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Jorel Decker Special


About Jorel

Jorel, aka; J-dog, was born on May 1, 1984. He grew up in Los Angeles where his love of music was spurred at 13 years old when his mother took him to see “THE WHO.”

In his late teens, he was interested in gang life, so his parents sent him away to a reform school in New Mexico. While he hated the experience, he said that it “saved his life.”

Best known for his band “Hollywood Undead,” and other side projects he has been performing since 2005.

Recently, Jorel has ventured into the cannabis business with his new business, Ramshead Cannabis.

Jorel Decker Special | Hempire

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Pete 0:00
Welcome to another episode of hempire I’m Pete Bamberg. I’m always here with Nick de Francesco, CEO and founder of pure Well, what’s going on, buddy? How you doing?

Nick 0:08
I’m good, I’m good Pete, we’re just getting back from Chicago, cutting some people up. We were in a cadaver lab, which is kind of cool.

Pete 0:16
Achilles lengthening now.

Nick 0:20
Yeah, so for all the listeners we went to, it’s me funds. It’s a cadaver lab in Chicago, where, you know, we talk to a lot of doctors and healthcare professionals. And I let you actually got to, you know, touch a dead leg and you know, and learn some surgery, Pete.

Pete 0:38
I definitely learned some surgery. So if anybody needs to get a little longer in their Achilles, they can call me up. cheap price.

Nick 0:46
Sure, real cheap. He’s better on the dead ones, folks. He’s much better on the dead ones.

Pete 0:52
They don’t scream as much or Sue.

Nick 0:56
You know, it’s kind of funny, because well, go ahead, Pete, I want to introduce a we got on we got we’re on that same theme of dead. So let’s talk about who we got on today.

Pete 1:06
We have actually, one of the founders of Hollywood undead, and also the Rams Head, cannabis industry and owners. We have Richard as well. How are you guys doing today?

Jorel Decker 1:18
Good. How are you? nervous talking about dead bodies and all that.

Nick 1:23
I’m telling you, he was freaking me out. He was he was very excited.

Jorel Decker 1:30
gleam in his eye you’ve never seen before.

Nick 1:32
Know what’s crazy is definitely not. It was it’s crazy. They just give every one of these doctors a whole leg. You don’t see the whole body. It’s just they’re all laid out in different tables with just one full leg. And, you know, it’s I mean, when you see them, bringing them in and stuff the kind of it’s a little freaky. I mean, it’s

Jorel Decker 1:53
like kind of gives me like the willies a little bit. That’s kind of wild. Yeah, it

Nick 1:57
was it was insane. It’s not something that happens all the time.

Jorel Decker 2:01
Yeah, I don’t like to handle that.

Nick 2:03
I mean, I look, it’s crazy when they cut them out. I mean, it’s, yeah, they’re dead. But you won’t, you couldn’t tell the difference the way that they, I mean, apparently they are very fresh, the guy said. So whether

Pete 2:15
you’re not expensive, either, you’re talking about four to 500 bucks, you can get your own link,

Nick 2:19
you get your own leg. You’re getting excited. Now I was, you know, I’ll be honest with you, I was a little freaked out. But I was excited. I thought that it was gonna cost us an arm and a leg and it was just two legs to get into the conference. So save a little bit of money there. So um, so obviously, you know, you guys got that new single coming out city of the dead. It’s a cannabis focused song, of course, from a student, your eighth studio album, which is which is awesome. And then Hotel California, which is due out on August 12. Talk to us a little bit about cannabis and your connection to music. And, and you know, just tell us why you picked a cannabis focused song. For what you know.

Jorel Decker 3:04
I mean, it’s such a big part of my life. You know what I mean? It’s like, that’s all Richard and I do all day, every day is talking about cannabis. You know what I mean? You know, once once you just like, it’s funny, because I’m not gonna call it a lifestyle. It’s more just like, brand in my life. You know what I mean? I never woke up one day, I was like, Oh, I’m gonna be like, into cannabis. You know, you’ll see people walking around with like weed socks and you know, all their cookies gear, and they’re like, Oh, this is my life. I’m like, No, I never chose that. Like, I just woke up one day and just started growing. I just could not stop. So I’m talking about Canada’s war. I’m talking about music. And I talk all day, all day, every day about cannabis. So like, when I’m writing music, it’s just, it’s just a part of it. Whether I’m smoking or not. I’m still thinking about it. You know

Nick 3:44
what I mean? Yeah, welcome to our world.

Jorel Decker 3:48
With this song, I was like, I was thinking about like, writing lyrics. I was like, man, like Tom Petty would have said some coolest shit. Like, I’m fucking like, he said, he don’t you know, I was like, why don’t we say shit? Like, that was like the sauce thing about like Tom Petty when we wrote those lyrics.

Nick 4:02
Nice. You know, and it’s kind of funny what you said that but I mean, obviously younger kid growing up in California, you know, obviously. And, you know, it’s, it’s funny because people don’t realize it’s okay. Some people are getting into it, it’s new. They see the medical benefits and everything. But for a lot of people that we bring on and just ours, it’s a lifestyle. It’s, it’s, it’s just, it’s part of your life. Like you said, you’re thinking about it, you’re talking about it. It’s not like I you know, just need to, oh, that’s a new thing for us. And, you know, we’re just wrapping it now and saying cannabis is a great thing. It’s, it’s ingrained. It’s in our bloodstream, right. So

Jorel Decker 4:38
it isn’t someone like Richard you know, he comes from like, he had a concrete company you know, this dude, like, literally built our facility from the ground up. You could build anything he could build an ark that’ll save us all when the floods come.

Pete 4:51
Now, there’s a studio

Jorel Decker 4:54
start learning about growing Holy shit, and he’s the same thing but 11 at night. He’s like texting your phone. Over, but like, does this look normal? Or their leaves getting burned? It’s like consumed him now.

Nick 5:05
Yeah, so let’s talk about that. Because obviously, I don’t know if you know too much about us and everything. I have three farms out in Pueblo in Colorado, and Pueblo, Colorado chilla, California and evergreen Colorado, but so I’m definitely on both sides. I’ve been in cannabis for for a long time. And I we do a lot of custom formulations. And I thought it was pretty cool. When you were talking about Tokyo snow, and how you were, you know, you the way you came about that tell us a little bit about that. And, and the passion that you put into trying to find something unique.

Jorel Decker 5:35
Richard, how many seeds that we pop like 200 or something?

Richard 5:39
Yeah, there was a lot of seeds of Bob to find wherever he was able to find that one fino, though everybody loved and other people here too. I’ve tried to grow Tokyo and it just doesn’t compare to what what drill and I’m done with it for sure.

Jorel Decker 5:53
It’s because when we for the first string we had just from compound, but we had a lot like 200 seeds, right? So clearly, some of them were like harming somewhere like popping, you know, seeds. And we’re like, you know, when Obama first started, we’re still selling the bud, you know, we’re trying to, you know, get our legs and people were like buying some of the bird and finding seeds and then popping those seeds. But those weren’t the finals that we kept. So Tokyo snow but it’s like nothing like ours. It took us like three years to find this one train in Tokyo snow and like, the COLAs grow, like as big as our arms. It turns purple, it’s gassy. It’s like people have offered us 1000s of dollars for a cut. And I’m just like, I can’t do that. And you know, it’s like, um, it’s like our staples definitely most popular strain. I mean, you know how it is from a cultivator side to find something that’s like semi exotic and yields, you know what I mean? Literally yields like gorilla glue or Apple printer, but it’s not, it’s like, it’s pretty rare. So I love that. But just because he pops, he doesn’t mean you find a winner. You know, our friend Ramsey told us that, like someone will pop like 50 seeds, and we’re trying to hold on to one he’s like, dude, just because you pop them doesn’t mean he found a winner due to flooding, you know? And it’s like, it’s like, a year of your time wasted. You know, I mean, you know, that goes,

Nick 6:57
well, let me go. Let’s go. We have so much to unpack here. First of all, let’s go back to the fact that you’re now in Oklahoma, because you were obviously grew up in California, you started in California. So we’re going to talk about that. Because why what made you move to Oklahoma, then but I also want to talk about the strain that you have and what makes a difference terpene profile, things like that. So let’s, let’s go back to first why you’re in Oklahoma now. And the difficulties you had in California and why you made that decision.

Jorel Decker 7:28
So starting in California, like obviously on the black market, that’s how we all started. So bras just like the jungle boys just like you know, famous grower now, they also will start in garages, you know, like usually, alley and so finally, I was like, Yo, like this is really hard for me to maintain this business and go on tour. I’m not quitting my band. And I’m like, let’s want to go to the legal side have a full staff and who doesn’t, you know, when we went legal, it was all like, the shit that was promised us was never really happened, obviously. So we pony up a bunch of money we all put in, you know, found an area in the green zone as you would call it. Building that’s like three times. You know what it’s worth all that shit. Then a fire inspections 40 grand, I’m like yo the fucking candy factory next door. I just want to talk to him to make car mills. It was fucking $500 for the fire inspection. Grand and then they’re like you need to put in a diaper changing table. I’m like kids no one under 20 ones allowed to enter the building. It’s no diapers. And then they’re like you need to move this wall move the wall so every time they come in and tell you something it’s six months for the city comes back next thing you know it’s like a year down and the you’re paying like all this money for nothing. You’re not allowed fucking ridiculous. But one of the like the owner of the building, he was like I’m just fucking walk away. This just wanted to be in the legal space. That’s when I went to Oklahoma. And they kind of give away too many licenses out there. That’s a whole nother like can of worms like everybody went to Oklahoma started throwing a little too easy. You know, I’ve seen I’ve seen some of the worst crows in the in my life out there. I’ve been to 1000s all over the world. Because everyone just kind of jumped in out there but like it kinda was like a second chance for guys like me, you know? Of course being illegal market. You know how it isn’t California license could be a million dollars.

Nick 9:19
Well, what I did is and when I got into it, I went on the hemp side. So we’re all you know, we’re not we’re cannabis we’re when I did it because I wanted to not have to worry about not that’s not the only reason but one of the reasons that we got into this side and why I went into hemp is because I could sell in all 50 states. I didn’t have the same type of regulations with cannabis. I could bank my money and things like that. And that’s what a lot of people don’t know. This is why I love doing this show because here you go talking about really the trials and tribulations of what goes on with people that are trying to I mean, look, you go down to California, you can have a guy on a skateboard with a backpack trying to sell you three pounds, you know, a weed you know and So anybody can grow in the back of their yard? Pretty much right. So, yeah. And they talked about how 80% of legacy weed or cannabis sales is still legacy versus what they’re trying to do and legalize it. So California has got a lot of things backwards where I think that Colorado definitely. All right. But so that’s interesting. You said it yourself, but you just said they’re just pushing you away. They’re just pushing back. They’re trying to get more money.

Jorel Decker 10:29
Yeah, exactly. Someone like me is like extremely passionate about this whole industry and about i i live, breathe and eat as I’ve been growing every day. I haven’t been on tour for the like, I just never told anyone does it. I don’t want to call them arrested so many reasons. We don’t know that. But it’s like, you go to like a fucking neighbor down the hall. I pay 30 play. It’s not a hard decision to make. Like, if I had to buy like a bottle of moonshine for 20 bucks or go to the store and buy moonshine for 80 bucks. That was same shit. I’m buying it for my neighbor. You know what I mean? Like and then the LR California time while giving subsidies to growers and my mom fucker, you’re giving us her own money back. Like right now. You’re giving me my money back like fuck you. I just had it.

Pete 11:17
left pocket to right pocket. That’s about it.

Nick 11:21
Well, I mean, he just said it. I mean, he’s sitting there trying to do the all the right things. And then you got the guy down the street, in his in his backyard growing and you’re trying to compete on the same not that you’re I mean, obviously quality is king. Right? But yeah, if you’re a price point is come on price is always gonna be a factor. But love for those guys,

Jorel Decker 11:41
because those are all my friends. You know what I mean? Right? aren’t doing it like that. I’m like, You know what, you had the right idea. I had friends. I was like, Yo, people would license one of the Ligue one they’re like, Fuck, no, two years later, I was like, I’m glad you didn’t listen. I would have fucking pull the wonder with me. I’m glad you stayed.

Nick 11:58
Well, you said, right, right. Now that’s, you know, it’s funny, because you were just saying, when you’re talking about people trying to get in, okay, they don’t really understand what it takes, you know, it just, it just, it doesn’t make sense to people. They’re like, Oh, you’re just selling weed. It’s, there’s so much to it. You’re looking to try to find a specific strain, right? You’re trying to find something unique. Quality is important. You’re trying to deal with the money outlay, right? You’re competing with all these different people. You go to Oklahoma, obviously I just remember you said something specifically and I couldn’t remember but now I did. You said you could even sell a pound for about 1500 Right? And even at that point, with taxes and everything you’re not even making money at that point. You’re still down in California even selling a pound for about 1500

Jorel Decker 12:52
I mean 1500 right now was honestly I like Richard finances like if to a tee it’s like that lit we’re like for top shelf and our ships good to my own horn but I’m like the word you’re like Lucky well right now so flip and after taxes and expected like richer what does it cost us to grow pounder and

Richard 13:13
so before we added this other room where you know we’re in 400 middle for hundreds maybe rent there around it we added another flower rooms for our growth so it’s gonna cut our costs down a lot so we can try to stay in this market and not you know, we can sustain it at least

Nick 13:34
no smart smart. Absolutely. But what did you just say? I mean, yeah, go ahead. Well, we can sure see, but

Jorel Decker 13:39
you got to think like okay, so saying so we get it down to 400 You know, we spent like $4 million on this on this endeavor. So like we got people that know me for 400 profit we’re gonna be it for a while now.

Nick 13:57
And taxes and taxes. Right. So which we all know the California taxes are crazy. Now how is it much better obviously in Oklahoma, but what did you say? You said they sold the strange and we will get back to the strains now. So they saw they saw basically Tokyo snow you know, there’s obviously spin offs but what did you notice just immediately going Oklahoma, bigger market better margins?

Jorel Decker 14:25
Right away it was better margins was like $3,000 a pound and almost wasn’t fair when I first went out there and like 2019 2020 I was like, Yo, this is like too easy. It’s like nobody knows how to grow out here and it’s fucking $3,000 a pound. So we were like blowing it out at first and that’s how we started reinvesting the money into the facility you know what I mean the crash but you know, we started off from CS all from compound we literally pop like 500 CDs, so a lot of federal hunting, but we had shit like people didn’t have like, Yo, I’ve never seen purple weed before. I was like, Okay. Purple weed, but that’s awesome. Yeah, It was fun at first but then you know, everyone figured it out. I got friends from LA that came out there instead of 500,000 light spots, you know, we’re talking like 20,000 square feet, they didn’t $20 and land is 40 grand to buy buildings cheap to go outside of city limits and a lot of regulations. So it’s like, again, I’m not hating on these people. I know a lot of people but they’re just like, everybody went too big too fast. And Oklahoma is the state that crashed the national market for sure.

Nick 15:29
Well, you think it’s, it’s very similar with Kentucky and other places didn’t have. So I’m just these major companies. I mean, what we do is we do specialized formulas and that’s why I want to get back to Tokyo snowing, what makes you guys different, but that’s what we did. We, you know, there’s CBD on every corner, there’s headshots, there’s all these different stuff. We don’t do anything like that we sell to doctors and healthcare professionals. We do custom formulations, we’ve won medical awards. We really are on a different level. But we differentiate ourselves because of that. And that’s kind of why I keep getting back to this Tolkiens though, I guess no. Trying to get this out of you. You’re saying the color and the color is great. Fine. But what is in Is it the turret profile? What are you guys looking for that you’re saying? What makes this so special and why you went fino hunting and this is what you came up with?

Jorel Decker 16:18
I mean that so right now unfortunately I wish I didn’t live up to so unfortunate I love it tell you what, oh, it’s the best term since this is that literally right now people are only buying purple. So when you’re running a commercial facility and you keep your lights on you go purple light green called hookah brands. The breeder was stuck plug. I’ve had to strain for like nine years I gave it to friends and passed around and just got it back my friends still has it. The Terps are insane. It’s the strongest smoking weed I’ve ever seen in my life one Nagal like smell of a whole building most like a lemon cake dip and gasoline. The terpene profiles insane like I think when I got it tested it was before was in the threes or something. And it’s not green right now. So we’re literally not running it and I mean it’s hot purple. Sorry. We literally don’t have it in rotation because it’s purple.

Nick 17:05
I say okay, it will mean

Jorel Decker 17:07
it Dylan come here. So the one of the guys in my band you’re like this story so I love like certain strength decks right when I was on tour with Cypress Hill one time this grower from Michigan he brought me a clone it was a gorilla cookies clones Gorilla Glue mix of Girl Scout cookies. It was in a tiny little like clone pepper pot. It was like dead. I was like I appreciate it. But what am I supposed to do? And it’s like raining outside. It’s freezing. I was like I don’t know. I just like I was like I got a trash man. I’m sorry. The due to my band was like hell no. He put it in his bunk. And every night he turned the light on it he bring it into hotel rooms and put it in the sun and give it water. Like for a month he kept it wasn’t it wasn’t kept it alive. Right? And then finally when I got home I was like okay, well you still have it I’m just gonna bring it to my facility. I put in like a mother pot kept growing and growing attorney huge mom I literally cut like 100,000 clones over the years from that one little clump so hard. I probably pulled like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds from that one clone. And then it got the hops Latin virus and just like decimated this, like it could for some reason that strain couldn’t handle it all these tremors we’re calling it zombie droid that train but it was like a yielder it smelled good and it was frosty. But all from that one clone on that tour he carried around with him like a ticket to catering with me sit at like you know the catering table how this plays out that little plant was like it has like a weed clone on.

Nick 18:36
He’s bringing you know some kids, some people bring their kids. Some people bring their spouses, baby little baby little

Pete 18:45
babies to somebody

Jorel Decker 18:48
and then be real with walking by he’s like, I know what that is.

Nick 18:53
Come on. See, this is what I’m talking about. This is why we do this. This is this is the real, this is how it should be you know, and it’s great for everybody that comes on and listens to our show and stuff. This is what we try to do. We try to bring out what’s really going on just stories. You know, we kick back we talk. But I do have to ask kind of something a little serious because people always want me to ask certain things. And we see a lot of legacy musicians getting their music catalog and publishing rights bond. And now Harbor View Equity Partners just purchase the publishing recorded music catalog a Hollywood undead. So obviously let’s talk a little bit about how about that deal and how the music industry has gone buying catalogs of established artists over playing the game of streaming to social media to push out music. Because I remember you said we made a deal with the devil at some point. Because we had to.

Jorel Decker 19:47
I mean, in that sense, it’s like that could have been the smartest or dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m not going to know to 10 years down the road. So in my opinion like say you get money from shrim The reason why I started growing weed was because Physical sells weren’t selling, right? It’s like 10 years ago, I was going on tour selling out show though the record label the shit ton of money. So I was just like, dude, how am I selling out shows and not even I can’t even pay my fucking rent. I was like, this is absolutely ridiculous. So I was just like, streaming.

Nick 20:17
Talk about this because you’re selling out shows, I read something, you’re selling out shows. You’re going on tour for like, six, eight weeks, and you’re coming back with like three grand worried about paying your rent. I mean, people need to understand what’s going on. I mean, that’s insane.

Jorel Decker 20:33
We were signed, it was called a 360. Deal. I think they’re illegal now. I hope so. And they take half your merch, like, the shit that the record the music industry will do is like, giving you advance on let’s say, like, Oh, here’s a million dollar merch advance, but we’re taking half of that. Because you, you’re on a 360 deal. But you’re responsible to pay back that whole million dollars even though they took half. So you have to tour and pay back the million even though you only took 500 Like that’s one of the worst you could possibly have. So that’s the kind of shit that kept happening to us. And when so when that happens we’re going on tour I’m like all our merch money is going to pay back this debt. You know, like out of like fucking all this money. I only walked with it like 40 grand or some shit 40 grand like, you know, someone who’s broke. I fucking flew through that in like four months. I was like, I didn’t even buy cars. I didn’t buy nothing. I just didn’t like party my ass off. So next thing you know, I’m like, What the fuck man? I’m like, how am I playing the shows come back three grand. So this was before like Airbnb. I was posting ads on Craigslist to like rent my room out in Hollywood. And it was fucking weirdos staying in my bedroom when I was going by really bad. They’re like, dude, this dude is like fucking licking the pots in the kitchen. Like they hated it. Like this guy comes out at 3am with like, his little electronic keyboard and plays music in the middle of the night scares the fuck out of me, like weird shit was going on. When I was having to go on Craigslist and fucking post ads to rent my room out because I could not afford my room when I was going on tour. So finally, I was like, Dude, this is insane. Streaming wasn’t a thing. Pills weren’t selling. I was like, I need to make money. So I was like, I’m gonna sell my car and set up space in the garage started growing because like, my friend showed up, he had like a jar a weed. That was like a pound. And it was for him. But he was just on the roll and 60, Crips like down south. And he’s like, check this out. I was like, I’ve never seen that much weed in my life. How much is that worth? He was like, that is worth my bags. Like right now. Like $2,000 I was like, you fucking kidding me. I make $2,000 in two months. Right? I’m only like, two months. I was like, Okay, I’m in. So I sold my car. And I just started from there. But then it became like, an obsession after that she like, you know, once I started, like, mixing the nutrients and like setting the pumps up and not only set up like two tasks, I was like, This is insane. I fucking love this. My girl the time was mad at me. So you need to get the fuck out of there. Like I can’t. So you know, so fast forward is, you know, basically weathered the storm. So to answer your question is like, that’s why I started growing. And selling the publishing is like, it’s either a great idea or a bad idea. I personally want to be in charge of my like money and shit. Like I like to invest into growing, because that’s what I do. So it’s like, now I have, I have like 10 years of my income all at once. Because basically what happened in 10 years, I might fucking shoot myself and be like, Damn, I’m not getting, you know, I just spent all that money. And I could have kept getting checks forever. Or I can take that money and invest it and make it into more. So it’s basically like, let’s just let’s just like, throw $1 amount out there. It’s a million dollars. Like, I’m actually curious what you guys would do. If someone’s like, you can get a million dollars spread over the next 10 years. But then you’re not getting any more take a million dollars now and invest in like, what do you think you would do? Well, it’s

Nick 23:42
funny, because this is the lottery question. This is the question that everybody asks, When you see the $50 million all I’m going to win the lottery, what are you going to do with the money? Now nobody really understands that this is what they get, they get the same dilemma. They pay it over. America’s Got Talent or you know, like American Idol, or they all get the same deal. It’s either you get a certain amount of money upfront, with no rights. And then you or you, you, you know, you string it out. Right. And I think I think it’s an individual individual question because it depends on where you are in your music career. What do you want to do? Where do you think it’s going to take you but what opportunities do you have right now? Ie cannabis situation yet? You could take now and have your money work for you. If your money can work for you? double triple quadruple? Yeah, for what you could make in that amount of time. Then you got to take the deal. You got to you got to take the

Jorel Decker 24:42
field but I’m in control that a lot of people don’t understand that like oh, take the money and they go buy dumb shit like jet skis and forgive me

Nick 24:50
Why didn’t say that? I said make money. That was money. And that’s and that’s kind of obviously when he got richer year. You know, getting onto the helm and obviously helping you with this, he seems and we got to get Richard a little more involved. So we’ll get him talk to him a little bit more. But, but my point is, is that that’s you I feel something that nobody understands that struggle. And if you had were in that situation now, you know, again, we talked to a lot of athletes, something that’s different, you’re betting on yourself, you could get injured, there’s something you’re not you, you know, your future, they’re telling you, it’s 10 years of this, or lump sum upfront. I mean, it’s not like I might get injured in two years. I mean, it is what it is. And like I said, if you’re smart about what you do, I think you did the right choice. You know, if you’re gonna go blow your money, and, you know, then obviously, you made the wrong decision, because that money will compound and you will make money down the line, because there’s a lot of ways that but who knows, let’s get into this. Who knows where music is going to be in 10 years? I don’t know more CDs, no more a tracks, no more tapes, everything’s digital. What happens if they come up with something that we don’t even know about?

Pete 26:01
Ai? Just gonna be aI generated bullshit.

Jorel Decker 26:05
Like, my bank could be huge in 10 years, it could be obsolete. It’s a gamble either way. But since we’re on the subject of money, like, you know, Richard had a very successful like, concrete company. I mean, I don’t want to throw numbers here, but I’m pretty sure he was clearing over 70 grand a month, you know what I mean for him, and like, he gave all that up for this industry. He’s making like peanuts right now. But he doesn’t regret it one bit, because he’s like, I love this shit. You know what I mean? You know about that, Richard?

Nick 26:30
Yeah, Richard, I’d love to hear that. Because we’re, we all we’ve all paid our, our dues, and still paying them. So tell us a little bit about that, Richard?

Richard 26:40
Yeah, just this kind of like you’re explaining the kind of one lump sum of something what can happen in 10 years, I think when I started this one, drill, him and I really hit it off, and I knew drill is smarter than the head and number wise, you know, kinda like myself and I know construction my whole life. So it was a time to kind of like you say, I got an offer to sell it, and it kind of worked out and being like, I’ll take it now. I don’t know where my company would have been in 10 years. And I know that drill and I could grow this within that 10 years, and probably double or triple the money. So of course, I fell in love with this industry. Like I say drill said we, we kind of don’t ever quit talking to each other about until midnight or one o’clock. We’re not It’s not have the experience or the time that drill has but we’ve actually built something really good here together and I believe 100% into it. I put ever having to now and I sold my other company retired out of that. And this is this is all I do now. So we’re going to make it work one way or another and we’re going to make it worth enough money where hopefully we can both retire again later on. So we got the one lump sum is definitely I feel like where it’s at, if you’re smart enough to invest it correctly. The best. Your,

Jorel Decker 28:06
my, the best thing about this industry, like it is what you make it you know, Richard’s done time, you know what I mean? How many how many a lot of my friends have how many dudes, like have that chance in life, you know, but in this industry, if you were like, honest and work hard and dedicated, you’re gonna last, like, Where can a guy like myself or you guys or Richard do something like that? Like, it’s not possible. I can’t just go to med school and be like, I want to own this hospital. Like they’re gonna laugh at me and be like, you’re not part of the right family. You weren’t born with the right name type shit. You know, I’m not part of the Kaiser Family. We’re gonna call it bug. Dudes like Richard and I gave everybody a shot like, Dude, you can literally own your own company and be successful. If you’re willing to do what it takes. You know what I mean? That’s what I love about cannabis. It’s like, this should level the playing field. Obviously, there’s a lot of people trying to make quick money, but they come and go, You know what I mean? Like, one of my very good friends FaceTimed me the other day, and he’s like, I’m out. I was like, Dude, you’re like one of the biggest trappers in Southern California. Say, I got shot three times this year. He’s like, I’m done. He’s like, I’m just I’m so over. This lifestyle is like, easy. come easy. Go. You know what I mean? It’s like, I lost millions this year. And that’s pretty much broken out. He’s like, I’m just done. So that was one of the reason why I want to go on the legal side. I was like, I don’t give a fuck about cars. You know? I’m not trying to like, buy Rolexes I’m trying to like leave a legacy. You know what I mean? was like a fucking a brand name. Oh, yeah. Like, like,

Nick 29:30
you know what, that is probably one of the realest things we’ve had somebody on the show talk about? Because the truth is, is that everything you just said is the absolute truth. And it’s even why I do it. And why everybody does it. It’s we, you know, I obviously went the legal route. I always tried to do it. We’re trying to do things that help people in different ways. It’s not just about the plant, but you know, medical conditions and things like that. But like you said, you know, you can make your own narrative If you’re not defined by your social class or where you are, it’s, I wish, you know people like Well, it’s the American dream, right? But it’s not it’s not the American Dream for everything. Yes. The athletes that work hard what we think that athletes don’t want, athletes are busting their ass are getting, but how many actually make it to the NFL or the NBA or the NHL? So 1% or something like that?

Pete 30:23
Right? Very probably even less? Yeah. Yeah. at quarterback

Richard 30:27
in the country, and he don’t even make it to the NFL.

Nick 30:32
Right? You know, so, so now you think about something where you would feel okay, well, let’s say musician, right? Could be the best guitarist could be the best vocalist could be, doesn’t have the right band doesn’t have the right shot doesn’t get noticed, doesn’t get I mean, I don’t know, there’s a lot of different options, right. So that is a huge point that you bring up. And the fact of what we do, you know, we were busting our ass every single day, trying to bring out things that nobody else had. But I think you said it the best, you know, I don’t need a car, I don’t need this, I need my dream and I my passion to move this business and do what I got to do. And I just felt when I got into it, which was, which was more than 10 years ago, so I worked on, you know, Epidiolex was the first FDA regulated. You know, CBD was regulated for epilepsy by Epidiolex. And then, you know, with their atoss farms and Matera and everything else, I just saw that the idea was is I want to be able to bank the money. I wanted to be able to do the things legally. But it’s been a struggle. I mean, we’re you know, every day even me, my crew, my team, my thought everything, everybody’s putting their blood, sweat and tears into something that has just, we all have a passion for to not only we enjoy the plant, helping people, but the culture, everything. And people need to know, you know, and that’s what I love that you’re saying you’re speaking from the heart. It really levels the playing field, like go out there, do everything you can to be the best you can. But it will know as long as you diversify. Right. So you have to be flexible, like you said, Okay, well, we’re opening up another another grow house. So or as a field grow house is, uh, you said you’re opening up another division. It’s in a grow house, though. Correct? It’s indoor. Yeah, we’re adding? Yeah. Okay. So so there you go. Now, you know, I mean, you have to see, you’re right now it’s purple. Right? This is what people are after people want, whatever it is, it’s sneakers, or they want a specific name brand, or they need it. You gotta go with the times of what it is. But is your product good? Is it sustainable? Can you be different than somebody else? That’s what’s going to and that in my business on the hemp side has been a struggle.

Jorel Decker 32:47
So I got to ask you a question because you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because so CBD just popped up at gas stations doesn’t mean that I fucking remember it made me laugh, like out loud. It’s like, I need to find my reputable source, like, global casting garbage, but it’s not like, I don’t know too much about it. But I know like, the full spec, though. There’s, I’ve taken like real? Well, this is fucking you know, but so it’s kind of hard to get your hands on. So from from your standpoint, how are you weathering the storm of people like pumping your product? Like, oh, shit don’t work. That’s snake oil. But it’s like, oh, yeah, no. Oil, but not mine.

Nick 33:32
I mean, could you have teed up a question any better? I don’t think it’s even possible. I literally don’t think it’s possible to tee up a question. No, no. Okay. So here’s the thing. We’ve fought this for, ever since we started. And I say to people, well, if you had a medical condition, would you go to the gas station? No, right? You go to somebody that’s reputable. Have you would want to write you’d go to a doctor. So the way that we got in is we went to creating custom formulations for specific disease states, going directly to doctors and healthcare professionals, where we only sell to doctors and healthcare professionals or pharmacists, you know, where we’re, we’re USDA certified organic, we’re kosher. We’re non GMO, and but making the plant the big part of it. But now what we do is we mix molecules, active ingredients for a specific disease state, and we add it so we make it better. So when we compete against somebody that has CBD, it’s not a fair fight, because it’s never going to be apples to apples. I have a full spectrum oil that has 167 cannabinoids, they have something that maybe has one or two, but that’s where they stop. We have all these other ingredients in our products that help to a specific disease state. And so

Jorel Decker 34:50
our areas, I’m sorry, say that again, you’re targeting certain areas,

Nick 34:55
right? So we target pain, inflammation, sleep Anxiety, depression. But we do formulas that have been proven naturally to treat a certain condition. And then we make it when it has no side effects or no contraindications or no drug and drug interaction. So our products are really competing against pharmaceuticals, not other cannabis companies. Now my rule, best oil, you will obviously we’re gonna keep you on, because I’m gonna get all your information, we’re gonna send you some awesome stuff, some swag and some products, but you’re gonna try it, you’re gonna go wow, that’s, that’s what happened CBD full spectrum oil supposed to feel like and what it actually does. Most people want that and they don’t want the high, they just have medical conditions, they want to get better, and they don’t want side effects.

Jorel Decker 35:43
So my mom terrified to teach her to look on my nose outside. And I don’t know where to get, because there was such a shitstorm of market, you know, like all over the world. And I was in like Switzerland for like, just like, flood. But anyway, there’s money, other crisis. So it’s like, all of a sudden, CBD is everywhere. And I’m like, I was a proponent, believer of it. I’m like, I know it works. But like, I started going like health food stores and buying and I don’t feel it’s working. She didn’t feel like it was working. Some of that was making me nauseous. So I didn’t like have the knowledge or education that like because everyone’s cramming like crap down your throat, you know what I mean? We have the full spectrum, you need this spectrum. And that’s almost like, like, fucking outdoors. We start every year flooding the market. I’m just like people like, oh, I don’t like it gives me a headache. It hurts my throat. I’m like, You’re spoken the wrong weed man. You know, so it’s like, how do you how do you fight that stigma? Because turned off on CB Oh, it doesn’t work.

Nick 36:50
The firt the first thing that I did years ago is create a unified. Now this is not a regulation. But all the products that were part of with pure well, is the COA is right on the box. Why is that important? People have you know, certificates of analysis, right? But the thing is, they only have maybe one page. Ours is full of you know, it’s nine pages that talks about the origin, the pesticides, the heavy metals, the actual content of what you’re getting the terpene profile, the you know, all of you know, didn’t pesticides, heavy metals, I said that, um, just everything that you would want to know that you wish that you had for everything, right? I mean, could you imagine going to McDonald’s and getting a COA on a burger? I mean, you would want to read it, right? But but I’m just saying so you want it? That’s the step one, right? So we put that and we made that a regulation where we put it on that the fact that we’re USDA certified organic, kosher, non GMO, all these good things. That’s very, very important as well, because you know, where it’s coming from, it’s sustainable. You know, how, again, you don’t China? It’s not from China, it’s not from and you know, you laugh, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s being imported from all over, because they’re cutting costs, just like anything else.

Richard 38:07
I was talking about gold leaching we you know, it’s while you’re talking about that, because me drill, I’ve talked many times about trying to break into the market to actually help help children. I’m sure you deal with that a lot with CBD, veterans, I hang out with a big group and my good friends are Navy SEALs, and they ask constantly, you know, I wish I would do something with the cannabis world that you can save our lives because, like he tells me 25 to 30 Navy SEAL veterans kill themselves every day, every day.

Pete 38:42
Do you want me to

Richard 38:44
fill them with opens? Yeah, so it’s like me and drill have talked about this. We and then you bring this up of how you work directly with doctors and that I wish we had a market for that here and able to take it elsewhere because it truly does. It saves people alive. We did a kind of a little convention here a few months ago and a little girl saved her life from from cannabis. And she got up on stage and was able to talk and wasn’t supposed to live another day. And she said they’re living proof. So I know it truly helps people. But that’s hard. When everybody is here trying to make $1 and break into that market to be like this can really save your life than their insurance won’t cover him. So you’ve actually done a really tough market. It’s I love hearing you say how you can do it and how you’ve been able to treat people with doctors and everything else. So that’s amazing to hear that that’s cool.

Jorel Decker 39:36
It’s split down the middle that divide like for instance my mom, like she’s just drugs, but girl’s mom and sister in law she’s retired like her boss at East Coast, smokes weed to cannabis because I can’t believe I’m in pain, but don’t. So it’s like how was my mother in law so with them My mom’s so

Nick 40:01
yeah, definitely I want you guys both to stay on after. So I can get all your stuff. And we can. I’m telling you, you know, hopefully we can work together somehow. I mean I have I have things that I think you’ll love.

Richard 40:13
Oh, that’d be amazing. I think he got disconnected what he was trying to say is his mother in law now she was she’s a huge Old Navy Old Navy veteran up and down on the ships pretty much her whole life. She actually takes cannabis now so she that’s what he’s trying to explain like his mom is still kind of hurting because she can’t get on the cannabis but the mother in law smokes and does what she does every day with cannabis and she’s pretty pain free from it you know when she does it? So you know, similar as you do it to CBD, it’s it’s it’s just how do you break into that market and cannabis when a lot of people still don’t believe in it, you know, so it’s crazy what you’ve done with that. It’s amazing. It’s gives people you know, hope to so that’s, that’s really cool. Well, it hasn’t been easy with what you’re talking about. It’s like you know, Me and Ralph talked about in our team many times versus like, where do you break into this market and they still won’t give kids cannabis here you have to get a lawyer and fight and we even wanted to do charities to try to pay for these people’s lawyers and how to do it. Same thing for veterans you know that if you go to you pop a drug test they’re not paying for your medicine no more so your opiates are out of your life and you know no telling what will happen

Nick 41:30
no, you do not have an opiates might not be a bad thing. But But what I’m saying to you is is that like we create something that you know helps combat with people that have you know, opiate addictions and inflammation with their side effects but but okay, but let’s go back to the fact that I had a special agent that I was on Yes, I mean FBI agent I was talking to completely they believe in it everything can’t can’t even use CBD and the government supposedly trying to open up these things but they mean they’re not allowed to so you have somebody that’s in the government or working in the army or and knows the benefits can’t use it because the testing

Jorel Decker 42:07
is so wack like that’s ridiculous. My since we’re on the subject like my father passed away. He had a cirrhosis of the liver like stage four it’s a guaranteed death sentence. Right? Right. So back then it’s like you know who’s in County Hospital. I mean, they have no money. And I just started like getting into growing so they’re putting all these pills in the hospital. She was making it sleepwalk by I went to a Motley Crue concert on New Year’s Eve of the US that acid good some ecstasy la This is fucking dope. Having a time in my life two songs and my sister calls me she’s like the cops have dad you just said he’s attacking people on the street. So Holy shit. I had to leave the show. The cops have my dad like in the dirt in handcuffs. You know, it’s like a 69 year old man. Oh my alright. At the time. I think it was that bad. So I was on ecstasy. Long story short, I brought him home and then he’s like, You got like some fucking sweeter songs like a mug, some medicated peanut butter. I was like a tiny spoon. I was like, don’t take more than that. I put him to bed. And then he snuck out and all night ate the whole fucking jar. thought he was dead. And he had to like he was like, Oh my God. I was trying to call 911 My hand wouldn’t work. I thought it was dead. Fast forward. So he’s in the hospital. Right? We’re bringing it back and forth. He’s very very sick at this point. And they could give him his pills that are sleepwalking. He’s not fucking eating like he’s fucked up. So one of the dudes in my band and in your favor. I’m gonna give you a bunch of trim like make some edibles. My dad gave like one brownie fucking slept for like 10 hours woke up at eight it’s like man, I’m focused during the month. And he’s like, can you make me more of that? Of course. So I take him to hospital next time you know, he’s already dying. It’s happening. And the hospital’s like hey, we found THC in his system. If you test positive again, we’re pulling him off Medicare and can’t bring him back here. And I was just like talking to the fucking nurse and I you know so mad and I was like, whatever you’re giving him is making him attack people can’t fucking sleep he sleepwalking he’s a fucking zombie than dying. What’s wrong with a weed ground and make him sleep and he’s like we don’t care if we find THC. He’s Medicare’s like cut off. Like, unless you’re gonna let them die in his apartment by himself. Because you can’t you can’t either we’ve run into like, Nope, can’t have it. And I was just like, I had to stop giving them to him because he needed the hospital more than he needed me to like to sleep you know what I mean? Like so it was just like the divine I was like desert you know?

Nick 44:23
Put on this is in California. Where is this?

Jorel Decker 44:26
California last guy is on Wait how

Nick 44:29
many years was this? How I don’t know how long ago this was

Jorel Decker 44:32
probably 2017 Okay, all right,

Nick 44:35
but it’s pretty recent. I mean 2017 We’re not We’re not saying wreck but we’re definitely a medicinal level at that point in California, but

Pete 44:43
I don’t know how the hospital still standing. Yeah. When did reco

Nick 44:49
California what do you what do you know your wreck was in California and I don’t remember off top my head. No, no. Okay, but But my point is 2015 Okay, so you’re at Full rec in 2015. All right now, your 2017 this is clearly helping a man deal with okay, maybe terminal fine, but quality of life, and, and obviously helping them to so many other reasons that we wanted to get into. But there’s other things that cannabis is doing it help him with inflammation and some other you know, we won’t go into cancer and you know all this stuff either but but my point is, is that, and I’ve heard from two podcasts ago, they said, listen to the nurses and doctors goes, Listen, we have nothing for you. Why don’t you go and find a dispensary? Yeah, and make you feel better. And this was just we just heard about this, maybe you know, about a week ago. So look how time has changed in just three or four years. But that’s to give to cut somebody off. That was obviously giving them relief because they’ll test positive. So they’ll get kicked off a Medicare. I mean, people you have to understand this. This is why we’re doing this show. There is so much going on behind the scenes of what’s going. Oh, that’s so heartbreaking. heartbreaking

Jorel Decker 46:09
that the same situation we’re having today. One of the nurses, like messaged me, like later after he was gone like man, like your dad was really cool. We talked about it a lot. He’s like, I can’t believe what happened. He’s like, I don’t know what to say to you. I’m so sorry. I’m just like, What am I supposed to do? Like fight? You know, the system. I mean, this is people like us. Were never trained to do this. You know, we’re like, No one put us through like a guerrilla warfare school. None of that stuff. Like, we’re teaching ourselves as we’re going. And that’s what I said, dudes like us have a voice. You know, without this, oh, I Spy but I’m glad that doing stuff like this, I could like expose these motherfuckers.

Nick 46:45
Right, and this is what’s gonna try. It’s also to spread the word and to let people know that it doesn’t have to be a bad name and a dirty word or a stigma to cannabis and, and that’s why we’d love to talk to you guys after and see how we can you know, work together somehow. But yeah, I mean, imagine me doing this eight years ago and talking to a doctor, or even five years ago, and the doctor is like, Nah, no, this isn’t in any of the books that I read about? You know, you know, this is? Yeah, that’s because for a lot of reasons, the books that you read, are actually funded by big pharma. So let’s talk about that. But, you know, we want to get into though, all I’m saying is, is that it’s there’s a lot going on with, again, politics and everything we see what you think you see, and what you don’t see. And the younger generation

Jorel Decker 47:36
is catching up, you know, like, you know, I love my mom, but I just feel like she needs to be a little more open about certain things, you know, I mean, but like she made up her mind. A lot of people in this world made up their mind, you’re not going to convince them otherwise. But at least us talking to the generation below say, hey, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. I constantly tell kids I know a lot of kids look up to me, like, don’t think you need to like smoke weed or do that because of me. You know what I mean? Like, don’t let me influence you. Like, it’s not for you. It’s not for you don’t feel like you need to you don’t need this shit to be cool. You know, this is a lot of medicine for a lot of people. And if you don’t need it, you don’t like it, don’t fucking do it. But you know, it’s like, I feel it’s not enough honesty. like, Yo, smoke, my shit is the best. I’m like, Don’t smoke it. You know what I mean? Don’t force yourself to like it. If you don’t like it, don’t smoke weed, you know, don’t develop a lifestyle. It’s not yours. So it’s like, there just needs to be more honesty everywhere, you know?

Pete 48:24
Oh, Couldn’t have said it. More stories. I mean, that’s exactly how you’re gonna get the you know the word out and people’s and hopefully start understanding the words with the stigma and think there’s a problem. This is why you kind of counter that, you know, tell him about personal issues that really had you know, beneficial outcomes. Yeah, 100%

Nick 48:42
You know, I gotta say, I think we should go on for a second round of this. We’re gonna have to wrap it up only just so many reasons. I

Jorel Decker 48:48
feel like we’re just getting started.

Nick 48:52
We’re gonna have to section two versions two, this this conversation so let’s table it. Like I said, you guys, everybody that listens to the show. We love the support. If there’s anything we could have said, we’ve got better ask us more questions. Obviously, like, subscribe, follow review us. I Heart Radio, tuned to Spotify.

Pete 49:15
Every morning I find any a pod because then and obviously of course if you want to check out you guys follow you at the Hollywood on debt or check out there and ramshead cannabis as well. We want to make sure you guys get the proper look at too. So we thank you guys for your time for everything.

Richard 49:31
Thank you, Nick. Thank you very much.

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