. It definitely chills you out for me too much of that though, it makes me sick. I actually get I get lightheaded and I get nauseous. It’s not really the coolest feeling but the taste in a hookah is that fruit? And, and so I love that what type of effect does it does it give you any type of effect?

Blakk Tatted 5:34
So it doesn’t give you an image? Okay, so for a mental stimulation, you know, okay, okay. Even though Nicotine can be very addictive, I really think just the opposite obvious fact that everybody smokes, cigarettes or anything like that. It just wasn’t meant to stimulation. I feel like my nerves is bad right now, toughness actually making me feel better. Right? Thoughts from his mental stimulation, it didn’t by you doing it so much that nicotine plays a part of you being addictive today. So it’s really more more sort of alternative to saying, Okay, you just got to put some T amount and puff to make you feel like it is helping you and suit you in some kind of ways you can do it without putting those kind of chemicals in your body.

Nick 6:15
Okay, so here’s where I kind of feel like it fits in. I love that it obviously doesn’t have any nicotine because you know, nicotine has a lot of bad things. It’s not the nicotine specific. Nicotine is not great for you. But it’s so highly addictive. But I meant to say when you’re talking about tobacco, there’s in a cigarette specifically, there’s so many other chemicals in that cigarette, that’s bad for you. It’s not necessarily it’s not the nicotine, the nicotine is addictive. But the things that they talk about carcinogens and all that, and all these other nasty things that are in our cigarette is really how they make the tobacco and the process and doing all that. So I like that idea. I kind of feel like which kind of springboards into maybe somebody trying to even get off of smoking, meaning they still have that mental and physical dependency on the physical like action of smoking. Because they say a lot about that. Like, even if you give somebody a patch for cigarettes, or something like that, they don’t have that nicotine addiction as much because they have it in the patch. But it’s the everyday process of them lighting up that they miss. And even the same thing. We notice it in our industry because we have edibles. And we have a vape pen. And we have you know, capsules we have topicals but but what’s funny is, is that if somebody’s used to smoking cigarettes, even though we’re like, listen, the gummy would be better. They’re like, Yeah, but we’re used, I’m used to smoking, I want to have something either in my hand, or they want to have that process of smoking. You’ve actually never smoked nicotine, marijuana, you know, anything. So, again, with those types of products, you know, you have usually like a little feeling to this. And that’s why I asked that, you know, but I love the fact of just having, let’s say like a glass of wine or something where it’s mostly for the taste or you know, something that you’re you’re enjoying. But that’s what I mean, when you’re saying coming. Do you feel a little bit of a calming effect when you’re smoking this?

Blakk Tatted 8:25
Yeah, for me, like, I feel like, it creates a vibe for me. That’s true. Like, I will literally have a glass of wine and smoking my hookah pen. And I probably feel like I’m on cloud nine, like the average person doing the smoking marijuana because that is just the stimulation and advice that I’m searching for.

Pete 8:44
I love that. It’s like total mood. It’s an all encompassing

Nick 8:46
total. That’s what I would that’s totally how I see it. That’s, I like it. I listen, you’re gonna have to, you’re gonna have to send some samples, that’s for sure. Well, you know, because it’s funny, the FDA recently banned jewel and then the other tobacco, nicotine vapes that have been said to be opening up the door for fruit based, you know, products, but we know that again, the fruit based products are nicotine laced. And if somebody’s trying to stop smoking, they’re just going from cigarettes onto hookah, right? I mean, really, and the nicotine again, saying the scam but it is much stronger,

Blakk Tatted 9:24
much stronger by going from bad to worse,

Nick 9:26
it’s going from bad to worse. And I know that they banned a lot of the nicotine pens and what we were talking about Joule and stuff because of again, the other chemicals that are in these pens. There’s just tons of stuff. You know when you’re vaping or the idea of when you pick okay, like for example when you’re exhaling your product. Is there a big smoke? Is there a big smoke puff that comes out or is it not as much or

Blakk Tatted 9:55
is not as much as it will be with the average thing because they It comes up those big old puffs and those big clouds of morsel forms of bad chemicals that’s creating it, you know,

Nick 10:07
exactly. As it is, right. And so when, you know, everyone’s seen somebody that has a nicotine ban, and they blow it, I mean, they get you know, they have all these contraptions. I mean, there’s like, it looks like Mr. Gadget by the time they put it up to their mouth, but they go in, they throw it out, and they puff it out. And it’s this huge cloud of smoke. And you’re like, that is that can’t be good. Because a true vape a true vape of anything. There isn’t a lot of smoke. That’s the whole point of it. It’s just a vapor. You’re not getting a lot of carcinogens you’re not heating it super hot. And that’s another thing How do you gauge what your Yeah, temperature wise right. So is this burn a lot lower,

Blakk Tatted 10:48
it burns a lot low because it’s actually have a customized battery that’s me exactly for my baby as well because more so of a battery that just automatically will be stimulated with a cartridge was you could change the airflow. My battery literally only activates by Brett. So okay, won’t won’t work unless your brightness zone and you can’t change the change the air bail, but you can change the levels of it by as much as you puff and blow that’s about as much as it’s going to work. And once you take take him out, often the battery’s going to completely die and the vape is going to turn off.

Nick 11:22
Now. Do you? Are you able to charge that up again?

Blakk Tatted 11:25
No, because that’s all that also canes with some effects that will be less, you know, healthy for you. So it’s disposable.

Nick 11:33
Okay, okay. Okay. All right. Sounds good. It sounds kind of like our pen. Peter, we have a we like that. We like in the fact that we like that you inhale you don’t touch a button. And boom. Not Well, I have I don’t have fruit. I mean, I you know, we have a you have lettuce? We got devil’s lettuce? No, I’m really excited about it again to try because, again, I think for a lot of people that are even scared of smoking or don’t want to be affiliated. I mean, there’s people that come in all the time. And we’re saying, you know, obviously, we’re the national company, we sell online, but people come into our headquarters all the time. And they’re like, no, no, I don’t want to smoke. Because it’s, you know, not good for me or whatever. This is a completely different thing. And I look I’m kind of on the same boat, to be honest with you. I mean, if I could do an edible, or if I could do something that’s like a lot safer like this, I would be up for it. I can’t

Blakk Tatted 12:33
wait to send you guys some and the most rewarding part is the stories that I hear online all day. And when I’m out in public and people stopped me, it’s like, I was smoking for 2025 years. Now you guys, you helped me to get on cigarettes. And I found out my son was smoking marijuana and smoking this day. Like it’s just so old ministers that I literally really sit here and realize it’s bigger than just being a product is truly changing and saving lives. You know? Well,

Nick 13:00
yeah, I mean, even being in the music career, you know, everybody’s smoked marijuana is a huge part of all types of music. This is not rap. It’s not rock. It’s not country. It’s everybody. It brings everybody together. But and that’s why I was asking, like, what brought you to that and there’s got to be something that sparked this. When you just looked at it and an apple and you go to smoke that

Blakk Tatted 13:27
I had never thought it was cool to be outside and no judgments. I thought it’d be cool to be outside puffing on a cigarette.

Nick 13:35
Oh, yeah. No, I agree. Never like it’s gross. Yeah, I feel like it’s gross. Seriously, I think most people you talk to you right now, if it’s not 1970s It’s not even it’s not even 90s Like people when you say I smoke cigarettes, it’s kind of like, like, either you smoke a vape or you don’t, or you don’t smoke cigarettes.

Blakk Tatted 13:57
When you bought up like all unrepresented music and stuff, it’s always cool to be in a video smoking marijuana. Now it has become such a trend when now you watch the r&b singers and rappers videos, everybody’s smoking black smoke in the videos.

Nick 14:11
There you go. There you go. And so this is what I’m talking about. So, um, you know, before you got here, you had obviously been making music in New Orleans more than it’s bouncing. And then you had a song that went went viral right, obviously. So tell us a little bit about that. And it’s and how it’s helped you with your social media presence in New Orleans and, and how basically how you came to be?

Blakk Tatted 14:35
Yeah, so um, I am naturally just a fun person. Like I was like the the party guy, the one that’s gonna walk in the boardroom and be like, Why y’all sit down get up. Personality and New Orleans has this culture of dance, and it’s called like dipping and some kind of way when I started dipping, it created This whole buzz around the internet and everybody’s like okay, I’ve heard

Nick 15:04
a little bit about this and then you’re on video so you could dip a little for us but but tell me what Come on tell us because not everybody knows what this is.

Blakk Tatted 15:13
Yeah so dip it is pretty much like New Orleans.

Nick 15:17
Oh you guys seem adjusted you better get out I want to see this

Blakk Tatted 15:23
I’m gonna I’m gonna let you see it I’m gonna give you the history of it first.

Nick 15:27
Okay absolutely absolutely

Blakk Tatted 15:31
the typical song like this say for instance if you’d like a Dale Hello from the other side okay by the state we just played that song we played that song but we will put a New Orleans be to another state was handled from the other side but New Orleans will be handled from the other side

Nick 15:52
nice nice though

Blakk Tatted 15:55
so dip in this kind of like vibe into your favorite song vibe to the beat we’re putting into all the splinters so every song pretty much got that same kind of dip to it right I like it like this dip King they literally call me to dip king so not even my city New Orleans called crowns me the dip king of different right so now booking me all over the world different states, Washington, DC, New York everywhere to just come and do this dip dance and I have found myself trying to always explain to the DJ, play this song. This is how you find this link on YouTube. This is our songs This is our music always trying to make my presence be felt. But it was so complicated because people wasn’t aware of what kind of music it was. They just know that it was bugging me to dip. So right in to make this easier. I’m going to start going being booked to dip but instead of having to tell them when to tell them what to pull up. I’m going to do to my own song. Yeah, no, I love that. It kind of happened by nature and almost by accident that I was like, Okay, I’ll just use this as a song and just go get to and it became this global like

Nick 17:06
this. Now I’m gonna walk down the streets. I’m gonna be dipping, Peter, I’m gonna go down. I will tell you right now.

Pete 17:16
I can’t wait every day you should walk in at least Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nick 17:21
I am listen, I’m going to the gym King. I’m getting some fucking instructions. Okay, that’s what I’m doing. When I come down to New Orleans, they’re gonna know listen, so

Blakk Tatted 17:30
this is me kind of like letting you hear a bit of this is actually one of my songs. It’s called Black Teddy dip with Chuck and I got one like 10 Let’s go black. So let me let you hear how it’s gonna start off this is the r&b song is in New Orleans be

Nick 17:44
like it let’s hear

Nick 18:04
Okay, so let’s go a little faster. That’s good. I like that.

Blakk Tatted 18:09
Definitely teach you how to do all about it’s all about the hips, the row and a bounce. Let’s

Nick 18:17
see. We can let me see this. I love to see I like to see the get up and do a little dip together

Pete 18:35
special package all three of us make a nice little video

Nick 18:39
that’s gonna go viral. That’s what I’m talking about right there. So, so now what are you obviously you know, you did well on social media. When What’s your major like your most major poll like you’re more Tik Tok your Instagram? What was the where you start to see more of a reaction to what you do and then probably other ones springboard off of that.

Blakk Tatted 19:02
Absolutely. Instagram. Like I thought it on Facebook, right like, but Facebook was most of all a personal community you really start off on Facebook with your family and school and stuff like that.

Pete 19:17
A lot of hipsters will be breaking on if they start dipping on

Blakk Tatted 19:28
Instagram, it was more so of a wide variety you know, like Instagram pretty much helped us all connect from different cultures, different worlds and all kind of became one at one point of time. You will like know the people in your school and your neighborhood and your community but Instagram pretty much opened the world that you could press a button press record and posted and you can literally touch somebody that’s in in Kansas right now. You know, you could tell somebody to buy like so I just love the about the ability to be able to not connect was so many different peoples and cultures and like, it is a beautiful thing to me. So Instagram was that thing for me that made me even realize when I used to be talking and cracking jokes and making videos because I never was like a comedian like what a script, literally sit down, experience something or see something I have an opinion on and sit down and press record. I never knew what I was going to say. But as the camera rolling I just naturally say, Yes, that was so normal. But when I be posting the same thing that I say to my family without people being recorded, and the world is reacting to it and reposting it is going to Well, I was sitting there like what the hell, right?

Pete 20:42
Times, man,

Blakk Tatted 20:44
it just happens. So naturally, so organically, like when the world got old today just like, Wait beyond my expectations. You know,

Nick 20:51
I think that and I think you brought it together. I mean, you’re putting a name on a blog for your own family and your culture of your own city, right? Like, you’re bringing things out there. I mean, somebody in words, you say, I don’t even remember what you said, you said some other country. I know New Orleans, you know, they’re not going to know the depth, they’re not going to know their culture. So I think that’s really cool to how you can broadcast anybody can do this, you know, anybody part of the country or any part of the world where you can get eyes on things that how else would you get your eyes on? On a lot of different things, whether it’s a product, whether it’s a culture, whether it’s your voice, right? So I think that’s what’s really opened up but but Yeah, but look, I mean, come on, you got a huge smile. You’re super personable, you know, you got awesome products. So I mean, who doesn’t want to dip? Right? You know, like, put a little bit of music, you know? Well, you know, we’re Italian. So we got a little bit of both, you know, we’re not that white, like, can’t dance, you know, but we don’t gotta like the black. You know what I mean? Like I got some black friends. You can break it down.

Blakk Tatted 21:56
You got some crawfish and you give me some spaghetti.

Nick 22:01
Spaghetti and I’m gonna tell you an unbelievable cook. By the way I always tell you right now he’d made me ribs the other day and he’s brought in pasty makes homemade pasta. He does it all. So retail because

Blakk Tatted 22:11
of a person that quality like I do my talking in the kitchen.

Nick 22:17
See? We’re talking about cannabis food also brings everybody together.

Pete 22:26
You ever missed a round table, man? Yeah, right.

Nick 22:30
That’s why I love I love to travel to like I said, I love going to New Orleans because you feel like especially the crew on everything like you. You just feel that whole city. It’s just got this vibe to it. The pride of the city.

Blakk Tatted 22:43
Doesn’t hospitality just not matched

Nick 22:46
on match? And I like I mean, obviously everybody knows bourbon, you know, Bourbon Street. But what’s there’s another one where a lot of the jazz band. It’s a newer city, a newer a newer Street, the front, French, French quarters is more Bourbon Street. There’s another one there’s another street or two or two or three streets over. We’re now all the more the jazz clubs are starting to come out and here’s

Blakk Tatted 23:09
the CATO Street. Now it’s St. Charles.

Nick 23:14
This is like a couple more maser Frenchmans

Blakk Tatted 23:19
a freshman three freshmen. freshmen.

Nick 23:23
Tell you about your CV if you want

Blakk Tatted 23:24
Yes. band’s gonna have jazz like

Nick 23:31
you they do they do now they start it’s a little different. If you’ve ever been in New Orleans, Bourbon is obviously where everybody knows, you know that barley beads in the nakedness. And a typical tourists. If you want to know you got to go over to Frenchman’s or some of the other streets he’s talking about because they’ve got some really amazing restaurants but they got a little little more low key. They got you know more jazz clubs. They got like little more low key craziness. You know, then then the craziest goes on in bourbon because bourbon bourbon is nuts. I mean,

Blakk Tatted 24:03
you go down to in the Bourbon Street, it’s changed your life. You see a totally different world.

Nick 24:07
Oh, okay. So let me tell you a funny really quick, so went to that side to start seeing all the flags, then really pay much attention. I walked in and I saw all these unbelievable beautiful women singing and just singing and performing and then I realized that a lot of women there was a huge drag show. And it was it was entertaining. But no, we went in and we you know, we obviously you know, you walk down the end of the street, you know, I mean, there’s there’s a it’s definitely divided. So you know, and you see these. I mean when you see you don’t see a lot of six foot five guys. You know, six or five girls wear heels on you know so you gotta

Blakk Tatted 24:51
think about about New Orleans that I love. Hospitality. Like everybody’s just so so fun. Everybody’s so welcoming. Nobody’s just mental everybody come outside with the ultimate goal. Let’s get a drink here some music and dance. I don’t care who you are, what you do, like how you look like and I just love that and like, you don’t really notice the difference in a conscious in different cities understand like how valuable New Orleans is to you to you to your character, your personality until you go other places and you kind of feel like, wow, in New Orleans, this wouldn’t be a thing or New Orleans. Nobody would call me out for this and make me feel like this is kind of like you and your own world.

Nick 25:28
Yeah, no, I agree. I mean, I traveled a lot to a lot of cities. And, you know, New Orleans is very unique in a lot of ways. I mean, I love I actually love that whole voodoo, but you know, very spiritual, like all of that. And it’s, it’s pretty crazy. I mean, you can really even just go into the stores, you just feel the culture in New Orleans. And you know, you you have your ba you have a little bit you put on that jazz and it’s just a very different vibe of any other city and the bride I think like you said even with Hurricane Katrina, and when Hurricane Katrina and the building back and and like then the saints win the Super Bowl and like that whole I don’t know, it was just they were you just you rooted you know, everybody in the country rooted for New Orleans? Yeah, like you want it to have New Orleans when and that it just you could see the pride and what it meant to their city and everything and, and I think a lot of cities don’t have that anymore, to be honest with you sports in Miami. It’s not like that. That’s what I hate about Florida. I don’t think Florida it’s got that same vibe you got and as much as I hate this man that he’s a Giants fan. You can’t deny that shit. Yeah, but but Giants fans, you know, again, Boston fans Philly fit, like, super passionate sports are a big thing. I mean, it’s like me doing the cheesesteak dance. Right? You know, like, that’s our gonna do, and doing the dip dipping with the cheesesteak. Right? And so I again, I just I love it, but I was gonna say, So you took all of the social media, you did all this stuff. You started getting notoriety, obviously making money on social media, which is a great thing now, which you couldn’t even think about that years ago. Now you got, you know, YouTube and rumble and this and everything else. So and then you put it in black smoke.

Blakk Tatted 27:17
Yes, yes. Yes. Because, again, like I will tell you that my personality was so natural to me. But when I was I talk about things like giving my review on certain things and watching TV, all kinds of stuff like that. Everybody thought was a big deal. And people was like, Hey, could you do a video just like this? I’m talking about a topic just like this and use my product. I have my product in the back. I’m like, sure. I’ll be an

Nick 27:42
affiliate right.

Blakk Tatted 27:44
Pay me how much I was doing

Nick 27:51
products black

Blakk Tatted 27:55
people testimonials all of a sudden I went from being a dip king of New Orleans. They also went to call me to promo Kenya Instagram, right? Every business from the biggest to the smallest had black tatted doing promo for them, right. And people was coming with these testimonials like literally saying they’ve been in business three years, five years, seven years, 10 years. And the day that I did the promo for them Mr. Data, they made a mess. The most money ever made the entire, you know, business and career. So that was like so rewarding. And I started getting reached out to by the biggest brands like even brands as big as WWE TV, WWE TV had got me on signed contracts with me, and had me promoting every single show on the network and literally doing a promo video on every episode. And I have people watching with me like it was just, it just became like, anything that I can’t even put into words like it’s indescribable. Like, it’s like it was like an overnight success, some kind of way, you know, and

Nick 28:54
well, let me ask you a question. Are you vetting and I just I always ask this because there’s, you know, obviously, you know, we have affiliates, we have all these people that stay behind our products. And, and again, and this is why we do this. Because we love these stories we love bringing on and we have the common interest. But what I’m saying is, is that do you like to? You know, it’s one thing I always said, you know, you watch an athlete, they they really you listen to someone or someone musician or somebody influential? Do they really stand behind that product? Meaning like, do you vet those products? I know that they’re saying like, take a look like here, this is what I want you to promote. But what I mean is that do you use these things yourself and go? Yeah, I’ll promote that. Because this is, I believe it’s a good product.

Blakk Tatted 29:37
Yes. So this is the thing at the beginning when I started, I didn’t even understand what was going on. So it was just like, somebody can’t want a product and the price was was my price. I’m getting promoted. I realized my impact and realize my influence and realize my audience really taken my word and I started taking it very personal. You could come with triple the price that I told him but I don’t believe Even a product that is not something that I like, I’m not going to promote it.

Pete 30:02
Right. Make sense? Yeah.

Nick 30:04
And I love this what you’re doing, because I said, because I’d be honest with you, this is not an easy thing. This is this is an I feel like this black smoke is a little hard. Because, you know, some people are looking for an effect. Yeah. And that’s why I think that this is a great fit for somebody that has, you know, is wanting to get off of, of smoking or something like that. Or if they want to still be healthy, and just feel relaxed and have something that tastes good, because that’s one thing about a hookah like it take that you taste that fruit. Yeah, but it’s a hard sell. Because even

Blakk Tatted 30:41
when people say no nudity, no tobacco, then what’s the point? Right? If I’m not, what’s the point, let’s get fairly safe. So imagine wants you to be this both person, and it’s supposed to force you to kind of be like this dislike coast to kind of convince people like, you don’t need what you think you need. Like, it’s just a minor thing. Try this, this this. So that’s not as easy as people may think, you know?

Pete 31:07
You said you sound like a mood you’re selling a vibe you’re trying to sell the whole encompassing, you know, night into town, you know, like, you’re not just on here’s a product and then you’re out. It’s a whole, you know, thing.

Blakk Tatted 31:17
Imagine you go into the bar because you want to have the effect of what Hennessy do to you. But to the bar and the bartender and say, I got this, this pineapple juice, and it’s cranberry juice, but no Hennessy is in it, but I promise you, you’re gonna like it. You know,

Nick 31:30
that’s exactly what I’m thinking. And, and that’s why again, that’s why it is kind of a hard sell in some effect, but I don’t think it is because there’s plenty of people go, I don’t want alcohol. It’s poison. Yeah, you’re me. I mean, oh, I want to or driving or I don’t know, whatever it is, you know, but you do you do drink though, right? You don’t smoke. But you have drank you have had a Hennessy.

Blakk Tatted 31:51
I have had ahead. Okay. All right.

Nick 31:54
All right, because I just Okay, so So you understand what I mean. And I think you did a perfect black

Blakk Tatted 31:58
smoke has made me so bougie that now only be drinking wine.

Pete 32:03

Nick 32:08
dripping with the wine. I like it. But you can’t. You don’t want that to spill. You got

Pete 32:16
swirls and make sure it’s good. Glass. differently. You go now it’s

Nick 32:22
okay. But I think that’s why I went to wine in the beginning. Because to me, when you a real wine drinker is there’s floral notes. There’s all these things. That’s the one alcohol that you really, I mean, quite our taste, obviously of whiskey and these are different, different kinds of feeling but I just feel like to me, other than the wine spritzers that this guy over here drinks which is Don’t even get me started with the white claws that he loves. But no, but you something you drink. I think you drink one of the

Pete 32:54
easy ones. Yeah, he does. I always make fun of beer all night. It was ridiculous.

Nick 32:59
I always make fun of him because he’s always drinking something. No, but with the wine. It’s got that it’s got that flavor. It’s got that flavor. And I love this. Now is it in a pen? Is it something like a hook? I know you have the pen, but I mean, do you also have a product that a could smoke a hookah as well? Or is it just a vape? Pen?

Blakk Tatted 33:19
No, I actually have fruit shishas as well. I created this nice, literally out of fruit like you opened you literally looking at the fruit.

Nick 33:27
Oh, that’s awesome. That is awesome.

Pete 33:30
Tony level,

Blakk Tatted 33:31
I really wish that if I had a chance to walk to the back, I go get one for you. Like I would like to show you guys like,

Nick 33:38
well, here, here’s here’s the thing, we can do this. We’re gonna treat, we’ll send you some our stuff. And you’ll and you’ll send us some of your stuff. And then we’ll have to go back again. And we’ll have to we’ll be you know, using it on the air. Absolutely. And I mean, because then you know that we could be doing it together. Right? Um, yeah, that’s, there you go. There you go. No, we really, you know, again, I just this is something new Pete, right. I mean, this is something I’ve never even heard of. And I just thought it was an amazing, amazing concept we’re all about.

Pete 34:10
It’s great. And it’s innovative, too. You know, that’s the thing. It’s something that you it’s right in front of you every day and someone just looked at it and said, alright, we can do this better. And here. Yeah.

Nick 34:20
But it’s healthy. You know what I mean? There’s nothing in it. There’s, it’s all natural, and it’s pure. I mean, that’s what we stand for. I just I love what you’re doing. I love what you’re doing. So I mean, this is you know, this is. Again, big shout out and to be honest with you now, when any type of entrepreneur are taking a chance on something like this, we’d love to see that so we obviously wish you the best of luck, that’s for sure. Appreciate you guys.

Pete 34:45
Absolutely. Absolutely and Blackstone one more time where anybody can go ahead and find your support yet.

Blakk Tatted 34:51
Okay, you can follow me personally, I blacked headed that’s BL akk Secretary Teddy ta te te d and you can follow my business page. He’s at black smoke. That’s BL a que que second word smoke. We everywhere Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, you name it has a platform we’re on it. Just follow

Pete 35:09
that smoke baby, right? You go

Pete 35:18
we appreciate the time man. It was great talking with you. And then for everybody else out there when you get the time, please go Judas and like, subscribe, follow us on all your platforms I heart, Amazon, Apple, cannabis radio, of course, the flagship, and when you get a chance, it’s all can’t be possible as it can all be possible with that parallel. So when you get a chance to check out parallel parallel.com purwel.com and use code hempire for 20% off there. Otherwise until next time, everybody get yourself educated and we’ll see you then.

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