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Frank Shamrock Special


About Frank

Born on December 12, 1978, in Santa Monica California, his childhood was spent in foster homes, finally finding a forever home and being adopted by the Shamrocks when he was 21. 

Frank started training in 1994 with his adoptive brother Ken in “submission fighting”, who was well known as a mixed martial artist. Frank competed throughout the 90’s, being named “Fighter of the Year“ three times, “fighter of the decade” by Wrestling Observer, amassed several titles throughout UFC, Pancrase, WCE, and Strikeforce. 

He is often regarded as the “Greatest Mixed Martial Artist of All Time“. Now retired from fighting, he is a philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and cannabis advocate. 

Frank Shamrock Special | Hempire

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Pete 0:03
Hello, and welcome again to another episode of hempire. I am Pete Bahrenburg, here along with Nick DeFrancesco, CEO and founder of pure well. How’s it going today, Nick?

Nick 0:15
Pete, I’m doing great. You know, just getting over Fourth of July and we have a great guest on today I’m talking about one of the best pound per pound UFC fighters ever to compete in the Octagon

Pete 0:28
undefeated UFC champion legend himself. Frank Shamrock. Frank, how you doing, sir?

Frank 0:33
I’m doing fantastic man. Just had a great Fourth of July. Excellent.

Nick 0:39
I like to have that support in the US as we need more of that. That’s for sure. The so I mean, we’ll get that we’ll get right into it. Obviously hempire who wanted to talk to you a little bit of cannabis. We got so many amazing things that you’ve done in your career we want to talk about but but I remember you saying something about? You found cannabis was a wonderful pain reliever for you during the time that you did fight. You use it for your entire sports career, all the World Championship titles, everything that I achieved. I use cannabis on a daily basis. You’ve always dealt with pain from spine you’ll a dose. Tell me a little bit about it’s a vertical. It’s a vertebral defect in your lower back. And how that’s really affected you as well and how cannabis helped you. But why did you use cannabis or what did you use for pain before cannabis came along? And what you did to discover cannabis could help you with your pain? For sure, yeah, well

Frank 1:41
before cannabis I drank actually, it was very, very fruitful or helpful to me. But yeah, and I tried, you know, pain pills. I tried, you know, aspirins and all that stuff. And it didn’t really work. Pain is just too great. The best thing I ever found was cannabis and ice. Literally, the two combo of the two, you know, extended my career, you know, 567 more years. And, you know, particularly for me, I was never into fighting. I was really scared of it. So besides relaxing me physically and helped me with the pain. Here’s a great physical relaxant just to calm my mind and, you know, put me in a place of comfort where I could heal. But yeah, I mean, it’s, I I’ve tried everything for pain. And I live in constant pain. I my spine is not actually connected properly. And so I just lack stability. So anything that causes instability, or unbalanced as my spine just causes me horrible pain.

Nick 2:47
What was the name? Because I obviously botched it.

Frank 2:50
Yeah, it’s called a Spondylus. Thesis. spawn and Samsonite. You’re so cool. Yeah. For for sure. They call the doctors call it a spondee. So I have a spondee.

Nick 3:01
And this was something that you had when you were a child growing up, or is it because this Yes. Now, it

Frank 3:09
we discovered it when I was 16. So I was playing basketball on one of my my right leg actually went numb. And then they took me to Doctor, my spine had a giant s on it. And they x rayed me and found that I had at some point broken one of my vertebrae. And the only thing I can think of is I fell off a two story roof when I was a kid. And I wasn’t supposed to be up there. And it hurt really, really bad. And I didn’t tell anybody. So yeah, that’s probably

Nick 3:35
Yeah, because it makes sense. I mean, when you were fighting, obviously, it didn’t look like anything was was hurting you, that’s for sure. Definitely not your back. I mean, probably one of the most notable fights. I mean, that people would probably remember is Tito OTs, the war that you had with Tito, and obviously the relentless. I mean, just I mean, the effort, the the perseverance, the grit, the determination, I mean, you were somebody who out that was so much bigger than you came in weighing in, you know, for the for the fight, but you were you would walk around your weight almost every single day, Tito’s kind of cutting Seto came down for that fight. And you just, I mean, oh my god, one of the one of the best battles ever. And that’s why, obviously they wanted to rematch and we’ll get into all that stuff as well. But I’m more interested in on the fact of when we talk to athletes, they’re always talking about how they have all these great doctors and all of this giving them that direction. Is it the same in the UFC? Do you feel like they get that same care? You know, you said I tried pain pills. I was drinking I was tough. Do you feel like they you have a lot of medical? I don’t know just information or you know what would be good for your body? Be what not you more or less than maybe professional athletes and like, let’s say football or basketball, hockey, things like that.

Frank 5:08
Yeah, I mean, I it’s certainly gotten better, right? Because when I was doing it, you know, we were just figuring both the technical side out and, you know, nutrition, cardiovascular. So yeah, they certainly have all the information. I don’t think they have the same quality of medical care, like say is the NFL just, you know, just dollars and cents. When I was doing it, I just sought out the best care. So I found the best doctors, I found the best chiropractors, I found the best sports people. And I personally hired them. And that’s how I was able to, you know, keep my career going.

Nick 5:42
Yeah, I don’t think people realize that it’s a lot more. I mean, and obviously, you know, Paul now talks about how the UFC fighters and Joe Rogan, how the UFC fighters MMA fighters are not really getting paid for what they they should be, you know what they deserve. And that’s obviously must be the medical care as well. Which is upsetting because you know, you’re putting your money, your body on your line, you feel like you should be compensated for that. And that’s why I asked, I didn’t think it would be the same. But getting back to cannabis, or how did you discover cannabis, since you were trying all these other things, kind of doing your own self healing? Who turns you on to cannabis?

Frank 6:23
Well, I started when I was a kid, you know, I grew up in the country, and, you know, we smoked as recreation, we fiddled around. But once I started training seriously, like lifting weights really heavy, and, you know, once I got into my early 20s, it just I found I could sleep, I could relax, I could rest. And it made the difference for me and the ability to recuperate my body, and to have my mind fresh. And whereas when I drank I took pills or you know, other pain stuff, I would wake up and I would still feel, you know, the effects of the pills or the drinking. I was cannabis I didn’t rested? Well, I woke up, I felt great, you know, and it was just a great medicine overall.

Nick 7:02
Well, it was kind of interesting, because I remember you were saying that you had to stop a little bit before the fight, because of testing and things like that. And which I will get into it. I think that’s changed a little bit now. But did you feel like there was a drop off? Okay, because you said you don’t really like to fight? Right? You didn’t really want to fight and get into that? Was it easier? And then you said you took marijuana or you took cannabis to kind of ease your mind and and that, but did you notice a difference when you had to kind of stop cold turkey? Those first those couple of weeks going up to the fight? And then immediately afterwards? Just the body relief? Because obviously you’re still training to get into that fight? I mean, yes, there is the fight where you’re taking that physical abuse. But how much physical abuse are you putting on when you’re training? I mean, that’s got to be grueling. So you really must be missing the cannabis. If that was the one that was working for you?

Frank 7:59
Yeah, totally. Yeah, it was, you know, I wouldn’t sleep good. You know, I wouldn’t feel as good. My body would go through, you know, kind of, uh, you know, where’s my medicine relax, and it’s process? And then. And then I would just get used to it. But I wouldn’t, you know, certainly wouldn’t feel as comfortable. I wouldn’t feel as relaxed. I wouldn’t eat as well. Over in your training, I’m sure. Yeah. But you know, and then you got to think the stress of training for three months, you know, to perform for 10 minutes. You know, it’s just a lot of energy for one moment. And leading up to that it just takes a tremendous amount of focus, and discipline, to stay prepared and perform cannabis, you know, kept me in that space. Without it, it was just a little more frustrating. But trust me as soon as I won, you know, it’s right back on my regimen.

Nick 8:54
Right, exactly. And, you know, because I remember you saying you want you felt very conflicted about keeping it private, you know, talking about cannabis back then, how we are now. Was that something that was was taught, talk to you about, like, don’t talk about cannabis. Was that something for you inside of a stigma of having cannabis and being a fighter? Did any PR people tell you to keep it on the wraps? Or was that? Why did you feel like you thought it needed to be kept private? And maybe you’re speaking about it now?

Frank 9:30
Well, you know, just a it wasn’t legal, and, you know, or legalized to a point of acceptance. And you know, I got a lot of skeletons in my closet. I was a convict I was a fighter, I was all these different things. And so when I became very successful, I realized that, you know, there are certain elements that we probably should just, you know, tone down or speak about less and going to prison was one of them because I see the effect that had on people when I politely told them I finished prison, then I moved on to sports. So yeah, it just, I realized it wasn’t popular wasn’t accepted. And I was in a position of leadership and communication and fame. And so when it became legalized, I really sat down with the team. And I was like, Guys, this is it’s wrong, that we’re not supported. Like it’s wrong. And we shouldn’t we should be right. Because it’s right. And it’s a good medicine. And, you know, we got some pushback, but I was very intent on it. Because it’s truthful, and it’s helping people. But yeah, nobody ever said anything. It was all me. But I, yeah, there was a time when you could not talk about it. And was there

Pete 10:48
a lot of other guys doing the same thing? Like where you found that? Yeah, like all of a sudden secrets, smokers, everybody was site high in the corner, don’t it?

Frank 10:55
Yeah, everybody was doing it. Because, you know, if you experiment, you’ll find it’s a better medicine than all the other medicines out there for physical performance. So if you just hang out in sports long enough, you’ll realize it’s a really good medicine.

Pete 11:10
So it’s more accepted to just choose some Vikings fans around the room. And let’s keep this pot smoking under wraps, which is in

Nick 11:16
the 8%. Unbelievable, this is wait. Again, we get frustrated every time we have these conversations. But I will say they’re getting it right. Because August positive cannabis test no longer trigger fines, and suspensions for the UFC fighters know athletes can still face punishment from State Athletic commissions. How do you feel cannabis could benefit fighters now that they don’t have to worry about it in a drug Fest and the fact of using it as a platform to talk about, right? I mean, I feel like more people should get out there and say, look, it’s helping me you’re doing it right now. I still think we deal with the stigma of what it is. And it’s just more and more people talking about what the benefits could be or how it’s helping them is letting that Pandora’s Box start to be opened. And I guess like you said is it something that you think they’re getting right? And maybe they should push it more? I mean, they do have brands coming out for CVD it looks like Nick Diaz, I’m sorry. It’s Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor have gotten into CBD business as

Unknown Speaker 12:29

Nick 12:33
yeah, I know right off sorry about that

Nick 12:42
which which part?

Nick 13:03
Right, okay, all right. Okay, so just tell me just give it a 10 second break and then go.

Nick 13:21
Well, it looks like they’re getting it right. Since late August positive cannabis tests have no longer trigger fines and suspensions of the UFC fighters, though athletes can still face punishment from State Athletic commissions. How do you feel cannabis could benefit fighters now that they don’t have to worry about drug test, meaning they can dose all the way up to fight time? Right after, during, and all that grueling training that you were talking about that it could have probably benefited you then?

Frank 13:49
Yeah, I wish I wish this had happened back when I was doing it. That would have been amazing. I think that’s fantastic. I think any person doing context sports should have cannabis oils in their brain to protect them. I think it’s ridiculous that they don’t have you’re ever going to bump your head. If you’re ever going to take contact to your brain. You have to have some neuro protectant in there and cannabis is a natural neuro protected, it’s proven. So it’s insane that anybody goes into a context word and is not consuming neuro protectant is what everybody is finding is it’s just a better medicine. And all this illegality, all this stuff is has nothing to do with science sciences is clear. It’s just stigma and Bs and racism and immigration, all this other stuff is really tied to this has nothing to do with the actual medicine itself. So yeah, I applaud the sport. We’re, we’re going in the right direction. And, you know, another 100 years we’ll be there.

Nick 14:50
No people come on. Yours is right. Now I need the hard hitting questions here. So let’s talk about what she likes. Okay. So um, you know, the You said a lot of the OG varieties, but like what are you a big fan of for dosing? Or did you use capsules? Were you smoking? What types of cannabis Do you like to use? And I’m just trying to get to know a little bit more about Frank. What his go twos are.

Frank 15:16
Yeah, yeah, I’m an indica guy deep deep purples. You know, real fruit ease. You know, very relaxing in the body relaxing in the mind. That’s kind of my vibe. And then I’d smoke flower and then I also I like oil. I’ll do oils on salads and foods and everything else

Nick 15:43
no sound

Pete 15:44
you kicked a cord we’re gonna fix that he kicked the cord out hang tight. I’m sorry

Nick 15:57
don’t even know how that happened. I’m not even moving my legs like That’s right now I’m gonna hit that I’m not gonna lie Frank. We were watching a lot of videos here this morning there’s a couple that are just insane. I mean, when the guy’s just hitting you and you’re just laughing making that you know what I mean? I was just and then ego when you drop them on his god

Frank 16:33
amazing stuff yeah yeah for sure. Yeah yeah yeah

Frank 16:50
for sure Yeah, so my medicine is indica I do the super purple ease and the really fruit ease anything that’s like deep body relaxation, and good, good mental relaxation. And then when I travel, I take an oil with me and put it on salads and put it in my coffees and teas and because it’s easy to move around. Do some edibles and stuff like that, but my go to is you know little bit of smoke like right away instant, you know, body relaxation. And then I’m off to the races.

Nick 17:33
And what do you think about or even back then I don’t know if they had him the topicals like a salve or a real long we have a lot of athletes and people that use those now for more direct. Is that something you know, obviously, we’re more of a CBD based company. We do have THC broad spectrum items. But we have a lot of topicals that we use for our athletes. And and it’s just funny because I was leading into Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz have gotten in the CBD business as well. What do you think that CBD products out there? And do you think? Are they effective? Have you tried them yourself? And how do you feel like that versus the THC that you’ve been using as

Frank 18:15
well? Yeah, I mean, I’ve tried about every product you could ever imagine. A lot of the row lawns are really good. You know, for me, it’s really the, the, you know, how are we crossing the skin barrier? And what’s our absorption? Like, how much medicine are we getting? So the encapsulation of that the pass through, all of that is fascinating. And the science is rapidly developing. And so it’s getting better on absorption and what how much you can take in your body. CBD is wonderful, you know, like, it’s a fantastic medicine, it will totally rebalance your system and, you know, level things out. But if you add the whole plant spectrum to it, you will 3x that medicine for that medicine. So just, it is what it is.

Nick 19:02
Yeah, I’m, we’re obviously, you know, big fans of full spectrum. We like to have all the cannabinoid profiles including THC in it, we like to also add a lot of molecules dollars as well. You were talking about nanotechnology or different ways to infuse, we have a role on that actually, is not only for us, we definitely got to get you some stuff over there. So you can try it and see if you like. But again, back. We were watching a couple of videos today, and I gotta be honest with you, Frank. I mean, we’re bringing back some some memories of the early UFC. But people have no idea how dominating you really were. You know, of course, everyone knows Ken and but a lot of things that you did for not just the UFC for mixed martial arts as a whole of training techniques and things like that. And that’s why I thought it was kind of interesting as well, somebody that had created all these new training methods All these different types of, of ways to be successful in the octagon, because that conditioning, of course, all doing cannabis. So obviously we know that there’s a lot of benefits and it doesn’t hinder you. But what I thought was cool was you were the first most well rounded fighter, you used to go into fights, knowing exactly what your opponent did. And you kind of prepared for that. And I feel like people don’t realize that when a lot of these guys came in back in the day, they weren’t really, they didn’t have a specialty, they had one specialty, but they weren’t wrapped round it. And that was the one thing with you is like you want it to go to the ground, we could do it, you want it to strike, you could do it.

Pete 20:46
Obviously, you can try and do it.

Nick 20:51
Of course, and then having some of the fastest knockouts I mean, still holds the record for the fastest knockdown ever. We went through a little and we won’t get into this deep. But one of the guys that you did take off, take out was Igor, who ended up having to retire from the UFC. And becoming Pete who’s who’s the bodyguard that he was he was the bodyguard for?

Pete 21:16
Oh, that’d be big head Epstein.

Nick 21:19
What’s kind of interesting when we watch that of everything that’s going on, of course, as seen in Maxwell, and everything else, it was kind of funny. So you beat him so bad, he had to retire. And then he became you know, a bodyguard for not the best man, to be honest with you. But I just thought it was amazing that they kind of even Dana White to this day didn’t give you the credit that you deserve, because you wanted to build another brand. You know, I know how you exposed Kimbo Slice as a flash in the pan. And he was 18 seconds. I mean, you did things that people needed to hear wanted to hear should have heard. And the UFC was the Empire. And you kind of went against that. You know, what inspired you to just kind of do things different retire on top, which was amazing that you did that as well. It just seems like you always do things by your own beat of your own drum. And I guess that comes from your childhood. Or you could focus on anything that I just talked about whatever you want to however you want to answer.

Frank 22:27
Sure. Well, you know, I have a pretty smart dude. And I realized that what we’re doing is crazy, fighting in a cage is insane. And people are gonna get hurt. And it’s just ridiculous. And so I really, truly never really wanting to fight. And the fact that I ended up there was, you know, just really bad life choices and decisions I’ve made. So I really felt like I had nothing else in my life. And that was that I was going to fight and become successful or I was going to spend my life in prison. So I had a real strong desire to do it. And then, you know, when I got there, it was a bunch of tough guys, but nobody really knew what was going on. And I grew up on the streets, and I learned to survive. So I learned that you need to learn this stuff, like somebody has to figure it out. Somebody has to figure all this stuff out. And when I went around and met people I talked to them, I’m like, Hey, this is my question. And I realized nobody was telling me the truth because nobody knew the answer. And so I went alright, well, let’s go figure this out. And that’s what I did. But I never really wanted to fight. That’s my secret. Everything I did was to get out. I was always trying to get out. There, get out there. Yeah. So all my retire, everything I did was so that I could get out of this game and move to another world industry, career, you know, etc. But along the way, I got really passionate about it. And I really fell in love with the study. My goal was to be the first complete fighter and the best fighter in the world. And I accomplished that. And then after that, I was like, wow, it’s not enough. So there’s more to do. So we started working on the sport. And then we started working on the rules. And then we started working on leagues. And all of that, you know, put me in a position where, you know, I was against the machines, and I’m okay with it. Because at the end of the day, I got out, I got my money. I got my brains in my body. And I was very successful at it. And cannabis was one of the best tools and the study of martial arts. And that’s what I recommend those two items to everybody I come across.

Nick 24:43
Well, yeah, and talk to me because you, you got away from your brother, and then you started your own with two other guys and you started basically your own training. Because, again, it’s kind of like you know, you could give them a And a fish where he can teach him how to fish and he can live for and he can, you know, eat forever? And the truth is, is that’s kind of what you did you, you really did change the face of martial arts on training methods and things and and I guess how did you you know, how did you come up with that? Is that just all self taught were these kind of a collective efforts with the two other guys? What made you and then how far did that go after? Because I know you did a lot of endurance, a lot of different tactical training. I mean, tell us a little bit more about how you changed the face of MMA by doing the tactics that you were doing?

Frank 25:37
For sure, yeah, but when I started, I didn’t, I didn’t know anything about the sport. I had been in prison, so I didn’t even see it. Like, I didn’t even know what what was happening. So it was a very fresh experience for me. And then, you know, my very first experience was can beating the hell out of me for you know, an hour. And that was my sort of intro. But what it did for me is nobody had ever beaten me up. Nobody had ever, you know, kick my ass before. So it kind of woke up my spirit, like, hey, you know, this can’t be happening to me. And so it did light a fire, like, Oh, I gotta figure this out. And then, of course, I didn’t want to get beat. But yeah, for me, it’s funny because I just met this Hawaiian group. I moved to Carlsbad and met all these Hawaiians. In Hawaii, it’s the only place in the world where the UFC has never left television. So they have a full sports growth lifecycle. In America, when I became a rockstar did all the stuff I did we got kicked off a cable, so the audience had shrunk by 90%. So when I see the Hawaiians, I’m like Michael Jordan, because it’s never stopped the sports development or exposure over there. But in the rest of the world, unlikely regular dude. I tell you the story, because all the wines think I’m crazy. They’re like, crazy. Like, we did all that stuff. And you did all those things, and the way you act and what you do, like you must be insane. And then when I sit with them, they’re like, Well, you’re the nicest guy. And it doesn’t make any sense in their brains. Because their brains are warriors, a big, manly, tough guy, and he walks around, he does tough things, and manly things, and he’s always tough. And so they’re just fascinated by me, because I’m this soft, you know, small, you know, kind, you know, intellectual dude. And in fighting, I was completely on the outside. I was a nerd. I was the guy with the notebook. I was the guy asking all the questions.

Pete 27:31
But you did that, take your shirt off. And then they’re like, Oh, I didn’t realize this.

Frank 27:39
Yeah, the funny I think I told you guys, but the funniest part was, unbeknownst to me in that culture. At that time, you don’t ask questions. You just do. So I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to ask questions. I had questions, I raise my hand and kick my ass because you’re not supposed to ask questions you just do. And so I was outside of the world, absorbing all the knowledge. And I took whatever was good. I took whoever was honest, whoever was pure, and I put him on my team. And that’s how I became successful.

Nick 28:08
Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, it’s a mindset. And I think that you willed yourself from where you came to becoming what you did. And I think more people need to do that. It’s all about mindset. I really believe that and you put your mind to it, and you accomplished it. And that is one of the reasons why we wanted to have you on the show, not just because of your cannabis background. I just liked what you did and what you stood for. And, and I’m a big proponent of mindset, whatever is going on in your life or whatever adversity. You know, it’s funny, because, you know, today we talk about how there’s been a number of MMA fighter MMA fighters that are entering boxing getting into the ring with YouTubers like Jake or Logan, Paul, or like Conor McGregor did with Floyd Money. Mayweather. Do you think that it could be pulled out? Do you think that you could be pulled out retirement? Now? I know, we had this issue with Dana White. Okay, so do you think you’ll ever be pulled out of retirement for an expedition if the money was right? You know, I mean, now, maybe you were older and things that you wouldn’t want to fight anymore, but there was a time with Dana White. You said I’ll come out in retirement data. And, and that’s about it. But what do you feel about these fighters doing this cross promotion coming out YouTubers? I mean, obviously we talked about Kimbo Slice you’ve flying, calling him out. So what’s your opinion on this? You know, I

Frank 29:40
like it. I mean, to me, we’re entertainers. We’re combat sports entertainers. So we’re performers. Whatever you perform, you perform if you got the legs and it looks good. Go do it. I’m not doing it. Because I don’t want to fight. I’m good. You know, I had my journey. I know how to fight. If anybody shows up I can kick their ass not going around Exactly. Yeah, I’m not going around looking for it. But it here’s, you know, here’s my boxing story when I after I brought StrikeForce to showtime, you know, I’d been boxing for about 10 years I fell in love with boxing, sat down with the president of Showtime I said, Listen, I’ve been studying boxing, I could have a full on successful boxing career. I got the best boxing coach. I’m a super athlete. I’m a world champion. And Kent Hirshman was the president at that time. And he wisely sat me down and he goes, Well, how much do you know about boxing? So I’ve been training for 10 years. I’m a rock star. And he goes, You know, it’s different. And you should come out and watch boxing with me. Come sit, ringside. We’ll watch boxing together. And then we’ll talk boxing after. So I went to the fights. It was a championship match with Vic darchinyan. 112 pounds. And I sat right there. After four rounds, I turned to Stephen and I said, There’s no way I’m doing this sport. Thank you. Thanks for the advice. These 112 pounders were socking each other so hard. And I was like is, there’s no way I’m letting 175 pound man punched me in the headlight. That was the end of my boxing career. Yeah, I

Nick 31:17
was just gonna ask it. Were you weighing in that? I was wondering about 170 When you were fighting in UFC? Where were you about 175 181 170?

Frank 31:25
I walked around at 191 for my entire career, I thought it was getting a 190

Nick 31:31
Yeah, I was gonna say because you definitely didn’t look 170. I mean, you had to be near 190. I mean, she does not a little guy either. That I mean, he’s here. So the fact is, is that you Oh, yeah, no, it’s that was amazing to watch that. So what do you suggest going forward? Or what do you think that people should be doing? Or what? Are you doing anything in cannabis? Moving forward? I mean, are you doing anything in cannabis or to for the narrative? love to have you back on the show, at some point, maybe work with us? But you know, getting some products. But is there anything that you think that we should be doing more? Like I said, you know, McGregor, and Nate having these CBD brands? You do think it’s good for business? Do you think the CBD should be more introduced to the fighters, as well as THC?

Frank 32:26
Yeah, I think all of it’s good for business. I think all of it’s good for people. Like in general, this is a medicine that grows naturally on Earth, it’s good for people, period. So the more people that can have it, the more people that can, you know, access this access this medicine, the better. That’s, and the more you talk, but I love what you guys are doing. Because at the end of the day, it’s normalizing the conversation and getting rid of the stigma. And when people have real conversations about I just had a conversation with one of my clients about cannabis and sex. And she’s a woman in her 60s. That’s awesome. But she’s like, Listen, you have some advice. So yeah, this is my advice. And the response was, Oh, my God, thank you so much like, This is amazing. And all it was was an addition of cannabis into her sex life. But she had never thought of it, she would never do it, you stigmatize all these different ideas. And I’m like, It’s great medicine. So once we cross that bridge, and the more we talk about it, the better the more conversations, we can have to normalize it, the better.

Nick 33:33
It’s the education is key, the stigma is still there, but we are definitely getting somewhere. And again, the UFC. Now, other sports were talking about that they’re kind of turning away for testing or understand that it is being used with athletes in a good way that is not addictive. It’s not habit forming. It’s not bad for you, it’s not going to, you know, cause side effects or contraindications or all the negative things that they say that it does. It’s just going to help improve your life. And that doesn’t mean that you have to be a world class UFC fighter to see the differences. You could be in your everyday wife have sex, you know, or, or pain or inflammation or depression or sleep. Right. So I really appreciate you being on today. It’s been a it’s been obviously enlightening, but fun to get to talk to you and to reminisce about a couple of the I know I grew up watching you so I loved I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much and pique. Anything you need to add or want to add.

Pete 34:44
I was gonna say actually, I do appreciate obviously, all the time you had here and as more people like legends like you inside the ring outside of their, you know, professional forum and actually continue getting out there speaking up about the benefits, how they help them how, you know, there are things to learn. About whether it is entering, you know, just to walk around or entering a bus or, you know, if you’re trying to, you know, get in bed and, you know, enter some sexy time. So, either what it is, but as long as there’s people out there that you know, have a voice and they can get that knowledge somewhere, it’s, it’s, it’s an awesome thing. So we thank people like you just, you know, helping forward that narrative and continuing what we’re doing. So, you know, it’s been a pleasure. And, you know, everybody else is out there. If you want to learn more, you know, talk to us more or learn more about any people we talked to, you can always find us on cannabis, radio, of course, Apple, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music anywhere, just give us a licensed scribe. And that way you can get informed and get educated as well and pass that narrative around.

Nick 35:44
Thank you again, Frank. I really appreciate it. And if you want stay up a couple more minutes, we could talk after the show. Go.

Nick 35:56
Cool. Yeah, I don’t know, I would love to get you some products. Frank, honestly, just for you to try. I don’t know if you had a chance to look at our website at all, or we do custom formulas, products for specific disease states. So we do a lot to deal with a lot of you know, athletes and things like that a lot of normal people as well. But I do it a little bit more on not just the plan itself. But taking other molecules like anti inflammatories, natural anti inflammatories, and use it in conjunction. So there’s a product called Pure relief, that you’d probably find really well, we have an awesome back for sure. Yeah, you’re back for sure, we get a lot of really good results, because of the fact that, you know, it took me three years to make with 27 Different doctors, and finally getting people to use cannabis the way it should be for medical conditions instead of just getting high. And you know, and it just is and that’s really why we’re doing the show, because we want, we want people like you to talk and say, look, it really helped me, but they’re not gonna listen to us, you know, they’re gonna listen to someone like you who’s who’s, you know, have done, it has been a gladiator has put your body on the line, or just the fact that you’ve been in the limelight, and maybe the listen to you, instead of listening to just us. Seeing that there’s, there is a lot of benefits, that life experience instead of just getting high and eating a bunch of food. So

Frank 37:23
that, hey, I got a question for you. Yeah, you know, I’ve been treating some of my bipolar clients, perfect with cannabis. And it’s very specific, lemony. sativa has, and it’s just fantastic. But I, I It’s literally just been experimentation. But I’m very interested in trying to create a formula or a product for for bipolar in particular.

Nick 37:57
Okay. And that’s something that we work on. I could talk to you about that anytime we do have a couple of things that we do use right now, believe it, believe it or not, the Delta eight that we have naturally extracted, extracted, has worked really well for that, we have a full seat. The differences, what we do is we use for different plants for different strains. So we have 167 different cannabinoids in our product. That’s a big difference, even from marijuana or CBD. So we’re using a lot more cannabinoid profiles inside of any type of even just our regular oil, that are seeming to resonate with people because of, of course, the receptors, right, you know, more receptors, there’s more cannabinoids to work on things that are specific. So I, I honestly mean, I would try just on regular oil. And I think you’re going to be shot. Now we can always do something because I make custom stuff. You know, we could work on that. But I want to get customers. Yeah, I mean, I just want to let you know, like just a regular oil, our regular oil, which is so much better than anything that’s on the market. And I’m not just saying that it’s just because of the profile that we have of putting different plants together, you will see a big benefit. So taking that as a base and then adding what you want to this is going to be a huge help. But I definitely would try and we’ll get you set, we’re gonna get you some we’re going to send you the regular oil, and you could see what I mean it’s not going to feel like a normal CBD oil that you take. A lot of those are what’s called isolates, which means it’s just CBD which really is doesn’t seem to be as good and Iran but we like the whole plant right and we want to use all the cannabinoids as a full spectrum for therapy. So that is something what would be an easy way to do something like this as even if you want to do a gummy, because a lot of people like gummies so let’s take a formula that you want to work on and let’s do it. But let’s do it with a gummy because it seems like people will would be more apt to taking it but also there’s molecules that I can get in there that I can’t mix with the oil as well

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