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Ric Flair Special


About Ric Flair

Born February 25, 1949, better known by his ring name Ric Flair, a American professional wrestling manager and retired professional wrestler who performed in WCW and WWF/E. 

Widely regarded as the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Flair has cultivated a legacy over a career that spans 40 years. He is noted for his tenures with the National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE). Since the mid-1970s, Flair has used the moniker, the “Nature Boy”. Flair is officially recognized by WWE and Pro Wrestling Illustrated as a 16-time world champion (eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion), although the actual number of his world championship reigns varies by source, ranging from 16 to 25, while Flair considers himself a 21-time champion. A major pay-per-view attraction throughout his career, Flair main-evented the premier annual NWA/WCW event, Starrcade, on ten occasions; he also co-headlined its WWF counterpart, WrestleMania, in 1992. 

PWI awarded Flair their Wrestler of the Year award a record six times, while Wrestling Observer Newsletter named Flair as the Wrestler of the Year (an award named after him and Lou Thesz) on a record of nine occasions. The only two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee in history, first inducted in 2008 for his individual career and for a second time in 2012 as a member of The Four Horsemen, Flair is also an NWA Hall of Famer. 

Flair was the first titleholder of both the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship (as well as the final holder of the latter title). In being the inaugural WCW World Heavyweight Champion, he also became the first person to complete WCW’s Triple Crown, having already held the United States Heavyweight and World Tag Team Championships. He then completed WWE’s version of the Triple Crown when he won the Intercontinental Championship, after already holding the WWF Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. Using the officially recognized totals (by WWE and PWI) of 16 world championships and six United States Heavyweight Championship reigns, Flair has won a total of 31 different major championships between the NWA, WCW, and WWF/WWE, with numerous regional titles also to his credit.

Rick Flair Special | Hempire

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Pete 0:00
Hello and welcome again to hempire I’m Pete Bahrenburg, along with me always is my brother, CEO and founder of pure Well, Nick DeFrancesco. How you doing, sir?

Nick 0:11
I don’t think I could be any better right now. Pete, I’m going to just say learn to love it. hempire is one of the best podcasts going today. And it’s because of guests that we have on just like the special person we have going on today. So without any further ado, please tell us who we got Pete

Pete 0:30
hailing out of North Carolina, approximately standing at six foot one weighing 243 pounds, the jet flying limo ridin Rolex wearing diamond ring bling and 16 time World Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Nature Boy Ric Flair

Ric Flair 0:51
gotta get good you Jad Bronstein. Here are driving

Nick 1:06
thanks for being on chat of course and Nature Boy. Rick, I just wanted to ask you, you know, just figured we get into it. You just competed in what was billed as your last match a few weeks back. Aside from all that you’ve accomplished in your run in WWE. Talk to us about what it meant to you to have this retirement match booked with a great undercard by the legendary Jim Crockett promotions, where your historic career really took off.

Ric Flair 1:33
Well, it meant a lot, but I didn’t realize that it would do that it would take off like it did. Does it make sense? Yeah, we’re there the same weekend that summer. SummerSlam was and I didn’t hear one thing for a month before I got there about SummerSlam. And I’m in my follow up. That makes sense. I follow Gary Vee obviously, of course, is good get a lot of press I think was the number one rated thing on ESPN for like a month, their highest rated, whatever they called segment, whatever they call those as they put on ESPN for the whole year. So you know, when you think about Tiger Woods stories and stuff like that, it’d be in that in that light is pretty down. I was working with it.

Nick 2:22
You know, it’s funny, I and I made that bring this out. But I go to 30 and 30 right to look at your specially did a couple of four years ago on ESPN, and every other one of them 299-290-9299 Ric Flair 699 the only one in seven seasons. I mean, everybody I talked to say, hey, you know, Rick’s gonna jump on the show. And I mean, everybody, all age groups. That’s all they say. I mean, everybody knows who you are. You’re a legend. And I think that’s why right. I mean, that’s the testament of what you brought to wrestling back then. And brought it all the way to a few weeks ago. And no one did it like you so. So you know, and I think that’s why I say

Chad Bronstein 3:11
with Rick, I got to you when we first did Ric Flair drip. Me and Rick were flying to me, Kelly and Rick, were flying to California. And it’s right at a time where evil documentary came out for web with Rick and I got to sit on the plane. And I love Rick, as much as you guys love Rick, just to be set. So I’m getting to watch the documentary with Rick. And I think that for me, that was an experience that you know, you don’t forget. And he’s like, she’s like, What do you think? What do you think I’m like, I think it’s pretty fucking amazing what a pretty amazing life. These guys that they got the all the party and the fun and all that stuff. Like, the inspiring parts of Rick are the parts where you learn about when he’s 18 years old, he gets an A total airplane accident. And two people die. He comes out with, you know, broken neck back. And he said, I’m never gonna rest again and he runs again, those are things for me like that. You know, about Rick, that you learn about him you’re like, this is this guy is a machine and an inspiration because most people will give up, you know, many times and stuff like that. Those are moments for me that I remember. I said of all the fun that Rick brings, like you learn a lot about him and about what he’s done and accomplished that inspire anybody. You know.

Nick 4:29
I mean, the other thing is I got hit by lightning. They came down his umbrella. ended up hitting someone behind I mean, just like the stories are insane. Yeah, of course. And chats even University. Yeah. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Chad, you know, I wanted to ask you, you know, we’ve had you on several of our cannabis radio shows. The talk about the collaboration with Hall of Fame boxing legend, Mike Tyson. How did this new collaboration with Ric Flair come together.

Chad Bronstein 5:02
So I’ve been wrecked do a lot of interviews together. So I’ll just keep repeating the stories but in a good way but Rick and I, so I never forget this day so I don’t I was on my boat and someone’s like, oh your next door neighbor’s Ric Flair. I’m like, really Ric Flair is my next door neighbor and I see his boat coming in with Woo i don’t i don’t want to bother Rick’s I don’t really bother. I try not to bother people that get bothered all the time. So we share the same guy that works on both of our boats. name’s Andy. And I said, Hey, Andy, when you know, when Rick’s not bothered, and he has a minute, I’d love to talk to him. So I wait. My son is six years old, big big Ric Flair fan, big Charlotte flair fan, his daughter big wrestling fan. So me and my son walk up to say Hi, Rick. And I said, Rick, I want to talk to you because we need to have watch. And he’s probably thought I was crazy, right? When I saw Rick the minute I was like, I can create a brand with Ric Flair. Like I he’s a marketing genius up you did the introduction from on the show. He’s trademarked all those I knew I can we can build something. Pete You also said everyone knows who he is. And so we’re like, let’s go and Rick’s like, he’s like cannabis. I never thought about it. been approached about it. But that’s the story. And now we’re family you know, we’ve had a great we’ve had a really great run at this for the past six months building this.

Nick 6:29
Now of course. And this is obviously a passion for us. Because you know, you’re talking about cannabis and hemp and, and so I say it with a tear in my eye. When you said the Ric Flair drip cannabis was announced. You said Rick said that he discovered the benefits of cannabis later in life and was overwhelmed by how it helped elevate the mind and heal the body. So talk to us a little bit about how you got into cannabis. And are you surprised you would ever get behind your own line of cannabis

Ric Flair 6:59
ones? I’m not surprised now. I wish I had earlier but then again, you don’t run into a Chad runs in every day. Still wasn’t, you know, people weren’t 100% on board and I think it’s been the last three or four years. It’s everybody. It’s just recognized as being something that is is as helpful medically as it is. Nice. recreationally. So for me, it got me off Xanax and Ambien. Thank God.

Nick 7:31
Yeah, read about that.

Ric Flair 7:32
I have no problem. anybody tells you that my business I haven’t taken an Ambien or Xanax is lying to you. Russell 380 times a year and 365 days are extra 455 One year for me. Geez. I took Xanax at night to sleep Ambien on international flights. That I mean, I only get actual crime out crime I do what’s prescription but once you’re on Xanax, it’s very difficult to get off it. So what was the Canada’s product I just did it gradually. doesn’t exist anymore.

Nick 8:04
So it was it’s something that you took before. I’m sorry, I just wanna say something. Amazing. Yeah, it was amazing. And that’s why I kind of want to dig into this a little bit. Were you I mean, did you smoke when you were younger? Is it something that you ever really had part of your

Ric Flair 8:19
I just started smoking again. Since I started, I met Chad. I didn’t when I was younger. No, I did a couple of times in college but no, I just I wish I had I wanted to drink.

Nick 8:33
The best is when the psychiatrist was sitting here, it was the best one that psychiatrists were sitting started to lay down at the end of the episode after you were like 10 beers and five drinks for 20 years straight. But But what I’m asking is Is it something that you smoke do you do edibles is a topical? I mean have you tried a lot of different types of

Ric Flair 8:56
everything? Yeah. I don’t need to I don’t have any aches or pains but I know the topical things work because I have friends that use them so that I can I can then on testify about the edibles making you relax and fall asleep at night. They just knock you out.

Nick 9:14
Yeah, it’s I was gonna ask you, right that’s what I was gonna ask you. What’s the difference?

Ric Flair 9:18
Sleep it’s very healthy. And I’m actually I have noticed I don’t wake up. People wake up, you know, like a little groggy but I’m the like with anything else you have to adjust. You have to adjust the dosage or the mountain you know by your body weight or whatever you can accommodate but I sleep great with it. And once again I don’t I don’t have to go get my Xanax prescription refilled or at my Ambien.

Nick 9:46
So now you’re using obviously Xanax during the day Ambien at night, but even

Ric Flair 9:54
at night for both

Nick 9:55
oh just at night, okay, because I was going to ask you

Pete 9:58
one two punch.

Nick 9:59
I don’t know Well, that’s a really powerful bunch. Well, the reason why I’m asking is because I didn’t know if you were using a for any type of anxiety during the day, as well as just the sleep issues because

Ric Flair 10:11
of anxiety at night. Okay, Jim was driving me crazy.

Nick 10:18
Yeah, I mean, it’s

Ric Flair 10:20
never heard the word old. They wanted me to become Spartacus. So

Pete 10:27
that would have been an interesting gimmick, I

Ric Flair 10:29
started out as an anxiety thing, but then after a while, it just, it just, you know, I’m, I’m the last one, they had to plug it for anybody, but I’m not done. I can’t deny that I’ve taken it. But I would now that I’m more than explored within more, more, you talk more, with more knowledge about the cannabis, I would recommend that all day long.

Nick 10:56
And it’s just it’s just really nice to hear from somebody of your stature and to actually say this, and this was one of the reasons I was so excited, obviously, to talk to you for many reasons, of course, childhood idol, but um, but also the fact of what cannabis has done for you and how it’s changed your life. And, and that’s what people need to hear more of, because there’s still that stigma wreck, you know, still people don’t want to associate themselves with cannabis or all cannabis just gets you high, and it doesn’t. And that’s why I asked you if you ever tried topicals because even you know, I mean, look, we just watched her last match, obviously taken, taking a beating inside the ring.

Ric Flair 11:40
I don’t I have tried them, but I don’t have any really extra pains to complain about. That’s a reference, like crazy. They

Chad Bronstein 11:51
work trained three days a week, Vic trained. I was in Tampa, Rick was training twice or three times a day, more than an enduring more endurance than a 30 year old or 25 year old like he was he was he was killing in gym. So he’s in pretty amazing shape. Definitely looked at, that’s for sure. And energy that I do is more energy than most people and most people do. So

Ric Flair 12:19
I’m very lucky that, you know, I hate to discuss this, but with that doctor told me, these are what you know, I’m not gonna tell you can’t wrestle. I wouldn’t recommend it. After I wrote my back, you know, and then after a while he can, you know, on one way to find out, give it a try, right. I’ll tell you right now, and so you won’t be able to walk on your 40 beat up that that much discomfort meaning arthritis. Boy, was he wrong?

Nick 12:48
You know what I was thinking? I mean, I was just thinking it’s today I

Ric Flair 12:50
you know, I’m getting blessed guys really blessed. Not only I think

Nick 12:54
that would lead also to your blessing is that you kept yourself in shape, right? I think that don’t. Right. So you, yeah, you partied hard, and everybody knows that and everything. But the truth is, is that you always hit the gym like a maniac every day, and you always took care of your body. And I think that’s a good testament to anyone not to say that you should have 10 beers and five drinks every day for 20 years or whatever. But what I’m saying is, is that that probably has helped significantly, just to keep you your muscle joint,

Ric Flair 13:26
up drinks, three glasses of wine.

Nick 13:28
Okay. We’ll come back to cannabis.

Ric Flair 13:34
And a roll one now.

Pete 13:42
Just use the tools a straw.

Nick 13:45
So Chad, so tell us how did you introduce Rick to the products you’re creating? And then what products did you create? Introduce them to.

Chad Bronstein 13:52
So actually Rick was part of the process. So Rick and his business partner Kelly came down to Chicago and we spent a full day at Toronto’s offices, which is our partner, and Rick got to see his products firsthand and be a part of the product development. You know, one thing that we’ve always wanted to do, Rick and I, when we met was Rick loved the edible side of it right as he discussed, so we’re creating WOOT shoes, so we’ll choose the out of market. Pretty sure pretty soon, October will be our first drop October 6, we dropped California. I’m already with cookies in California with Ric Flair, drips, vapes and products and flowers now. With Ron it will be in 11 states or two and we’re all together in 13 states with Rick So Rick becomes a second largest brand from a national footprint behind Tyson’s places in 20 states. Right now Rick’s and 13 will continue to expand reckon internationally as well. But it’s you know everything Rick said a part of so rude, rude shoes, we’re doing flower products. We have our regular drip pre rolls. Um we’re going to be live resin dabbing. I think we also have erectile dysfunction products as well. So there’s a there’s a lot of products coming out so we’re very excited about

Nick 15:15
for the listeners that cannot hear see this right now Rick,

Ric Flair 15:18
I can sell it. I can sell that shit for you.

Nick 15:22
Rick’s hands are up.

Pete 15:24
Women go Mickey Mouse, right

Chad Bronstein 15:31
so yeah, and we’re, you know, October 6, we’ll be in Arizona. So we’re doing a tour. So one thing that’s, I said this on every interview we have, and Rick will agree with me but Rick, Rick trap, Rick doesn’t like me, he knows the road. He’s traveled a lot. He’s He’s traveled 365 days, as he said, so we’re not going to go crazy. Like we need records to have a life but we’ll be on. We’re going to Arizona October 6 Be Nevada the day after California. And we’ll be showing up to dispensaries. 1980s White limousines, you know, just true to brand. Those in writing, jet flying jet fly

Chad Bronstein 16:12
will be out market. So, one thing about Tyson 2.0 and type with Mike and Rick, our products are good products. This way, you can always sell a product and someone will come in wanting to buy it. But it’s the flour and the pre quality of what we’re doing as well, that keeps retention coming. And so I think that, you know, you got guys like Rick and Mike they’re super involved, that are showing up that consumers can talk to give their feedback to whereas a lot of other stubby brands, they’re not doing that they’re not showing up like we do. I think that it’s not celebrity brands, or it’s it’s actually business partners and running real brands. And I think that’s what people try to, you know, say shit about, Oh, these are gimmick, what we’re doing is not we’re the hot We’re the fastest growing brands in the space. And you know, so I just think that’s something to call out.

Pete 16:59
You will have proven that with the product and not just you know, a face to someone being there or not there. As you said,

Nick 17:05
you know, Chad, I don’t know if you same thing with with with pure Well, I don’t know how much you know about us or whatever. But that’s, that’s what we do. Obviously, we’re on the hand side, you’re on the cannabis side. But that’s what how we got our name, right, putting out a quality product, doing what we have to education is key, building those relationships. Now we’re obviously a lot more medical focused. But the truth is, is that that’s so important in a space that needs that it’s not just about the celebrity, it’s not about it’s about the quality of the product, it’s going to set you apart from anything else that’s out there. Obviously, like Rick was saying, know what you take, know how much to take. But it’s really going with the companies that are going to have your best interest in heart and not just push a product on you because of a name. So that being said, I mean, let’s talk about some of these names here. I mean, we’ve got you know, you got vape cartridges, obviously you have flour, you have edibles pre rolls, a lot of the things including you know the Nature Boy champion cannabis, and wrestling all star and of course, the the views, which are so will tell us what makes them very distinct though, you know, I know you’re saying about the quality but is there something specific about the strains or, or what you’re the profile that you’re gonna

Chad Bronstein 18:24
each strain just like you guys know, like, obviously, as a Teva indica, hybrid, they all have different effects, right? So, of course, part of what we’re doing, it will be a different effect that matches the mood right when I did, when we did this, why I wanted to do some records like Rick, everything Rick talks about is a mood like limousine riding is a mood, right? What got you if you’re creating a mood, right? Rick, I can’t speak for myself. But for Rick for his kids stealing mood. I don’t know what that mood is. But right. So everything that every string we do that we create is going to be relevant to something that one of our marketing, or we call it, it will have a mood based to that strength. I think that’s that’s the unique differentiation for us.

Nick 19:05
Perfect. No. And that’s, that’s kind of what we want to hear, of course, is the terpene files.

Pete 19:09
I can say that,

Ric Flair 19:10
for example, the sample that I’ve been able to bring back, or wherever I’ve been I’ve given to other people that have tried other stuff. And they think Mike’s stuff and my stuff blows everything else I’ve ever tried to wait. And I think that’s the best way that I get a readout on it.

Chad Bronstein 19:30
Yeah, Greg’s products going out to market now but like Joe Rogan on his podcast pulled out our product and smoked it right. A lot of other proactively are smoking the product because they like it, you know, so it’s like I said, Mike bites, you know, edible. Here’s the hottest selling edible and they’re good like bricks had them. I’ve had them multiple times and talk about knocking you out to go to sleep it does right. And the root use will be the similar very Uh, you know, very quality similar edible with, you know, certain effects to it. So I think, yeah, like Rick said Our products are really well, you know, well done and you know we’re doing we focus on it now we don’t want to be a one and done brand.

Nick 20:15
Yeah, absolutely it’s sustainability and, and again, building the brand based on quality and having the right people behind it. But at the end of the day, you can have anybody you want if the product isn’t what you say it is, or it’s not what the people feel. That’s what’s going to that’s going to dictate the market for you. So we love to hear that. Rick, I got to ask you something because I want to ask you about the state of professional wrestling today. Without Vince McMahon running WWE. I feel like the idea of sports entertainment that brought us superstars like The Rock Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and the undertaker is changing to a product that diehard wrestling fans will love. Do you think that wrestling promoters know what it takes to build wrestlers that will fill stadiums in the future and live up to the global level of like a Ric Flair?

Ric Flair 21:06
I think well I here’s the thing. What’s happening right now is like, you know, you’re talking about rebuilding like an example the calling the I’m thinking of different NFL teams that are like in a rebuilding phase or baseball teams or hockey I mean, that rebuilding phase applies to wrestling as well too. There’s so many guys what are household names that are gone now? I mean, take her taker Hunter Shawn myself rock stone cold and it takes a while it doesn’t you don’t become a household name in a year or two years or three years. You really don’t I mean, because not that many people there’s too many things to watch on TV you don’t get set eight ratings anymore like we used to in the 80s and 90s You know if you get to but WWE Vince Vaughn right now they they brought up some some of the younger people and and they’re in there, they’re doing great you know, and we’ll see where they are in three years. So it’s a rebuilding process right now I think for the company and you got you know, some of the big name people are just part times right now like we’re rolling and rocking a part time so I mean, it’s just like to say they’re the two premier names of the guys division Randy’s out right now with a back injury. Orton is the best worker but I mean, and my daughter was probably the best performer is out right now for a while waiting to come back to kind of figure out a new game plan for her and Sasha is gone so it provides an opportunity for new people to come along whether they will accomplish with the established people over the years and ever noticed that’s to be determined by you guys. I’m too harsher critic. So I guess or

Pete 23:00
any of these new guys that you that you’re really liking or see a sparking that you think could it could be the next you know, the next game being you know, getting over

Ric Flair 23:12
Yeah, the couple guys, I just single, I think they’re all doing a good job. But it’s not what they’re doing right now. It’s what they’re doing three years from now. Does that make sense? So the build process it’s kind of like in wrestling I think, you know, we’re um, you look at Albert pools, right? He’s still knocking them out for the Cardinals right? I mean, I mean, Chad really appreciate I don’t know if he watched it as much today but when Chad heard the undertaker was in Orlando, he said, Man, I’m throwing me to energy because I think Chad Fowler different timeframe do but now his son what’s going on every week with the guys talk.

Chad Bronstein 23:53
I was talking to your so I was talking to Ashley yesterday Rick’s daughter, and she asked me like, I mean, I grew up loving wrestling. I’m sure you guys did but then I fell off because I you know, I didn’t have time at the same time. My son brought me back right? And you go and you’re like, you go and you watch and I was talking about this as my wife I say it’s it’s still very entertaining, and whether you know it’s gonna outcome or not, it’s like, there’s no show like we went to WrestleMania with Rick and in Dallas and his daughter was fighting, wrestling Ronda Rousey I talked to that opinion UFC champ with me and Rick and there’s no there’s no question that it’s one of the most entertaining shows and they put on the best show. I do think though however whether you’re my son is six years old or me I do think the era of Undertaker Ric Flair that I’m Dallas Page is good friends of Rick all these people’s like those are the era that I think people still you know, they love that era like WrestleMania brought Steve Austin back you know Undertaker back and you never see crowds go that wild when you’re with Rick Rick was in there resting there. But if you go to Rick’s autograph signings it’s it’s me have and I think that people you bring it goes back to the nostalgic value of when Rick and Mike do to people is they bring back a lot of good memories from your and because you just didn’t get that kind of entertainment anywhere else. So I think wrestling is pretty. It’s crazy popular right now. But I think I’ll give you

Ric Flair 25:21
guys an example who’s who’s the light heavyweight champion of boxing?

Nick 25:26
I was just I was about to go somewhere, but go ahead. Actually not right. Exactly.

Ric Flair 25:34
The wiggle room right now.

Nick 25:36
I and I know sports and I don’t know who it is

Ric Flair 25:39
literally champion

Chad Bronstein 25:40
welterweight. I know Terence Crawford middlee Tyson Fury is Abby fury. Just

Ric Flair 25:50
I would just look Roy Jones, Jr. This weekend. And then and with George Foreman and Michael Spinks and all these guys I think I was just thinking you’re never gonna see any way to enjoy your will. The literacy another guy like that, you know, Mike almost killed him. But it just because Mike is still a powerhouse, you know, you know, I’m always worry about stuff like that, but he’s had a great time with him. But if you ever saw him, compared to some of the guys today, I just, you know, it’s like Muhammad Ali. I mean, these guys and Mike, you another one. I don’t see him like that. But I, myself and a few other guys have got that level of name recognition from wrestling. Totally different, but it’s, it’s very combative and very physical and very difficult. Whether it’s predetermined or not. You still go out there and do it at heart. I mean, you

Chad Bronstein 26:43
have to be extremely athletic like you watch that. You have to react like he’s doing a somersault on the ropes been laying on his feet like it’s I still say like, maybe fake but it’s fucking it’s hard.

Nick 26:54
It’s saying that today I was going

Pete 26:59
yeah, we see people who say fake they get

Nick 27:01
slick and say fake. What was the best back in the day with with with Rick and Sally Jack and Sally, Jessy Raphael. And

Ric Flair 27:09
like, when I was when I was wrestling, Bruiser, Brody. Nothing.

Chad Bronstein 27:17
Not fake. Rick. You know what I’m saying?

Ric Flair 27:20
Anyway, guys, I used to walk back in the dressing room in St. Louis. Right. roadie smoked a lot. Outside of Brody. Harley would say find out what Brody wants to do. Get back to Raleigh be back here smoking a joint back in the 80s. Right and go Frank what he got my neck. Let me think about Ricky you’re going over him tonight. If I have to come down to the ring. Leave him alone. I gotta work with the different time though, guys.

Pete 28:09
There’s nobody like you guys back in the day for sure.

Ric Flair 28:12
Oh my God, you have no idea.

Nick 28:14
I’m gonna say that Chad captured. Two of the most iconic back in the day. Mike Tyson and Ric Flair. I mean, let it let’s really think about that for a second. I mean,

Ric Flair 28:27
I’m more fun. I’m more fun with Chad than Mike is.

Pete 28:32
But I’ll take that.

Ric Flair 28:37
Jetta out in Chicago Saturday night.

Nick 28:41
Maybe what I mean is is I mean, people remember Mike Tyson. People remember Ric Flair. People remember the time where it made them feel that sports were just bigger than life. I mean, you look at wrestling now. Yeah, it’s entertaining them. They’re awesome. And but it’s not the same. To me personally.

Ric Flair 29:05
I’ll give you a very good example. What’s what’s, what’s the biggest thing on TV right now? The last two the last Monday and Wednesday?

Nick 29:15
Monday and Wednesday.

Ric Flair 29:16
Serena? Are we Yeah, of course. Oh, yes, of course. Look at the ratings last night so we’re gonna be the number two ranked player in the world.

Pete 29:23
I know. She killed me.

Nick 29:26
She’s up the street from us. We got to get her on.

Ric Flair 29:29
Friday night to again.

Nick 29:33
I remember seeing Serena in real life and going

Ric Flair 29:36
What do you want at 41 years old 24 majors 24 majors. I’ve been 41 years old. Five year old daughter was gonna replace her.

Nick 29:46

Pete 29:48
There’s no money and nobody waiting in that

Ric Flair 29:50
in there and look at the crowd last night, Tiger. I mean, everybody was it my god Dionne Warwick with

Chad Bronstein 29:59
their wallet. A few days Yeah,

Pete 30:01
Mike was there and he was looking a little rough and one of those images that, you know, he looked like he was talking to himself and enjoying that mushroom a little too well.

Nick 30:14
And I, again, it just it just, you know, just saying it for my producer, obviously, who wants to say this for making his law, he’s an absolute crazy fan of yours. I, everybody, again, that we talked to I don’t want to fanboy this but just saying it’s just it’s a real honor to have you on and to talk about cannabis with you. Because, you know, it needs to be it needs to be brought up. You know, people need to understand that. It’s not just for fun, right? It actually helps you. You got off of a prescription medication you got off of Lee. And that’ll leave. You got off of Ambien and you got off of benzos helped me out here. Xanax and Ambien,

Ric Flair 30:58

Nick 30:59
right, Ambien and Xanax, I mean Ambien, the things that we hear every single day of people that are begging to get off Ambien of what it does to them. And the side effects are addictive, super addictive, and you don’t know the side effects.

Ric Flair 31:13
And I would highly recommend edibles for that. For sure.

Chad Bronstein 31:19
I’m glad you called out when I when I went lucky that you said that we have the two greatest icons. As big as that that was all chance on both sides. And I have to say like for me, I always say some interviews like Rick and Mike are my favorite two people. And this is like I think what people notice about our company is that we’re having fun while we’re doing that. And I think that a lot of a lot of that gets lost. I think a lot of the cannabis market also appreciates that, like when we when we did our when we do our tours, like a lot of MSOs like, thank you to Rick, thank you to Mike for what you guys are doing for this industry because they’re bringing back a lot of fun to the industry. And they’re also showing, you know, brands is you know, Nick from like farewells like brands matter in space, but it’s hard to develop brands. So seeing how we’re seeing that that can be done, I think gives a lot of hope to the industry.

Nick 32:08
It is you know, it’s so crazy how many people talk about how there is no real brand of it. There’s not brand loyalty there is it’s just nobody really has a real story. You know, you can’t go back with everybody compares to alcohol and things, you know, back in prohibition, who we didn’t we didn’t have that option. I mean, marijuana just came I mean, marijuana has been, you know, and hemp has been around since 4000 BC. But when does it become okay to say I smoked a joint or I use edibles or CBD or anything without being going. You did what? And we have athletes that come on and say, I wish I had it while I was playing. I use it because it helps me recover. I mean, the things that come out of their mouths that we have on interviews are just, it’s mind blowing that people need to hear this. Because it coming from someone like you It matters. It really really does matter. You know that that you’re standing up and saying, look, it changed my life too. So it’s just a it’s just an amazing thing. I love what you’re doing. And, and yeah, I mean, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. And Ric Flair is ropes. I mean, that’s, that was I was childhood. Right? So, um,

Pete 33:23
I mean, Rick, the people that you normally run with, like the celebrities and athletes that you kind of run about how do they look at you now from being a spokesperson or you know, so to speak of Canada?

Ric Flair 33:33
It’s amazing. They go, they go to him and he did it again. Only this may be the biggest and best one. Here’s the deal. I spent the whole afternoon looking at a boat bigger than Chad’s. We have with the same broker Jeff’s here. I love spending your money for you paying me

Pete 33:57
he’s boats dealing to

Ric Flair 34:01
five feet longer than 48 year Ric Flair drip, slash to the point

Chad Bronstein 34:13
we got to do Logo The Ripper drip on the boat. Logo three. Guys, I will say one last thing. You know, I think it’s all about partnerships do like we wouldn’t be able to do regular drip without Bronto is our partner and some of our other partners that we chose. But you know, I think it’s also about protecting the legacy. And so we put partners it’s you know, Columbia Carey pick with Tyson been a phenomenal partner and Rwanda with Rick like Rick flew down with them and Sammy, George their whole team like they love Rick, they wanted they they believe in the brand too. So it’s like finding people that are really doing what we’re doing and they’re gonna put the blood sweat and tears into making it a success and they’re big. They’re a big reason so for that as well. So they really helped us and brought this up with

Ric Flair 34:59
with Can I just give you guys a little FYI too? I never realized how many women like marijuana rolling around and adding more grip yep I call him I called Chad every night with a different one to talk to him

Chad Bronstein 35:27
because he couldn’t get product he wanted me to tell him that he’s gonna have his product and

Ric Flair 35:32
don’t give up on nature so I was waiting

Pete 35:35
hands on quality testing right there anyway oh yeah, guys, not what we appreciate everything that you guys have I mean from the chairman and nostalgia Chad Bronstein to of course the greatest wrestler of all time, The Nature Boy Ric Flair. We do thank you guys for everything and for all of our followers and supporters. Please when you guys get to check us out, follow like, share, subscribe to us on iHeartRadio Spotify, Apple Music Amazon anywhere you guys listening to podcasts and of course our flagship, the cannabis radio.com If anybody

Ric Flair 36:12
and yet i’ll see you Saturday night, my brother.

Chad Bronstein 36:15
I’ll see you man. Thanks, guys.

Pete 36:18
Thank you guys appreciate everything.

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