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Kyle Turley Special

Kyle Turley Special | Hempire

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About Kyle

Kyle was born on September 24, 1975, in Provo, Utah. He moved throughout his youth, landing in Moreno Valley, California.

His love of football was ignited his senior year at Valley View High School, where he received first team all-league honors, and was recruited by several colleges for athletic scholarships.

Turley chose San Diego State University, where in his senior year he received the honor of first team All American, in addition to nominations for the Lombardi Award and Outland Trophy. He is now in the Aztec Hall of Fame.

He was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, where most notably he had an altercation with a player on the Jets. He was nine signed by the St. Louis Rams and was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2003.

Kyle ended his professional football career in 2007 with the Kansas City Chiefs. In his life post football, Kyle pursued his love of music through several different outlets, has been an advocate for cannabinoid therapy pertaining to athletes because of his opioid addiction, and finally has opened a medical cannabis dispensary in the Moreno Valley, California!

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Pete 0:00

Alright, thanks again for tuning in for hempire. I’m Pete bannenberg. This here it is Nick de Francesco. And, Nick, how you doing, man?

Nick 0:05

Good, good. I’m actually excited. We got Kyle Turley on today, we’re talking about somebody that really, cannabis has changed his life. For sure

Pete 0:12

Let’s bring him in. Kyle, how’s it going? Man?

Kyle Turley 0:15

It’s going great, man, I appreciate the opportunity to be with you guys.

Pete 0:19

We appreciate you taking the time with us for sure. Man, that’s that’s one thing?

Nick 0:23

Absolutely. You know, it’s funny, because you know, why we have you on the show is you kind of, we obviously are on the same page for a lot of different things. One of the things you know, if obviously, followed your career, followed a lot of, you know, other interviews that you’ve done. And one of them was read for the CNN special by Sean de Gupta. And it was such a powerful one from the beginning talking about Charlotte and epilepsy and things like that. And then to go to this the new one, the fourth one pot versus pills, which is right up, obviously, up our alley. What type of feedback have you gotten from that? And, you know, do we think that we’re making a difference? Do you see headway? Just kind of seeing it from your perspective?

Kyle Turley 1:03

Yeah, you know, there was a lot of great momentum and progress that’s been made through this whole thing, you know, it’s continuing, it’s a very fluid situation, right, as you guys know, but the CNN guys they’re looking for, personally, from my experience, and then trying to follow up with those people they’re looking for, you know, we 26 They don’t ever want to put the bed, you know, they don’t ever want to just completely acknowledge the endogenous cannabinoid system, you know, demand that the science community does, you know, it’s the number one regulatory system in the human body. And, and you have, you know, individuals, like, they call themselves doctors, you know, it’s unfortunate, that Gupta and these other guys like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, you know, I’ve been on all their shows, and, and, and I’ve just completely handed it to him, you know, like, like, I’m here to help you guys articulate this message and put it in the right context for that, that middle of the road conversation, and you’re continuing to want to, you know, keep this, it seems to be a, you know, questionable thing, you know, and it’s just so there for them to acknowledge and put to bed, you know, there’s my end, it’s great, you see all the great progress, I mean, kick the doors down on the NFL, all these other things, they don’t test anymore, you know, that. And that’s because of all the work that we’ve done by stepping up for this exposing this, and shows like CNN that have shows like that, like weeds, you know, and vice did a great job with the series that I you know, open my life up to, you know, I don’t need to show the world these things and all the struggles that I deal with, you know, everybody can, you know, sit back and just believe that I’ve got a money tree in my backyard. And you know, all these great things you accomplished didn’t come at some kind of consequence. But, you know, the reality is, is that it did, and I feel I’m not alone. And you know, more relative to the more people out here in their everyday experiences. It’s not just about football, these are ailments, things that happen on a football field or out in the world. And you know, there’s this amazing plant that’s here to fix it.

Nick 3:26

And you know, it’s funny, because you say that, and it’s like, I mean, obviously, professional athlete, everything comes at a cost. But we’re talking about just the everyday person as well. I mean, people that just maybe have pain from a car accident or something that they they couldn’t control, you know, somebody hit them or, okay, so there was an interview that you did. And you talked about Vioxx. And I thought that was amazing, because that’s one of the things that you know, people know, they just take an NSAID they just take an Advil or Tylenol, and they pop it like, it’s no big deal. Or they take Vioxx again, prescription over the counter versus over the counter. But my point is, is that how many side effects it was really giving people, but all you just want is relief.

Pete 4:09

The fact that you know, we have some, you know, as your side who has not just a personal experience, but a platform to do it’s really push forward with the passion that you’ve brought is just amazing. So, you know, we try to find those brothers and arms that we can help, we threw the trash, get rid of that nonsense and really kind of put and we feel it’s important for everybody to know,

Nick 4:28

I know you said there was a I don’t know if it’s a junior sale or I know you said it was a it was a Hall of Fame player or someone that that gave you that that talk about cannabis and said, you might want to try that. Was that really what happened? So that’s awesome.

Kyle Turley 4:45

It was it’s pretty easy, you know, here have this, you feel better. It works. You know, I just had to have the testing program, the NFL, you know, be brought to my attention and, you know, because I came from the NCAA It was, you know, very, very, you know, scrutinizing random testing constantly, I saw my teammates getting suspended all these other things, you know, I wasn’t about to risk that I had an opportunity to do something great. And I didn’t need it. At the time, I didn’t feel I needed it, I didn’t know that I needed it. More importantly, you know, you go to that pharmaceutical conversation, you know, and that, that comment that I just made that I didn’t know I needed it. And, and that first experience was something that proved to me, and this was something that I needed, you know, I slept for the first time in months, I was able to then go on to an all pro season, where I was dealing with a lot of stress, tons of stress, that just people don’t understand, they don’t have the opportunity to really live in that life and understand the magnitude of you know, what millions of dollars means and all this pressure to make sure that everybody thinks it’s worth it, you know, and while everybody else around you is trying to reach over your shoulder and grab it and take it, you know, this is a real issue, this are real things. And then you combine all of that pounding head, you know, trauma that happens in football, and you don’t make good decisions, I was pretty much showed that to the world, at times, became very famous as a football player, because of my inability to control my emotions. And this plant is one of those things that, you know, gives you that experience. And then you go into understanding why that is. And why that is because you have an endogenous cannabinoid system and that all these receptors matter that everything involved in your human health first starts in that cannabinoid system and trickles down from there, it’s a scientific fact that this is occurring, and that the medical community I found out was keeping that for me was just like finding out the NFL was keeping concussions away and the damage of those things and what that was causing when they just pick you up and put you back out there and keep going and keep doing it again, you know, the, you know, real life experience that the consequence of that from all these neurological issues I’ve been in and out of the hospital dealing with, you know, seizures, light sensitivity off the charts, vertigo constantly, you know, to be able to say that I eliminated these things from happening in my life during all these things have happened, and you got to address them, there’s one way to start doing that, that’s through the candidate system, not through the Vikon system and the ask them system or the BYOC system, or these drugs that they continue to keep pulling off the market,

Nick 7:38

feeding them on the system. And the truth is, is that the power is in that plant. Naturally, National Football League recently announced the award of the $1 million research grant to the two teams medical research at University of California, San Diego and University of Regina, the study will investigate obviously, cannabis. And we’ll go into a little bit more in detail of you know, concussions and through elite football players, but the effects of cannabinoids in pain and recovery. And I think that you didn’t need a study to let you know the differences of pain and recovery. When you when you started taking it. Was it something you kind of went half and half? Like obviously you were on painkillers? You know, you were using opiates and things like that. Is it something that you were able to kind of taper off? Did you go cold turkey? Was it something you immediately noticed the difference? When you switched over to connect to cannabinoid therapy or cannabis treatment? Or what what was your transition like, because obviously, he’s come with a drawing

Kyle Turley 8:40

program in California, that’s when I was able to really understand this as a medicine where I could apply it outside of that during my football career was just using it to you know, have a better mind, you know, to not allow these other things that were going on with me, you know, really drive me down a wrong wrong path and have all these issues occur, you know, getting sleep, it’s was, you know, the immediate thing that it resolved. And then the appetite, you know, being alignment in the NFL, so I was sleeping and eating I needed to do that that’s how you recover that’s first and foremost for your health in any situation is to make sure you’re getting proper rest and nutrition. And, you know, so that’s all it was, for me it was post practice games, you know, never before wasn’t one of those guys that would come down practice high or anything like that. It was strictly post practice. I didn’t drink so everybody would go get their beers and drink and have their you know, run down sessions. And I just, you know, found an unbelievable opportunity to do that with cannabis. And so that was my football career then, you know, post football career a lot of health issues that were severe and very serious that I needed to find these resolutions for to get off these painkillers that just kept mounting and mounting and then In the psych meds and all these other things, and you know, having the opportunity to try all these different strains understand what indica, sativa czar and all these different things and terpenes and cannabinoids on, you know, the entire spectrum of this plant is paramount. That’s why I continue to say that to this data. Athletes need to understand this plant more than anything else that they need to understand because it is this plan that will extend their careers that does resolve inflammation and all of these other issues with pain, far beyond what I experienced in pharmaceutical world, and I tried them all. Nick 10:39 How about your friends, your peers, other athletes? How would they respond to you saying this? I mean, are they on board? Do they fight you? You know? Are you saying about the quality of life you’re living? Do you feel like it’s making a difference? Do you feel like they’re listening to you

Kyle Turley 10:54

know, it’s not falling on deaf ears? Again, we’ve made great strides in progress. We’ve gotten, you know, testing for NFL players eliminated now the NCAA doesn’t, they increase their testing for THC, but they’re not going to get away with suspending players from marijuana anymore, it’s not going to happen. You know, before it’s an issue, and then they just put that one to bed, if any of these schools care to you, I just don’t think the NCAA is doing that anymore. And, you know, the exposure of this by athletes is driven it and as it should, you know, and they don’t do anything for us, other than use us to generate billions and billions of dollars in these industries. This is a business to them. It is not to us, this is our dream.

Nick 11:36

What was your expectations, let’s say, you know, on this million dollar grant from the NFL,

Kyle Turley 11:41

well, again, you know, they they are doctors there, their entire medical staff are very high paid, qualified, you know, credential doctors, and I’ve had the opportunity to speak in front of them in a private session, and gave them a full PowerPoint presentation on the cannabinoid system, you know, a bit naive, but young. So it’s taken me a while to understand that these people already knew this. They really don’t care. Somebody that they have given a million dollars for is going to two buddies of mine in San Diego with a vape company. And they’re just doing it on rugby players. They haven’t even started yet. The guy who heads the NFL program for cannabis on these types of things that they’ve handed it over as a complete Reefer Madness nut job. book that’s, you know out about cannabis like you know, something and, you know, again, they’re still continuing to deny that the exposure of the cannabinoid system the neuro protective patent that the government owns on cannabinoids is even an important thing for the NFL to really focus on. And that’s absurd. It is the only neuroprotective substance or patented substance on the planet. There’s not one other thing on the planet that has been patented as a neural protected other than cannabinoids.

Nick 13:03

So what do you think more we can do, I guess, in the future to further this cause, I mean, what other things

Pete 13:09

needs to speed up? I think, well, we just because everything is you know, the fact that they’re just dragging still on a lot of the issues it’s you know, like I said, they’re just still trying to hide the spending more money and time lying and hiding about procreating that song called better way of life that they’re trying to do. They’re so focused on help whether it’s the NFL or not, you know, let’s let’s get to it let’s you know, put your money where my mouth is. Let’s start helping these people. You know, instead of creating

Kyle Turley 13:37

it been to them, I’ve offered them the opportunity to get into a training camp and just implement CBD first and foremost, CBD isolate alone, given in a soft gel cap during training camp, and you could record a study that would change medicine forever. Because of the strenuous natures of training camp just in that one month. With a CBD supplement alone. I’ve not even offered them the opportunity to get into Rick Simpson oils and strains and all these different things in full plant. Just CBD isolate. They’ve refused for me the opportunity. I’ve brought them Bonni Goldstein, Sue Sisley, I brought him Raphael was Shula, and they’ve refused. I’ve connected them directly with all these people on emails.

Nick 14:26

What we do is and we again, we always sell to doctors and healthcare professionals. One of the products that we’re so passionate about and what we do is pure relief, which is basically a natural pharmaceutical protection bachlin Boswellia curcumin, we add a little bit of delta a full spectrum CBD oil and CBG and we’re having to go one doctor at a time to try to see it with their patients whether it’s a rheumatologist, a pain management, a chiropractor, anybody that will listen to us and the results that we’re are getting are through the roof. So I would hope that one day that they would get it to the NFL and really be able to give it to these patients, but not just the NFL. Right? So

Pete 15:09

start early with the younger kids as they’re working their way up. So they’re not broken before they even get

Nick 15:14

right. I know you’re very passionate about that even cannabinoid therapy and children. They say, Well, how old can a kid be to give CBD? Well, did you breastfeed? Ma’am? Because I didn’t know but you know what I mean? Like because you gave it in your breast milk for your child, because we have an endocannabinoid in our in our body? And are you doing anything moving forward, you have anything in the works?

Kyle Turley 15:38

Yeah, just continuing down the path. You know, at the end of the day, it’s is a you know, this is a passion project, this is a pursuit to continue to fight until this plants free, we still have federal legalization out there, banking, that needs to happen for the industry, all these different things, I’ve got all these different companies where, you know, I personally know that, you know, I need to stay in this industry in this business, you know, for the long haul, because it is being quickly, you know, wanting to be put back, you know, back to the Reefer Madness era, you know, there’s a very, very strong push right now, in, you know, misinformation, all of this ignorance is coming back full circle. And so, you know, the, what I have coming up is just continue to do what I’m doing and, you know, be there and be president, when the opportunities present themselves to, you know, speak about this, and, you know, really keep these people running from it, you know, because they can’t run for long. And, you know, we’re winning at the end of the day, you know, the green states are surrounding, where I’m at right now living as a criminal in Nashville, Tennessee. And I’ve been in personal contact with the governor and all the sheriff’s around here as my dad’s a former police chief, and Sheriff. And I know who to go to about this, and all these guys, they want that to happen. You know, you’re seeing now police officers in certain states being allowed to test positive for marijuana now, in New Jersey, and these things that are coming up, the more we get this into professional worlds and fields, and, you know, the rec industry, you know, is doing a great job of moving product. But we could be moving a lot faster if we got back to focusing on the medicine, and really truly, truly pushing this forward as the medicine that it is. And so that’s what I’m doing. I got companies that are focusing on certain strains, really emphasizing all these different things that are out there. And cannabinoids weed is not just weed. And, you know, that’s what they want you to believe. And there’s just too many things coming out about all this different stuff where it doesn’t matter strains anymore. It doesn’t matter this even where it’s like Rick Simpson oil still isn’t really readily available on the shelves in California dispensaries. It’s a very random product.

Nick 18:11

And again, this is what this shows about. These are real people. These are real battles with with with cannabis and changing their life trying to for the narrative, trying to educate out there, we’ve got to do everything we can. Education is key. Quality products are important. Knowing you’re taking people this is I mean, come on, you’re putting it in your body to use it for a medical condition. If that was the case, would we go to a gas station? If we had a medical condition? No, we would. We’d want to know where you’re getting it, where it’s coming from and what it’s going to do to you and what are the potential side effects which could be done if you do something like cannabis or hemp? Thank you so much for being on.

Pete 18:51

Yeah, we really appreciate it. And we thank everybody here for tuning into hempire Once again, I’m Pete birnberg. This is Nikki Francesco.

Nick 19:00

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