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Michael Moorer Special


About Michael

Michael Moorer was born on November 12th, 1967, in Detroit, Michigan, then was raised in Boca Raton, Florida.

Moorer got his start in boxing at a young age; in 1988 he was approached by a well-known sports agent, John Davimos, and by 1992 he had 29 wins compiled. In both ’92 & ’94, he won the IBF Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Additionally, Moorer is only one of four boxers over the last century that has ever won a version of a world title at both light heavyweight and heavyweight.

Michael Moorer Special | Hempire

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Pete 0:00
All right,

Pete 0:01
hello, we’re back. It’s again another episode of Hempire I’m Pete Bahrenburg here with CEO and founder of pure Well Nick DeFrancesco. What’s going on, buddy?

Nick 0:11
Pete? How are you? I guess we’re putting some got some boxing gloves on today do some sparring with our next guest for time heavyweight champ. First Southpaw heavy ball heavyweight champ, and a kayo. Magazine’s one of the most dangerous boxers of all time. Tell us who we got.

Pete 0:32
Oh, it sounds like you’re talking about a former WBC Heavyweight Champion, the unified WBA and IBF. Champ, as well as singular IBF champ and lightweight web. We’re talking about the Batman himself. Double that Michael Moore. How’re you doing, sir?

Double M 0:48
Hey, gentlemen, how’s it going? Pete

Pete 0:51
doing good man doing much better now.

Double M 0:54
Just to clarify something, I am the former light heavyweight champion of the world. 20, no, 20 knockouts. And I moved up to the heavyweight division and heavyweight champion on three different occasions. And the first assault point of view in the history of boxing.

Nick 1:12
You know, it’s funny that we’re watching some of your, some of the fights and it’s crazy, you know, always watching the South Pole. Because you’re thinking that that jab is you’re right, you know, and you’re coming in with that, right? It’s, it’s awesome, because, you know, it’s so much power behind it. But when you’re watching it, like Whoa, look at the punches coming out. But you realize that’s just your jab, and then you’re hitting them with your man. It’s just, it’s awesome to watch. I was gonna ask you about that, you know, coming from being light heavyweight go into heavyweight? Was it harder? Was it because it was your natural weight was more heavyweight? How was that transition for you?

Double M 1:49
It was a good transition. My my body wasn’t maturing into becoming a man. So at that time, I would I would get up to like 206. And I get all the way down to 173. Yeah, that’s this. My body wasn’t growing. So I didn’t want to do that to my body anymore. And I told the manual, who was my trainer at the time that I don’t want to I don’t want to fight as a heavyweight no more, I want to go up to the heavyweight division. But if I go up to the heavyweight division, I’m not going to I don’t want to lose no, no, wait. He said, Okay, let’s go, man. Let’s do it. And I went up to the heavyweight division. Very successful at it.

Nick 2:33
Did you feel like you had more power? I mean, you didn’t lose speed. It didn’t look like but did you feel like with that extra weight? It gave you just a little more power? Because I don’t know. You are definitely a different fighter.

Double M 2:45
With boxing, if you’re a seasoned boxer. Boxing, the power doesn’t come from arms power comes from delivery, height delivered hips, you know, things like that. And you know, the boxers out there that who no box?

Nick 3:03
Yeah, no, I mean, it’s, again, watching some of your fights. You’re watching some of your best knockouts it was. And that’s kind of gets me the power from the body. That’s for sure. I mean, you should see the some of their heads snapping back. I mean, it was just like, oh, I had a headache watching it. But I’ll tell you right now, I, I was going to ask you so when, obviously you know a cannabis user now, when did you get into cannabis? I mean, is it something you started early in your career before your career? Someone brought you on to it? I mean, how did you interlace it in with what you were working out your training? Or how did how’d you get started with cannabis

Double M 3:44
back in? Back when I was 16. I was at projects hanging out with some buddies of mine. Somebody has some marijuana. Didn’t know nothing about it. I smoked it. I took two hits off. I ran home. I was scared. I ran home where I thought I was running in slow motion. You know, and I got home I ran right upstairs, the room was in the attic. And I got on my hands and knees and I literally prayed while I was crying. And I said please just let me wake up in the morning, please. If I do it, I will I will never do this again. Please wait, I’ll never do it again. And from that point on, I’ve never touched marijuana. Still I’ve retired in 2018 and that in 2018. I did some I had been doing research cannabis, because I never understood how any of this can become worse without any components added. But I did my research and I went from a seed all the way up until you’re able to spoke. Yeah, nothing too. it nothing. So I said, Well, I was labeled as a drug. When I started smoking, eating, mixing it all together, I became a better person. It calmed me down. It stopped me from drinking. I was an alcoholic, at one point, not a bad alcoholic. I would drink all the time. And I’d be nasty. I’d be me. I’d be disrespectful. I didn’t want my legacy to be that way. I wanted myself to be Michael more regular guy, like I’m normally and when I smoke or indulge in cannabis, I become the best person like I am now.

Nick 5:45
We obviously know that Mike Tyson has a brand now as a cannabis brand. But he said something very similar. I mean, he stopped smoking at 18 He didn’t smoke his whole career. And you know, he was drinking a lot and to be honest with you. He said he was wished that he was able to smoke during his World Championship fights. And I was gonna ask, you know, 2018 So you had completely stopped boxing at that point. You were retired or you came back at that point?

Double M 6:14
He 1008 he doesn’t he? I

Nick 6:16
mean, eight. Did you come back after that? And fight? No, that’s what I thought. Okay, so I was going to ask you, knowing what you know now listening to other people speak saying it could have helped them. Do you feel that it would have helped you in your career in any way? If you were smoking at all during that time?

Double M 6:40
Absolutely. The smoking part of cannabis is not a drug and helps the once people get out you know, once they get out of the stage of trying to clarify marijuana’s. heroin, cocaine, you add components to it. So that’s what a drug is when you have components to get on that. We nothing

Nick 7:09
might just come straight from the ground. Yeah.

Pete 7:11
I mean, you had a lighter you know, I

Double M 7:19
forget the question, but let’s just keep rolling. We weed for me in boxing would have helped me it would make it would make me calmer. I would fight good. I know I was fight good. Because when I was smoking indica, because I can’t taste or smell, when I smoke an indica it does nothing to me. It makes me smarter. It makes me right, like I we can have a conversation big time. And I can get in depth sativa makes me more tired, puts me to sleep more heavier. But I and believe it or not, I have to smoke for about two hours. I want to it was an hour and a half, but about two hours now, in order for me to eat, because I have no appetite at all. Zero. But I’m smoking. That’s how I get my appetite. That helps me you know, those are those are wonderful things that need to be pressed. You know, it helps people eat, it helps people be calmer. It helps people do so many other things. But without all these other drugs.

Nick 8:51
And you know, it’s funny that you said okay, so So first of all, which is kind of crazy. Nobody’s ever touched on the hunger thing in our show yet. And of course we take that for granted because, you know, if you’re eating you get hurt, you’re smoking you get the munchies and that’s like, you know, the stereotypical, but how many people and of course, you know, and I want to get into the fact that you couldn’t smell and taste that I do want to get into that. But you know, cancer, other medical conditions things that you don’t have an appetite for and you don’t want to eat and this is something that they use to stimulate hunger. And you know, we again, we joke about being the munchies but let’s be honest, I mean, if somebody’s sick and they can’t keep food down or they don’t want to eat and they need that nutrition for their body. What a great way to to be utilizing the plant. The other audience needs fuel to keep running.

Double M 9:50
I think there’s that me not being able to taste the smell. That’s a life or death situation. So I should automatically I Have a merit medical marijuana card where why would you have a medical marijuana card? When it’s from the earth that God put in there for people to use as medication?

Nick 10:12
Right, right. And why why is it that you have you know, what happened with your sinuses? Or is there a reason for example that that happen just from fighting or what happened with your sinuses?

Double M 10:26
The sun I used to get allergies really, really, really bad. And I used to they used to want me to take medication but I will never take medication. I don’t put all that nasty stuff in my body.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
Yeah, now when you want to don’t know what it is, the only thing that goes in my system is marijuana.

Nick 10:47
When you were when you were fighting, though, where they you know, and I asked this to everybody because you know, I just did different sports I get different answers. I mean, obviously some of the best trainers in the world well, you know, World Championship fighters I mean, you know, we’re doctors trying to push you know, opiates and things like that on yet the time or is that and what would what would be your training or soreness relief that you will be using during during that time recovery or recovery process? Yeah,

Double M 11:16
they would want to give me all the pain medication. Know that masks situations, it doesn’t take care of. They wanted to give me

Pete 11:30

Double M 11:32
they want to keep you on appeals. air pocket. So But that’s so bad free out effect. There is no side effects. Were we at all get sleepy you get the munchies.

Nick 11:49
You know, most people it’s the opposite. So like sativa gets them a little more focus and talking into God makes them a little more tired. There are a lot of people that and just for the listeners that are listening, that are opposite. And there’s they don’t know why that is the case. But that indica is more of a focus and sativa is more sleepy for them.

Double M 12:11
I think it’s more because I can’t taste or smell like I’m more in I guess in tea to my other senses. But I don’t know why. like coffee. Coffee makes

Nick 12:27
coffee makes you sleepy,

Double M 12:28
right? I don’t put caffeine in my body. But when I do it makes me sleepy.

Nick 12:34
Now do you get an up and then you crash or you just sleepy?

Double M 12:39
I don’t drink coffee. I only thing I drink is water. That’s right. But I drink like three gallons a day.

Nick 12:45
Wow, that’s a lot, three gallons a day. I mean, that’s, that’s I mean, that’s great. It’s super healthy. And they say at least a gallon a day

Double M 12:52
in the bathroom.

Nick 12:57
The bathroom. You know, it’s funny because like you said they kind of put people they want you on these pills. They want you to do all this stuff. And let’s talk about maybe the demeanor, right. So we know that it’s got any inflammatory effects. Now let’s talk about that. You’re saying? painkillers are masking my pain, right? They’re making my body and my mind believe that I don’t have pain. But with a cannabis products, you’re talking about an anti inflammatory, something that helps you with inflammation that actually treat your condition that you’re dealing with, and not masking, you know, helping you recover and get better. And I think that you’re onto something when you say of course it’s natural, we know that, but it truly has a medical purpose. And I and that’s the issue that I don’t think that they’re explaining enough to athletes. I mean, they might find out through their friends or their own research or the internet or whatever. But the doctors are not really saying hey, why because there’s a lot of stigmas to it. There’s why are we saying that? You know, why would we give them marijuana when they can be taking a pill but all of the things that you mentioned are super addictive. One of the things with marijuana is not addictive at all you know so so why would you want addicted? Yeah,

Double M 14:27
you can never die as much, sweetie just want to smoke you can never die.

Nick 14:32
But our bodies don’t have a receptor in the area of our body that could actually you know stop breathing or respiratory. There’s nothing that you can and people say look, you know I got really high and all this stuff and I freaked out I bugged out, but that’s that’s your mind that your body you know, it’s not something physically that is happening that is stopping you from breathing. Whereas, you know again what you talked about a benzo or you know Xanax or something like that? That? Absolutely. Could Have you stopped breathing? I mean, there’s no question about it. Alcohol. You know, look, alcohol is addictive, too. I mean, it’s it’s poison for your body. Yeah.

Double M 15:12
No one talks about that being a drug. Right. Right. About that being a drug that is a drug.

Nick 15:21
Drug A major mean, right? I mean, it made like you said, you got nasty. You know, Mike Tyson was saying that people would, you know, people would come up and ask him for an autograph, and he would want to punch him in their face and just get, you know, nasty.

Double M 15:37
People. Alcohol brought the meanness out. And they brought the niceness. But with me, it made me a nasty, nasty, nasty person. And with that, marijuana saved my life.

Nick 15:54
And you know, it’s funny that you say that when you say it made me nasty and all that stuff. Not that be but you’re a fighter, right? I mean, you fight for you were fighting for a living. So, you know, you’re used to combat you’re used to that type of thing. So I do feel tons of testosterone, no matter what, you know what I mean, just because working out everything, you’re shaping your life. So now you add that with alcohol, you know, it’s going to probably tainted, it’s probably going to set you off a lot easier. And with marijuana, all you want to do is in your case, and most people, maybe they think a little clearly, maybe when you were fighting now, that’s the one thing Well, would you want to be on marijuana when we’re fighting? You know, like, the actual fight itself? Would you could you know, would you be on the would you say people

Double M 16:47
could, and some people could, it’s more than that. Somebody who’s an adult that can handle and understand what it does to the body and how it makes you feel, you know, people young, you know, they haven’t experienced anything yet. So I think if I would have been good. If I would have taken if I would have taken the indica it wouldn’t have done nothing, but it would have made me more focus, it would have probably meant like I was focused already, but it would have made me more focused, and more keen on what I was doing.

Nick 17:25
All right. So Mike, let’s talk a little bit about your post boxing career. You’ve been a private investor. Let’s start over. Okay. 123. All right, Mike, let’s talk about your post. boxing career, you obviously have been a private investigator for a long time. And, you know, I wanted to get into that. I mean, you did have done some arm private security. Get into that, and tell me a little bit about the transition from boxing to, I guess, civilian life.

Double M 18:00
With me, I had always had an interest in in a police since I was a kid, and my boxing had taken me. So as I was traveling, you know, I was always trying to boost up.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
And I still am to this day. I’m a police supporter.

Double M 18:22
My thing is I wanted to be wanted to be a cop. So the cop has been a private investigator. Not on the same level, but I carry a gun, watch people bodyguard, I do stuff like executive

Double M 18:39

Nick 18:42
You had somebody that you were your security for somebody pretty high profile that I read. And my maybe I’m off on that. But you had done some security for somebody pretty high profile, which is kind of funny, because you’re pretty high profile. So anybody that you’d like to talk about that you were kept safe.

Double M 19:06
It doesn’t mean anything, you know, it’s just private stuff. But you know, I’ve had some, some big time people, of course, big time. Well, Pete,

Nick 19:19
why don’t you tell Mike I mean, you know, remind him when you Michael, when you met him and you

Double M 19:27
my my initial double limb to say,

Nick 19:29
Alright, you got to double them. So, Peter, why don’t you talk about when you met double em a few times. And I guess, gave you a little bit of fist pump. And you knew for sure that it was my Michael.

Pete 19:46
Oh, yeah, well, it was Doran obviously the times COVID. So it’s not that I couldn’t really notice him but he was hiding with the hoodie hanging a little low and his gait around. But when he pulled that face down to give me the smile and the fist bump, I knew he was and I was Like, Oh shit I could not believe who was in the presence of you know, and I mean, regular guys would never son.

Nick 20:08
Pa Nice, nice. Well, you just said he’s his hand was like cement, you know which was which was kind of crazy and that’s all I was getting to if I didn’t want somebody this to be my security, it would definitely be hands a cement. So now one thing that we were talking about right before we started is that you also becoming an unbelievable chef, mostly with cannabis and all the cool things you said. So what are you working on? You were saying you’re working on some concoctions and some stuff over at the kitchen with cannabis and a master chef. You call it? Well,

Double M 20:45
my thing is I went to went to culinary school. When I got out of boxing, I wanted to take a break. So I needed to I needed new avenues. I went to cooking. Since I’ve been a chef my whole life. I wanted to do edibles and edibles was right up my alley because I got a big clientele and people loved my edibles. I do brownie bites. I do brownie bars, I do brownies, muffins. I do banana bread the same way as well. I make some awesome gummies.

Nick 21:26
I like that. That’s what made you kind of an Are you messing around with different sativa is Indigos. What do you normally use? Is there something you your go to?

Double M 21:37
I can’t taste or smell it. So my thing was always to go ahead and do my thing. My thing, hold on one second. I used to have to do my thing, where the food was always my main thing. I wanted the food going I’m sorry. That’s me again. I’m sorry.

Nick 22:04
No, it must have been two days, obviously, of course, it’s going to be tough to do any type of cooking, giving it to somebody knowing that you can’t smell or taste. I mean, two very important things for a chef. So that’s interesting that you know, you you basically go off of what you know, before this happened. But we talked about that what what happens it just because you said because allergies, or was it because of fighting that you think the allergies contributed to you not having smell or taste or is it Yeah, what was it from?

Double M 22:37
What it was, I looked it up and they had told me the reason I can’t taste the smell because I had either a bad cold or sinuses. And if you look it up, everything goes back to sinuses. My sinuses. I used to not come outside. I used to want me to take things all the time and I didn’t want to put that stuff in my body.

Nick 23:08
Like are you talking about like Claritin and types of things or just some more severe anxiety? allergy medication?

Double M 23:16
No, I didn’t want the allergy medication in my system. Yeah. wanted me to do it every week.

Nick 23:23
Oh, okay. So yeah, a lot more go into the doctor are doing Yeah, much more. Definitely not a Claritin. So and let me ask you quite any major injuries or anything I mean, I mean almost 61 fights, right. I mean, it’s just 61 when you when you total everything up, you only had four losses. You know anything lingering or that you feel like cannabis helps you with now, I mean you probably still stay in shape, you’re still working out.

Double M 23:50
You know being being that that I don’t eat. I go the longest I’ve been was three days without eating. And I guess that weed strain that I had wasn’t doing his job to give me the munchies. My God. I believe it saved my life. We saved my life because there’s a lot of people who have passed away they didn’t have the opportunity of taking advantage. Can you guys hear me?

Nick 24:23
Yeah, no, we can’t. I was just we were saying we hear this all the time that we change your life. And that’s why I just wanted to get a little bit more deep into that.

Double M 24:30
We change the life where at one time, all you had was pills

Double M 24:39
and they didn’t want to push the medical marijuana. Nobody. And you push them in medical marijuana and people didn’t have enough they can do something else. No, it’s not. Take the pills here. Take the pill. It wasn’t make you feel better. No clothes on basket.

Nick 25:01
Well, you know, it’s funny, even though the fact that cannabis is been around since 4000 BC, or before, it’s only in the last 10 to 15 years that it’s really been exposed, maybe five or six, where it’s become a lot more socially acceptable. And I just mean, in the fact of the stigma of, you know, we talked to a lot of doctors every single day, we talked to a lot of health care professionals, and they’re just starting to come around when I say just starting, not some doctors, some doctors pioneered it. But for the masses, you know, that means stream, it’s really taking, and even to this point, we get a lot of pushback of, you know, well, you could just take a prescription, or you could do this or that, and I don’t see the benefits of marijuana. And that’s why I was asking a lot of the athletes and people we talked to say, look, just training now, you know, even my body after my career, just the relief of inflammation. I mean, you’re talking about something hugely important, which is appetite, you know, that’s something that’s completely overlooked GI issues, things that it treats for your body. So it’s important to understand that, you know, it’s there is a lot of applications, I mean, 59 different ones that have been identified on a mainstream level, that how cannabis helps you in many different ways. Not just mentally, obviously, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but it’s a neuro protectant. So, you know, they say that with contact sports, I mean, of course boxing and getting hit in the head, right? I mean, that body, but mostly in the head that if we’re if you were to take in even a CBD, you know, at the time, it would help protect your your brain and in your neurological receptors and, and things that you have on that side. Doing now, again, not enough to get high, you know, and that’s why I asked you, you know, imagine you being high and fighting to me, I feel like I don’t know as much as it would relax me. I don’t know if I could get in the ring. After after smoking. I mean this is true. But I guess what I mean is is that just using like a CBD regimen or something like that, on your off time, or when you’re training just to keep everything, Keep it keep everything straight, keeping you on homeostasis, mind and body.

Double M 27:27
With me, it keeps me sharp. Because it makes me wise to indica, it makes me smarter and makes me wise and makes me keen. I’m alert. It’s so many benefits. But everybody wants to talk about the one bathroom sink. Erawan is a gateway drug cigarettes or gateway drug.

Nick 27:48
Yeah, you know what it leads to junk food. That’s it, you know, and I can’t even take that that was from a half baked a long, long time ago. But the truth is, is that it? No, it is and that’s the problem. It’s the stigma of marijuana is bad cannabis is bad. And why? Because so many people are trying to make money on the other side.

Double M 28:10
Exactly. I was back in the day when one of the President’s made is that marijuana was so so bad for people. And it was it was God’s gift to the earth. No, understand that. They don’t they don’t want to look into it. It’s been labeled a bad drug for so many times. And not like I said before, a drug is when components are added marijuana on a drug you add no components to it, you go to see the plant to feed it in dry. Smoking.

Nick 28:45
Do you feel like it’s addictive? Not at all. Exactly. That’s another stipulation of a scheduled one narcotic.

Double M 28:54
How can marijuana be addictive? It’s like a cigarette cigarettes are addicting. People want to smoke. They’re not that they couldn’t just use it a taste in your mouth.

Nick 29:04
You know, it’s funny they spend and and most people know this by this by now, I would hope but the cigarette companies spend billions of dollars trying to keep you from smoking cigarettes. There. I mean, now it’s basically that’s one of the reasons why cigarettes can still you know, they’ve been taken off of major advertising and, you know, you should see cigarette commercials everywhere. But when they do you see a lot of the you know, the smoke free America or, you know, Florida smoke free and things like that, and they, they spend a lot of money. They’re mandated to do that. But imagine having a product, right? You’re spending billions of dollars to tell people not to take not to take not to do this because it hurts you in so many different ways. And people can’t wait to light up. They’re so addicted. They’re so addicted. And because of all the things and chemicals that are added to it like you just talked about. And when a drug

Double M 30:05
marijuana broke, you don’t add nothing to it. You add to cigarettes, that’s a drug, everything you add something to as a drug. Every think about that. Everything you add is something becomes a drug.

Nick 30:24
And you know what it this is? Your right. There’s so many things that you could talk about out there that, you know, really are drugs. And you know, we’re talking about alcohol. How many alcohol related deaths? How many deaths for marijuana? I mean, everybody says this all the time zero. But do you really understand people what we’re talking about here? Zero. I mean, I ain’t like you know, somebody that got a car accident or got hit by a drunk driver in their own immediate family or friends.

Double M 30:58
Or something. And no, no one talks about and no one wants to say, if you were to go to a graduation party, or say for instance, if you were to go out in 2025 2627 Can you go out drinking having a good time? Most people that is on Facebook, you go out because you get it now you get the same group? Go out smoking a joint. Everybody’s gonna be laughing. They’re gonna be tired, and they’re gonna be hungry.

Nick 31:32
But you know, they’re definitely going to have a good time. There’s no drama. That’s exactly what

Nick 31:39
no camera

Nick 31:41
can Billy how hold his, his cannabis. You never say, You know what I mean? Like, that’s never a situation can so and so hold their cannabis? Could they not know? I mean, look, if you weren’t you eat a little bit too much of an edible or something like that. You know, some people do freak out. Because it’s all mine. They’re like, Oh, I’m a little high. Or, you know, it’s mostly high. I mean, mostly mental, that you’re feeling that it’s not a physical reaction. It’s more of like, your body’s like, oh, you know, I’m really high or you smoke a little too much. Pardon my interruption? No, of course, go ahead.

Double M 32:18
Africa. I had somebody make me some cupcakes. That’s the only time that I’ve ever had too much. Because I started to sleep. On the plane, I’m on the airplane, going back to. And I started sweating profusely.

Pete 32:41
This is all just the week working on

Double M 32:43
it took like, 20 minutes. And I was cool. Right? Nick? I didn’t get all bent shape. I just was soaking wet.

Nick 32:53
There’s, you’re not the only person that’s taken a little too much Advil, I mean, this is

Double M 32:58
me, me, I guarantee I can I’ll smoke anybody. Because I have a high I get it.

Nick 33:13
We’re gonna have to, you know, we’re gonna have to get some people off, we might have to do something like that now. So now, let’s get back to something because I really do want to ask you this about you’re talking about somebody who was a former heavyweight champion of the world. And now seeing where boxing is now, right? You have a lot of MMA UFC. But you see what the current state of boxing today has shaken Logan Paul bringing boxing back into the mainstream. And fighters like Tyson fury are on top of the boxing world. What do you think about where boxing has gone, compared to the time when you were in the rink,

Double M 33:47
boxing still around, so I can knock the box is still around. If it wasn’t around, then that’s when you can say something bad about it. Boxing still around. They’re still champions. There’s a lot of good fighters out there that want to come champion. And I think they can all do it. People can do it. If they put their minds and hearts to it. It’s all about biting down right now.

Pete 34:13
To be to have a better

Nick 34:17
but I guess what I’m saying is is that when you’re talking about, okay, when you were fighting back in the day, and you went up against Holy field and and the these were huge fights. I mean, everybody was watching, you know, we were talking about HBO and pay per view and they’re just they were so huge. And there was a respect to it. There’s a skill level which there still is to this day. I feel like sometimes when we’re talking about Jake and Logan Paul, they’re trying to bring it back. But it’s different you know, they’re they’re doing it with like a social media younger kind of influence, kind of inner tweeting between that and MMA.

Double M 34:57
With Jake and Logan Paul. they’re geniuses. They’re feeding off their popularity. Who wouldn’t want to do that? They’re making all the money in the world. So that’s smart business. And people who want to knock them that’s called jealousy. But then you can’t label them into the boxing game. We add myself in some other form

Double M 35:24
of people who would have been maybe they’re good on a level, but not the level that we were.

Double M 35:34
Nobody are putting the one down. Just I see two apples, not yours.

Nick 35:43
No, that’s that was my point. My point is, is I feel like the skill level back in the day. I mean, you’re talking about I mean, even the way before you talked about Matt, Muhammad Ali, and all these, I mean, amazing fighters, that was truly an art to fighting. And I mean, just on a different class with their hands. And I get what you’re saying, with with Jake and Logan and all this trying to utilize their theme. I like it, because they’re bringing boxing making it relevant. You know, they’re trying to bring that in. That’s what I was saying with that. But yes, definitely on a different level.

Double M 36:16
You’re You’re absolutely right. Absolutely. Right. They’re bringing the boxing, they’re bringing attention to the forefront of boxing. And it’s going to be they want to see fights. They want to see people do it. They have followers, the followers of Donald was gonna follow we’re always gonna be

Nick 36:36
on the same class. Absolutely not. And I’ll tell you, I think from an from from someone that loves sports and boxing, love to see you do some really great boxing.

Double M 36:47
Not even worth comparing. You’d be a fool to compare them to the era of the mid 1990s.

Nick 36:59
Absolutely, absolutely. World leaders. Yeah, we’re not gonna beat those days. But you know, we’re hoping for them to come back. But I don’t know if they’re ever gonna come back the same way. It’s just which is, which is unfortunate. But it could happen. It could happen.

Double M 37:14
I was in the stage where that, you know, I was in boxing where boxing was good. I had, we had some heavy hitters out there. And I was a three time heavyweight champion. So I did my fair.

Nick 37:31
Oh, yeah, absolutely. There’s no question about it. So here’s the thing. I know, we got to wrap it up. We have some time. You know, stay on for a couple more minutes. So we could we could, you know, chop it up a little bit. Pete, I think we should basically, you know, tell everyone where they can still hear us. We still want you to go out there and make sure you’re reviewing seeing what we’re doing out there. We could ask anything else review, comment, like, subscribe. Where can they find us, Pete

Pete 38:01
will put I want to say thanks again, Mike. I really appreciate everything that you did for us that you can follow us on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, radio, Amazon, I mean, really anything you get anywhere you get your podcasts for. Also, check us out on cannabis radio, we really do appreciate it. Leave your comments and let us know what we could have asked Mike, Michael a little better or double em. And you know, we’ll have to do this again.

Nick 38:26
And don’t forget you can always check us out at www dot pure wild.com see all the new insane products that we have going up and hopefully they get double them up here and try and sum up themselves. So thank you everybody for tuning in.

Double M 38:39
Come up there we’re gonna have to tape it because I’m I’m I’m gonna eat y’all on the table.

Pete 38:45
Challenge accepted. That’s the only time you hear that from me, champ.

Nick 38:51
Awesome, we’re looking forward to it. Thanks so much, champ.

Double M 38:54
Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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