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Sober Junkie Special


About Sober Junkie

“Sober Junkie, a Native from California, is a singer, songwriter, and performer who uses music as medicine for his soul. He grew up splitting time between living with his single hard-working mother in Los Banos and his two dads in West Hollywood and San Francisco, where Sober Junkie got his love for music and entertainment. His father was an up-and-coming struggling actor/performer who always putting on a show. Addiction molded much of Sober Junkies’ (SJ) life and took him to rock bottom. Cannabis and music were the two escapes that helped SJ overcome his drug addiction.”

Sober Junkie Special | Hempire

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Pete 0:00
All right, and welcome to another episode of hempire. I’m Pete Bahrenburg. Again, always with CEO and founder of pure Well, Nick DeFrancesco. What’s up? My man, Nick?

Nick 0:11
I’m good. I’m feeling extra motivational today. It’s not a positive day. I’ve been very positive, very positive, and I feel like it’s gonna get a lot more positive. That’s what I think right now. So why don’t we tell everybody who we got on Pete?

Pete 0:25
I mean, right here, we pretty much got a man who’s on a positivity mission. He’s a singer, songwriter, and I don’t have to wear them more time. Because if you don’t know who he is, you damn right. You’re gonna know he’s after this. This is super janky. What’s up, brother?

Sober Junkie 0:38
Hey, hold it up. Look, listen was good.

Nick 0:43
I love it. I love it.

Sober Junkie 0:45
You know, Nick, I was telling my folks because I’m live on tick tock right now we got 100 Couple 100 people up in there right now chillin with us. And, and I was talking about Nick and the things that he’s doing and what y’all are doing and how it’s so beautiful that, you know, through the synergy in the energy that we all connect, right? And then we have these, it’s because I’m real big on. It’s not what you do. But why you do it that matters. And we’re doing things for the same reason, right? And so willing, not just us, I know, y’all are connecting with a gang of people in this same like minded situation of plant medicine. It’s so powerful.

Nick 1:22
And you know, and I, you know, truthful trail, you know, I reached out, I was like, you know, look you want to be I just, it’s someone that I’ve listened to you for a while, I just love your message, right? And we were talking about this, our level you stand for. And I want you to kind of tell our listeners, kind of where you came from, and how you got here, we’re gonna get into all that. But where I only knew at first was just your motivational, your quotes, your videos, the things that you do that you want people to just get up and, and do something with their life, right? And guess what they need? Exactly. And so so let’s start. So basically, we’re, you know, again, kind of walk everybody through where you came from, you know, how your life you know, you know how life you know, obviously, like life or drugs, little bit of poverty, things like that kind of walk everybody through and then how you got here and, and, and how you became who you are.

Sober Junkie 2:15
So, so and I want to keep it kind of short and sweet. Because I want us to really be able to get and talk with each other. More so than even just talking right? Of course. But I want us to focus on something so I got injured. And I got hurt pretty bad. And there was a lawsuit. There’s gonna be some money, right. And I went through the process. They put me on some heavy, heavy opiates guys. When the lawsuit was over, right, all of a sudden, it was time for me to get off though. Right? See why these doctors got dang going on? They’re like

Nick 2:54
they’re making that money. They’re tripping you one.

Sober Junkie 2:57
Coast, correct? Yeah, we’re

Nick 2:58
on the east coast of Florida. Yeah.

Sober Junkie 3:00
During my addiction. I went out there a couple times. So it’s real. So I get hooked. They cut me off home buddies. Like my brother’s got something cheaper, man. I was like, Nah, I don’t want to shoot nothing. And he’s like, Nah, you can bang it off the foil and smoke it this and that. It’s cheaper than you trying to go five pills and this net and bro. Man they did you wrong. You’re hooked. Oh, yeah. And then I chased the dragon grown before you know what I was mainlining man, and I’m off to the fucking races, bro. You know, I? I went hard, heavy and fast. Man. I’ve always just, you know, really went all in or nothing. You know whether it’s good or bad, right? Because I got that personality. Right when I’m getting clean, right? Getting sober is to utilize that same flick and I go after this life that I’m living bro, like a bag of fucking dope. You understand? And for a junkie that’s kicking on day, two and a half. You know what I’m saying? That’s how I’m right here. So get back to the story because you know, I I was trying to smoke my joint with you guys outside, right?

Nick 4:02
Well, you can always smoke on the show when we’re done with that. That’s okay.

Sober Junkie 4:06
But I’m coming back for that one. But I’m good. So I got hooked bad man. And I lost my way guys, in and out of prison. High speed chases, you know, all drug related charges. Everything I did was because of fucking dope. In and out to join. And I finally got to a point where I got out. I relapsed. And my ex wife called me go home. You know, she had found some rigs actually bear my son had picked up my shorts in the bathroom and syringes fell out. That was her. That was her, you know? She was like, Dude, you gotta go. Or you gotta get clean. Like, I ain’t doing this. I can’t watch you kill yourself in front of your kids. And I’ll never forget what she said. She said you’re the smartest man I’ve ever fucking known. And I don’t understand what you’re doing right now. You could be anything you want to be. You could do anything you want to do. Like you have this ability, like what the fuck is wrong with you? Like, what are you doing? And I remember that shit, you know. And that night I went to an NA meeting, I did do a shot in the bathroom, I’m not gonna lie to you and then went into the meeting and sat down and, and was trippin and realize that night that there was people just like, you know, and there was people that wouldn’t look at me crazy for that crazy weird shit that I was so embarrassed. Right? Because they were the same, you know? And I love that about the community of NA.

Nick 5:37
But let me back this up for a second so we’ll start going off to the races. No, no, no, this is good. I just I want to the reason why I want to back this up because you said something. This is crazy. Because when you’re talking about you Okay, before that you were not on anything. You were maybe drinking, smoking, whatever, but you weren’t hooked on opiates right? Before your accident before your accident.

Sober Junkie 6:00
Okay, before in my past I didn’t matter I did other shape and never opioids and heroin that’s a whole different chacha. And that’s what people don’t understand. And it is attacking everybody. You don’t matter where you are. We get to take our people out my car people I’m talking about humanity. Right. They also designed it to take my people out I’m talking about my indigenous

Nick 6:23
Hold on I was getting that’s what’s gonna get with this. So obviously your Native American good. I don’t know if many people know that or whatever. And so the point oh, that doesn’t he doesn’t look I mean, you know if you’ll see him on video, but he doesn’t, you know, looks you know, it doesn’t look like you look all Indian, you definitely have a mix. Do you look white and Indian? Latino? Right. Yeah. So you get

Sober Junkie 6:45
through real quick Hold on. Yeah, absolutely. So that’s the thing that’s wrong with the world is everybody has this stereotypical Native American what they think an indigenous person is, and it’s better to not use the word Indian. So because I’m educating you today as a brother, it’s kind of, you know, native, just say native folks. Okay. First Peoples you know what I mean? First Nations, right? And, and the truth of the matter is, we look like everything from this color to the sun. And we’ve mixed in so much too, as well. There’s so many of us mix natives that are mixed it all different races, like from from native and Jewish. You know what I’m saying? Right? From native and black from native, and Chinese. You know what I’m saying? My, my girls daughter, you know, which is beautiful, like the you gotta know, it’s, it’s so diverse with our cry fullblood you just saw my girl, you probably right? No, he’s fullblood. Right. Okay. You know what I’m saying? So it’s like, it’s so cool that we get to talk. This is what I love about it, bro. Because we can teach people about rights. People can love people. And that’s my song people if you ain’t heard it, y’all gotta listen. I sent it to you. I texted it to link Dropbox. Oh, yeah, we’re

Nick 7:55
gonna talk about all that I didn’t. But what I was going to say is, is that when people think about, okay, so I guess this is what I was trying to go to, you know, again, you start out your life, you know, they get maybe not the best neighborhoods poverty, they go, Oh, well, that’s, he’s a product of his environment. But here’s the funny part. What happens is, is that most people that are addicted to opiates in our country, do not start because it came from poverty, because it didn’t come from anything. It’s because I got an accident and this is the God I should have been in the medical field for as long as I was. You know, I saw a lot of rheumatologist pain management, whatever. Okay, so what happens is a patient goes in, they get in a car accident. Now, there is something like Twitter or Twitter, all that you can take, which was an anti inflammatory doesn’t give you any of those effects. But what did they do? They usually go into an opiate right. So now you get on an opiate and that’s fine. You take it for a day or two, it’s you know, you don’t think it’s that you know, that big of a deal. Okay, then you start actually getting like, Oh, this feels good. This doesn’t have any pain. This is great. But then you start realizing you start to get hooked. And what happened was a lot of the rheumatologist didn’t know how to dose it. Why? Because the pharmaceutical companies telling them of course, the more they sell, the more they make money, the higher doses so there was a time where rheumatologists were giving out so much like the doses were so strong that when pain management doctors would be like, you’re on walk, like pain management offices that doctors that get trained for this didn’t couldn’t believe the amount of milligrams that

Sober Junkie 9:28
was an issue. There’s a big issue. There’s a huge

Nick 9:31
issue right so so now you’re talking about people that are not druggies, probably have never done anything even

Sober Junkie 9:40
soccer moms and, and parents and doctors and other people to vote. I’ve met people in the rooms right of NA, I’ve met people, doctors, lawyers, fro people like that that literally got hurt. Started taking that took their whole life from from from start to finish from the injury Getting prescribed to jails institutions. And I remember

Nick 10:05
we said culture,

Pete 10:06
they know what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing on it. They know that they look at you as a number. And as soon as something happens, boom, they got you for life until you’re in the grave. And then it’s on to the next one.

Sober Junkie 10:17
Monroe. It’s I mean, it’s sad, but it’s true. Yeah, they’re clean. They’re trying to clean house, of course. And that’s why they got these places now that I’m hearing about where they’ve got like, junky alleys where they’re doing a needle exchange, and have these alleys where these cats are allowed to just slug and shoot dope. And they’re like, Yeah, well, we just want to, you know, not worry about put down on the crime, and it’s an ad for the needle exchange, at least they’re using clean needles and giving them a safe place to their dope. It’s like, why not fucking help them?

Nick 10:44
Okay, this is helping them get doped up. Right, we talked about this in Philly, you know, I’m from Philadelphia, we talked about the area and they do it actually in Los. Well, you know, you’re in California, they have an area in Los Angeles. And that’s exactly where Jack the Ripper when they used to talk about Jack the Ripper, you have a hotel that was right up in that area where they had all the, you know, all the homeless and the drugs and all that stuff. But they kind of keep it to like one area. It’s what is it Tent City or something? It’s their tent city, right? Something.

Sober Junkie 11:15
There’s insight and Vancouver where she’s at. And it’s the same thing. It’s a safe place. And I get it, I get because they don’t know what to do and right. And there’s something different about a heroin addict. Let me tell you about a junkie, other addicts, drug addicts, even a tweaker. A tweaker can go go go go go until they just crash and they’ll sleep and probably for like three days and eat fucking hell of food and all of that, right. You get to do chicken hair on a different whole chop, chop. And they’re willing to do anything and everything. Like I’ve seen dudes that are straight. You know what I mean? Take it a whole different way. You get one, right? Oh, God, friends of mine, hardcore gangster dudes I’ve ever known that did crazy stuff and went out backwards to get because they needed to get well. And it didn’t mean that that were that the sad. It’s not that thing. The bad part of that. The bad part is that you’re not that and you’re doing that just to get well.

Pete 12:08
Right? Exactly. That’s who you are. And

Sober Junkie 12:11
you’re doing that’s a different story. But no, you’re selling yourself man to get well. And you’re even doing it in a way that you’re not truly, that’s not your way. So it’s heavy, man, you know, stealing from their moms their kids like dude, I stole from my daughter, dude, I took her fucking Christmas presents, man. And you know, and sold them for dope dude. Like I was I was real piece of shit. And not only that, you know, and it’s hard, man. I deal with it. You know what I’m saying? I’m I’m probably hard on myself still to this day for the shit that I you know, I never I never heard nobody never put hands on nobody. I never you know, did that kind of stuff, but I was gone. And if I was wrong, I might have been a zombie. You know, I was a real junkie man and the fact that guys I was able to get clean what cannabis has done for me, man.

Nick 12:56
Yeah, so let’s talk a little bit about this because obviously we’re talking about you know, the most addictive substance in the World War. I mean, we’re talking about serious stuff I mean, you know, we were just talking about nicotine and and all this but there’s heroin is a whole nother you know, that’s a whole nother level. Wagon Slayer bro. Exactly. So what did you see? Yeah, so walk people through this because it’s you know, look, I don’t know who’s you know not we don’t know who’s listening to the show. Could be somebody that’s battling with addiction right now. So what did you do? What like how did it all I know you said you went to NA, but like, we’re gonna tell me the process of how that works.

Sober Junkie 13:33
Thing is I wish I could tell you this magical situation or this magical way to do it or the way it’s not gonna you know, be hard in the way you don’t gotta get sick and the data that you just don’t work that way. But I have come up with something because the way I did it was in cannabis. It’s kind of I was like, I need a shot. I need a shot. I was telling my ex wife I think he shot just one more shot just one more I’m sick. I’m gonna die. I was like, You’re gonna fucking die You’re killing me You’re killing me What the fuck? And she was like you got all your homeboys who grow pot and this and that once you hit them up and I’m gonna pop what was I gonna do for the week? I was like, I ain’t gonna do shit that’s just gonna

Nick 14:13
not it’s not that it’s not

Sober Junkie 14:15
like yo dude that’s all you can do. You got to go to this and shit and you can smoke pot that’s it. And so by like the maybe 28th 29th hour I’m calling my boy and I’m like really kicking hair on he’s I brown proud of you grow as a by choice and I was like, I was like, I’m sick. Oh, grow. I’m shitting on myself. I’m throwing up on myself now. Now. Nothing’s coming out. But I’m like thinking I am like your dry heaving ever dry heat through your asshole you got yellow bile coming out of yourself that just smells toxic this book. Like as soon as you can. Talk about kicking heroin. Do you get the same shit from from opioids to same shit? Same shit from Lena. Anybody is really sipping lean, that has had to kick knows it. And that’s what sucks because a lot of folks, as soon as they figure out that kick is going to be as bad as it as it as it is they do what I was doing. I said, I gotta figure out how I can get fucking loaded for the rest of my life. Scared

Nick 15:26
no one that can actually see my mouth. But it is wide open right now. You’re listening on the radio, because this is but here’s the thing. This is another reason why I wanted you on the show. Because most people don’t know this, you know, look their shows, you can listen up, you can watch Netflix, you can watch these. Now this is real life. And this is this is not a more real than that. No, it doesn’t get more. And I’m gonna tell you, this isn’t a handful of people. This is millions of people that are suffering from addiction, and this same issue that’s going on every day. So what this is

Sober Junkie 16:07
what we got to talk about, and this is what I love about what you’re doing well, yes, I love what you’re doing. You know, my girl and I talk a lot about it. Because her and I, we it’s crazy, bro creative put this woman in my life. And we’ll talk about that part later because it’s a whole podcast of its own. It’s a fucking fairy tale that came to real life. It’s fucking banana. So we talked about the healing properties. cannabinoids, how we have them in our body already. Like yo, the creator designed this for cannabis. You know what I’m saying? Like we were, it’s, it’s for us, right? The folks say that, you know that that it came from first came from what they said the station correct. But it’s not really true. Because teachings go back and microcon tell you to know, teachings go back that, that we’ve had plant medicine, cannabis in the indigenous community since forever. You know what I mean? It’s, well, yeah. I can’t really speak on it. Because that’s a teaching. You know what I mean? That’s that, but it’s important to recognize that wait a minute, we’ve had this. This isn’t something that came from somewhere else. It’s been here in the Americas you want I’m saying on Turtle Island, you know, and Turtle Island is, you know, we don’t you know recognize borders. So you know, Canada, America, what people call it whatever with that together as Turtle Island, you know what I’m saying?

Nick 17:26
Okay, Canada, Canada, and United States and Mexico are just kind of United States.

Sober Junkie 17:36
Turtle Island.

Nick 17:40
But what I’m asking is, is that is that Mexico, United States and Canada or

Sober Junkie 17:45
the bottom part is the tail of the turtle man. Okay. Okay, your assets, your mind. You know what I mean? There’s a lot of people don’t realize like, that’s the whole other thing, too. So we’re gonna get back over the place was the terpenes, right? Yes. Do I want you because I know you know, about terpenes. And this is something that I’m excited to learn about, right. This is something I’m super excited. Oh, we’re talking about cannabis. Flagging tick tock kicked us off because you’re talking about cannabis

Pete 18:20
is ridiculous. But you can sit there and have one was the child shaking their ass and talking about what the fuck they want. But you can’t talk about plant medicine retarded.

Sober Junkie 18:30
That’s like, it’s so frustrating. I don’t even want to be rocking with these apps man. But it’s I’m blessed. I’ve appealed it. Oh, she appealed it, too. I love that. But let’s talk about these terpenes Can you break that down for folks? Because yeah. And what terpenes Do you feel? Okay, because you know about my kid kid. I believe I told you a little bit about that. Right?

Nick 18:49
Yeah. And I want to tell everybody about that too. We’ve been talking about that.

Sober Junkie 18:53
And we’re gonna get into that and I want to know from your point of view from you’re educated, and then you do have a medical background, which I love. So there’s my girl. So I love that you know what I mean? And and tarping wise, what do you say to somebody that’s going through withdrawal like their bodies you know, rejecting everything? They’re they’re going through what I just told you, like, it’s heavy man, and then the first four days are our health.

Nick 19:19
Yes, well, the only thing is I can’t speak only because I mean, I’ve never gone through that so I’ve never so it’s hard for me to

Sober Junkie 19:28
Yeah, the worst flu you’ve ever had like COVID Rose what you are comparing COVID to withdrawal me and my old junky buddies that are clean now we’re like kicking

Nick 19:40
around Okay. All right. So here’s

Sober Junkie 19:42
there’s a good like some people don’t get it bad some people don’t

Nick 19:45
yeah, no bad back on the right. Well, in general you know cannabinoids are an anti inflammatory by nature, right? So all all cannabinoids so and then But when we’re talking about, you know, the terpene profiles, that’s, that’s a little different than when we talk about About the cannabinoid profiles, like for example, in hemp versus marijuana. So if you’re talking about CBD, which everybody knows, and you’re talking about delta nine, the real distinguishing factors, just from those compounds is one gives you more of that euphoric feeling that head you know, that head feeling that Hi, you know, and then you have CBD, which is much more of a relaxing but you are completely, you know, you’re, you’re there, the 100% in your mind, maybe your body’s a little bit, you know, you feels a little bit but, you know, again, you’re not mentally somewhere else. And, and so, I do believe that you probably a good mixture of like a one to one ratio would be great only because I would just think that being on something so powerful. I mean, you’re talking about opiates that are I’ve been verbally, fentanyl the other day where it’s so powerful that if you come near it, you could overdose, not like when you come here as you could breathe and things like that, right, you know,

Sober Junkie 20:59
there’s a bag right in this chunk, zips open the bag, zips it, three seconds later, falls wham into the trunk and dies. And they

Nick 21:10
come on. That’s nothing something marijuana would ever do. Like, you know, so how could you even that’s so powerful. It’s incredible. So and when you’re talking about tuition

Pete 21:21
right there, that’s the cartoon level type of something when you just see someone open a bag and see a fume and just fall over past that, right.

Sober Junkie 21:30
He overdosed and died the cop smelled it overdosed and died. That blew my mind, bro and so scary. I Old Summer, bro, these dudes that were partying there was like, bro, come on, just do a key shot of this coke. You know, my old drummer parties. He’s open about that shit, just kind of duty. Okay, and he was like, Dude, I didn’t want to do it. And I did it. Anyway, he did a KeyShot bro and died. Fucking died

Nick 21:56
on Saturday. Knock them right.

Sober Junkie 21:59
Knock and brought him back, bro. And then he went out again and knocked him again three times, bro.

Nick 22:04
Have you ever been Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever overdosed

Sober Junkie 22:07
after me, bro, but I Odede six times I overdosed six times, bro. And three times I woke up in the hotel room with a needle still in my arm and everybody ran out because they thought I died.

Nick 22:16
Can I ask you a question? Because this is going to be deep? What does it feel like? Like? Do you go anywhere mentally? Like, when when you’re going? Do you see what people talk about? Like do you see a tunnel? Do you see? I mean, walk me through that. Is that something you’re conscious about? Or?

Sober Junkie 22:34
No I don’t I don’t remember. I remember waking up bro. I remember doing the shot. And I remember and I remember like coming to not even waking up come okay. You come to you don’t even fucking wake up and you’re just like, and then you realize man and all three times I dedicated myself. shit and piss. Hey, vomited. Thank God, I was sitting against the wall with

Nick 22:58
my well that’s the problem, right? Because a lot of people, right?

Sober Junkie 23:01
I’ve had like, three of my homeboys die on their vomit choked on their vomit.

Nick 23:06
That’s unbelievable. But I mean, you don’t what you’re saying coming to meaning. You wake up and you’re like, you pass out basically. And then you wake up and you’re awake with the narc

Sober Junkie 23:19
die like because your fucking eyes roll back in your head. Right? And everybody’s so fucking loaded and high and tripped out and tweaking on math and because we didn’t get that heroin together. It was fucking rock and roll party. Right? Right. It was. I was I you know, and that’s why I have high speed chases and shit on my record. It wasn’t that I was some Billy badass motherfucker. But, you know, I was just, I was so fucking gone. I was so fucking out of my mind do that. I live my life like a cartoon character, bro.

Nick 23:54
So come back. I mean, so coming from all of this because obviously I know that everybody’s I mean, I’m, you know, this is a It’s heavy. It’s deep. So should know. So how you come from that? And what do you okay, you’re obviously smoking. Do you say you’re at the 28th hour? You start smoking you start smoking? You know to to get back to your answer just so really good. To purple. Right? So you got some some real deep THC. So Mormon, Indigo probably type of feeling as well. And that’s what you were asking about terpene profiles. So we’re terpenes it’s kind of crazy, you know, in the fact of is, is that people know it as indica. sativa. Right. That’s how everybody classifies. But really it’s not about that’s a little more complicated than that and, and knowing the terpene profile that’s going to work for you. So on our side though, it’s not that we just use on when I say on our side on the hemp side is is that we’re using the actual cannabinoid not just the terpene

Sober Junkie 24:51
and their name, bro. Right? So it’s different.

Nick 24:54
So CBN, for example, that’s a cannabinoid, that by nature. It doesn’t make you a little more sleepy. Okay. And it’s not it’s a more of a sedative type of cannabinoid. But it’s also one of the only cannabinoids that you can’t build up a resistance to. So if somebody’s using it for sleep yet, right, so So meaning like,

Sober Junkie 25:18
if you’re using like, What’s that stuff called?

Nick 25:22
Like Ambien or melatonin? Melatonin? Right? So melatonin it’s really bad for you because you know, the more you take it’s, well, I mean, anyone knows if you take in too much melatonin just one night. You just feel super groggy? Just don’t feel right in the morning. Like, people are like, well, there’s pure sleep make you feel groggy? Or like No, it’s not good that either you didn’t sleep well. Or when? When the honestly, what else? Do you feel groggy? When you drank too much, and you wake up and you’re like, you didn’t sleep very well. Like, there’s reasons why you’re groggy, right? So why would it matter? Obviously, there’s something wrong. That’s for sure. Yeah. So So yeah, in that respect. The cannabinoid profiles are our rules that and so it depends. And yeah, we definitely you know, we’re working on something to do to be a kick hit that we were talking about, but but but getting back to you because I know people are gonna want to know this. You were you’re smoking. You know, you’re smoking THC. You’re obviously smoking.

Sober Junkie 26:19
I’m smoking. I’m eating now. I’m like getting a few hours to relax. The anxiety. So you also get what’s called you a restless leg is? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. This is beautiful than that. You understand that?

Nick 26:33
I actually get it sometimes.

Sober Junkie 26:34
So you get it in your arms? No, I

Nick 26:37
get my legs but yeah, no, no, I’m

Sober Junkie 26:39
telling you when you kick. Okay, personally, and a lot of other guys. I know. You get it in your arms and your legs at the same time. And you’re just like, you just fucking feels so fucked up. You’re punching your fucking legs. You’re smacking your fucking arms. You’re fucking fucking screaming out your fucking mind, bro. You’re fucking you just you’re going batshit fucking been there. Come on, man. You know, and you can smoke some fucking pervert bro. And he can bring you down to where you can tolerate it. I ain’t no miracle shit, you know, right

Pete 27:14
away. And all but you combine that what I just learned the other day. It’s just sheets, they’re creating a little bit of an electrical currents if you use the linen sheets, that actually creates a negative charge and actually take some of that down. And so you actually help remove that restless legs. And because you’re over charging your body basically, you’re creating more static so linen sheets actually going to help with that. Wow.

Nick 27:41
I’m with you everyday Peter. I’ve never heard this vision of things that hempire gets exclusive to all right. I mean,

Sober Junkie 27:51
I can’t help you bro.

Pete 27:56
about it until right now. That’s why he’s

Nick 27:59
right. No, but you know what they would see like every little thing but Okay, so now Alright, so we’re smoking. Obviously, it’s taking the edge off.

Sober Junkie 28:08
And I’m going to NA meetings every bro. I really am. I’m showing up. You know what I mean? And I’m staying off the shit. Um, I get month six right? And I go to Circle K at a job. And I see somebody from my past and Circle K. And they’re like, Hey, man, I was so cool. You know say it was good. Hey, homie, I got some follow him as dope. But they had met so what do you got us I got some meth and I was like, he’s like, come on full just wants just this just fucking party one time. Well, man. This ain’t ah, voter saint. You’re good. This ain’t black. You could do this shit. So my dumbass fucking does it right, bro. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been in this program, learning about my life. I’d been in this program really working on myself. You know what I’m saying? Going through the steps. It’s sharing my fucking feelings for the first time in my life, bro. Being open and crying and shit. Like, I was committed bro. And it ruined getting high. I was so paranoid bro. I thought I seen everybody from the meetings I kept. And it was during the day. I ended up and my buddy’s fucking shed in his backyard. Hella hot. It was like a fucking I don’t know 97

Nick 29:37
And it could be 60 out

Sober Junkie 29:42
he comes in there. You go into my shed and I was like brah Relax, bro. And he was like, Oh my God. I gotta take you home bro. And I was like, oh, you know? Of course. Bro that night I went to a meeting and I fucking on that shit dude and I broke down crying You’re going to get a couple of people give me a hug, tell me that loving it, it’s okay. I’m gonna be alright. And it’s not what I did, or what I’m going to do now that matters the most. And I need to say that to everybody out there, and I’m guarantee and there’s more than more than a handful that that are feeling this right now, because I’m feeling the same, you know, it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not, it doesn’t get any easier. No, you learn things that help you along the way. You adapt to new, more meaningful ways of living, and being and speaking and living and all of that. But lifestyle shows up, you know? And, and, and just don’t give up. Just keep going, you know, and I just felt like, I didn’t say that right now. And we can keep going over talking about but I’m, I’m excited man connecting with other folks that got the same vision. Dude, this is, this is crazy. I mean, you chopped it up the other day? We were on the phone for like, 20 minutes, bro.

Nick 31:00
I think it was, I think it was longer. But I’ll tell you right now, it was it was just because again, I love and I do want you to, I do want you to say a little something that everybody out there because your message is super powerful. And if for and it doesn’t have to be because you’re getting over a drug. It doesn’t matter. It could be anything in your life. It’s, you know, it’s just a lot of the things that you preach. It says, just get up and fucking do it. Like, who cares? If it’s if it’s drugs, if it’s an idea that you have, if it’s a dream, and you have you want to lose weight, do it. If you want to make money, go do it. You want to go do something of your life. And what I’m saying is, it doesn’t have to be drugs. You know, it could be anything that you need a kick in the ass to go and go out and go get it and stop overthinking it. I can’t say like you. So just do one quick one.

Pete 31:50
I mean, you got to start

Sober Junkie 31:52
holding the hold up. You say hey, you say hold up. Hold on. Okay. So you say Hey, Nick. Look, listen. Hey, hold on. Listen. You gotta do it.

Sober Junkie 32:17
Alright, check it out. Hey, hold up. Look, listen, you’re gonna understand something. It’s not about what you don’t do. But it’s about what you do do to make what you need to be what you need it to be. You know, a lot of people can talk that talk and they can do whatever it is. But when you really walk the walk, you make that life what it needs to be. Anything can happen as long as you put the work in that you commit, that you’re willing to sacrifice that you willing to get up before everybody and go to sleep after everybody. You know what I mean? You get those couple of hours it whatever you can and work hard, work hard. It’s about that to sacrifice and not just talking about it, but really being about it. And let’s talk about manifestation. I hear people all the all manifest and I’ve spoken into existence. I just talk about it all the time. No, don’t work that way. No, no, no, no, no. You got to work, grind, get in there and manifest that way. Talking about it’s just part of it. That’s like the 90 I don’t even know if that even matters. I think that’s what initiates the manifestation. It takes that true, you know, heart soul, grit and grind to make whatever you want to be deep. But you can’t if you do

Nick 33:20
it Come on, how do you how do you get motivated listening to that? It’s true, because everybody can look into themselves and they could be better. And whatever they’re doing, you know, you got to look at yourself everybody’s in denial. Oh, I can’t do this. They make excuses. Why do you make an excuses? You’re only hurting yourself. Excuse you make I have a solution for that’s just how am I am. I always say you get help give me Don’t give me give me solutions. I don’t want excuses. Because that’s just my

Sober Junkie 33:48
mindset. Anything can be worked out and figured out it don’t get me wrong, man. I’m not saying I’m like Gandhi and Buddha and shit. Like I stress out too. And there’s times we all

Nick 33:57
do that’s human.

Sober Junkie 33:59
You just gotta like, surround yourself to with with people that are really going to be there for you, with people that are going to notice and recognize and see you going through the hardships and the hard times and be able to motivate, lift you up and help inspire you and you be that light as much as you can. But it’s okay to need that light. Also, remember that part? That’s

Nick 34:23
even more powerful than the first part? The and so let’s talk about first of all, is this true? Your turn? Are you training to be an MMA fighter, MMA fighter? Hey, where are you? Where are you not I don’t know if that’s true.

Sober Junkie 34:35
No, I’m boxing bro. So okay. My cousin wants me to do MMA but I like I like boxing bro. You know? I gotta go island fight so he’s actually looking for somebody for me right now. So I’m kind of glad we’re on here. If anybody wants to catch these hands it’s oh, let’s let’s raise some money. I really want to scrap what they do dog face man. People that are gonna Make get people’s attention. Like we need people with platforms, right? People that are doing things now already, he’s kind of a bigger guy, and I’m a bigger guy. So I thought it’d be kind of cool, you know, and you know what, man, I’m big on. I’m big on making a difference. And I feel like we could utilize that fight to promote MMI W missing and murdered indigenous, you know, that’s something that needs to be stressed. And instead of me playing, knew all about it right now. I want to ask each and every one y’all listening right now to go to your Google, and I want you to search mm IW. And I want you to learn about that. And I promise everybody that does that will be sending me a direct message, and gonna be telling me like, Oh, my God, as Jay I didn’t know.

Nick 35:41
And now that we have not only do you have the I met while you’re talking about boxing, but you know, we’re now you know, you’re a musician. Right. So that’s, and that’s something you did before. The for everything. All the craziness happened, or is it always something you had music wise?

Sober Junkie 35:57
No. See music wise? So are you talking about my song and it might have Yeah,

Nick 36:02
no, just in general. Just your Yeah, exactly.

Sober Junkie 36:05
Absolutely. And it’s important for me to make music for things like that, because that’s what I hold close. And that’s like my song, hope and pray. So like, when you listen to my music, listen to that mm IW song, you know, listen to hope and pray. You know what I mean? And that touches everybody. You know, it’s not about a religion or anybody’s personal belief. It’s not and if you watch there’s a actual video and it’s really cool, because there’s a part where it’s people praying in all different ways, because we’re all connecting to a power greater than ourselves. Right? And, and it’s nobody has the right to feel nobody else’s. They’re guiding their God, right? Oh, yeah, for sure. And I feel like creator gets that it’s like creator needs to get out. You know,

Nick 36:44
what I’m saying is they did the music come. Oh, and before or after, it’s what I’m saying your all your music, just everything because you’re getting into music.

Sober Junkie 36:57
I’ve been making music since I was a kid, bro. Okay, that’s what I thought because I’ve always dude, it’s crazy. I was acapella choir in high school. And I, you know, I was going to be the lead role and prior to the present, but I ended up getting in a fight. You know, because I was a knucklehead and shit. I remember the drama teacher was crying. She was like, Oh my God, you’re gonna be so good. You’ve seen so beautifully, and all of a sudden, they’re like, Okay, whatever.

Nick 37:26
Right? Well, listen, I mean, you know, when we’re young, we do stupid shit. I mean, this is what happens

Sober Junkie 37:31
run around in tights all that bad, you know?

Nick 37:38
That, because because Pete, I actually had a thing where I wore tights for a costume. I don’t have the rest of it from Pete. So now we’re gonna have to two pictures of tight me being server junkie.

Pete 37:50
And just have a collection of guests and indicates apparently, everybody you seem to get on as a thing about tights.

Nick 38:00
I love it. So So what’s your what’s your spider, you know, with music? And you know, I know you’re doing some new things of music. I know, we talked about it. I know you had some issues with the label, and to get into all that craziness. But if you watch it or whatever, but I don’t want to

Sober Junkie 38:13
get deep into with the label. Let me first say that I that I acknowledge and recognize all the amazing things that were done for me, you know, but at the same time, I recognize and acknowledge all the messed up things that were done to me as well, you know, and I think it’s best that that I’m, that I go my way, and they go their way. I’m not doing the court thing. I know, I had made a post and in the beginning I said I was you know, going to do what I had to do. But honestly guys, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. Like, I’m free. And I could do me right now. And that’s a beautiful thing. And so I decided to do this GoFundMe you guys. And it was really cool. As my girl helped me with it. I’m not super savvy, and, you know, but I wanted it to be right, you know, and I said, I want to give an opportunity for my fans, right? Well, my family, I don’t like seeing fans, but my family to be a part of this project. Right? I recorded all this incredible music during the pandemic. And I’m like, this is this is like an album. This is a frickin project. How

Nick 39:13
do you add music on before though? I mean, this is this is

Sober Junkie 39:16
singles. I mean, I had a live album, but I’ve always just dropped singles bro. I had album and everything else was singles man. And I did that within the last 10 years of my career, like probably at this music for 10 years hard as a career. You know, 2014 I became an ASCAP singer, songwriter, you know, and, and got my publishing and my writers and took it serious. You know, in 2018 I got that Mountain Dew commercial with my song, you got it. And then my song got on the radio and that was huge for me in Vegas. And and from that point forward, just kind of growing and I’ll be honest, my style has done a lot of changing and a lot of manifesting and

Nick 39:56
I’ve noticed that that’s why I was asking kind of like how you’ve done that. How how it’s changed or is it been life or just changing different genres? Or

Sober Junkie 40:05
is it man and then for a while there, I was trying to make what I felt people wanted to hear so that I could get my message across. Right so I was you know, working on trying to make it sound and I got so lost in doing that, that I kind of lost sight of who I am. And my original sound that the Creator blessed me with it nobody. And that’s that raspy slug and soul you know what I’m saying? And never fucking good. sang it not even singing sing I sang. I’m saying no. All right.

Nick 40:40
So here’s the thing. First of all, we were when when when I first watched you in Iraq, it’s funny. You said, Well, I’ve changed. I mean, you watch like vanilla ice when you went from rapping to rock, right? I mean, people do change. And, and I think that it is true. I mean, I just think that sometimes voices fit on different, you know, different genres, right? I mean, you know, you can’t have a certain type of voice and try to do you know, you can’t have like that country twang and try to do something different. You know, you gotta you gotta you gotta go with what works for you.

Sober Junkie 41:11
But feels right. There you go. That part? What feels right. And I was actually doing stuff that didn’t feel right, fellas, you know, but it was the content was real. The lyrics are always real, because anything I write is going to be real and powerful. And, and some of it I liked but I got away from what I truly wanted to do. And I’m really excited. let you guys know, like, I just booked my buddy today, I posted a video with a song called strap on my shoes. Wrestle going slow, and it’s just electric guitar. And he does have a bunch of pedals. So he’s funking with effects and shit like that and smacks it for the bass for the drumline and sheet sounds real dope, and it’s funky, but it’s real. So same man. And I told him, I was like, I’m gonna post this. If this gets a good reaction from the people, and I’m going back to this, I want to go back to my original genre that I this sober junkies genre. I need that sound that people hear and they say that sober junkie, and even if it ain’t me, and it’s someone adopting my style, they like Hey, that sounds like sober junkie. Yeah, that’s it sober junkie, but oh, that sounds like Bruno Mars style. Oh, that sounds like Michael Jack, get what I’m saying.

Nick 42:18
Right. That’s what I mean. I think everybody’s got to have what that thing you know, and that’s what I mean. You have that raspy voice you have that? So I don’t think it’s going to be an issue at all. I just I just heard different types of music from you and and I think that that sounds like that would be a winner to me personally.

Sober Junkie 42:37
Yeah, for sure. And I gotta be clear coming with rapper Couchman rapper coos is a brother of mine that his name is Dre I’m sure you guys know rapper Cushie is right. Course. Washington. So Dre is doing some things. He’s actually doing some things with kratom as well. I just I’m about to watch the leap of faith. Is that what it’s called the leap of faith or something?

Nick 42:58
We’re going to go back we had purple junkie. Let’s talk about that real quick. Oh,

Sober Junkie 43:03
my strain right. So yeah, right. Which was was was a true, true true indica. Unum saying like true true true purple punch. Times fucking gelato? Is it 33 Right. So a lot of 33 fucking fire bro, we sold out in two hours. But what sucks is that was with the label I was signed with. So like that, you know, it was in New York, and it dropped and it did its thing and it did really well. But I’m not doing it with them no more. But then I realized again, that opens up the door. It’s like, wait a minute, that’s your strain. Right? And and it’s your, your marketing. It’s your logo. It’s your name. It’s your brand that you built because you are the brand so

Nick 43:49
yeah, I mean, look at the end of the day everybody’s trying to you know, put out these brands and all this stuff, but the quality of the product is what’s going to sell it and the story so I mean, that’s what we do here. It’s all about quality no matter what now again, we’re not on that, you know, high THC side you know we’re on but it’s still we’re doing different things. We do custom formulations so we could do something where we take that terpene profile and put it into something like you said that kit kit I mean we definitely could put something together because you know you’re talking about Terps which is totally different than the THC content even though we do have a delta nine gummy now that we you know, we can use Terps wherever we can add those tarps to it exactly needed

Sober Junkie 44:32
CBD for anxiety. I need to come for anxiety

Nick 44:36
while you’re in the right place.

Pete 44:39
Because I have an app

Sober Junkie 44:41
that can come and give me a care package shoe and I need some for my mom. Right now. She’s been in postman said for depression stuff and get into her too and they want us to put her on some you know pharmaceuticals, man. Well, we’re

Nick 44:55
just trying to do it the right way. Right like you said, you know anything I Any hemp cannabis, it’s been around 4000 5000 6000 BC. I mean, people have no idea. I mean, in every major event that has ever happened, we know in the history of time, there was some type of cannabis around, which is just, you know, which is actually 100% True. And it wasn’t something that was right around the

Pete 45:18
corner behind the alley.

Nick 45:22
No, JC No, but but it was, and again, we heard it from somebody else had said on the show, but it made it so valuable. In something of such abundance that grows just about anywhere. I mean, cannabis can grow. And if anyone doesn’t know this, I literally like in, in sand, and dirt, and different conditions, it grows, if something is so abundant in the world, there must be a universal use that the creator or whatever you believe in, is making that available. And so the no side effects, the no contraindications. I mean, this story of having somebody come off of major, major drugs and addiction and you know, and now you’re talking about a mom that has anxiety or people that have sleep or pain or stomach issues, or, you know, there’s so many things and how it brings everybody together. You know, we’re talking about 1000 things with cannabis. But

Sober Junkie 46:23
the community aspect of it is bananas, bro. And now you can go to an event and see this young like bugging as gangster ass kid chillin talking 78 year old fucking hippie bro and just passing the joint back and forth together, bro. Tell me about that shit. Like, I get the fuck out of here. Yeah, we got drama. Yeah, we’ve allowed some hooligan asthma focus to come in the industry. But whatever. It for the most part. It’s still a beautiful thing, man. And cannabis has had a way to change people’s hearts. You know what I mean? I got a lot of buddies that left the bad chap world and started getting into cannabis seen it firsthand. Maybe they were black market or whatever. I don’t know. That’s not my business. But it was better than doing that even if it was that way than doing what they want.

Nick 47:08
Of course, and that’s look, I mean, I don’t know you get educated people come on. I mean, there’s just there’s so many reasons why you’d want to get on to cannabis. And of course, you’re listening to the show because, yes, it’s a little entertainments, a little education, but it’s all here for cannabis and all different ways of life. And that’s why we do what we do here. And I’m just I’m just happy that you came on to kind of you know, should tell everybody where can they find you? What’s dropped in? I mean, tell us what’s going on.

Sober Junkie 47:40
So excited. went on. The sober junkie official, the sober junkie official on Instagram. Go to the Instagram, my link tree is on the Instagram. The GoFundMe link is live on the Instagram from the Instagram go check out my Tik Tok at the sober junkie. I got a way bigger following on Tik Tok. But the engagement on Instagram is crazy man. And I’ve had it so long, and I built it slowly and and it’s just like the core for the family. And you

Nick 48:10
do it personally. I mean, you answered, you know, people, people sense,

Sober Junkie 48:15
bro, I got people hitting me up, man. And I try to respond to everybody, bro, and I got 1000s of fucking messages. And I get that, and I do what I can and I’ll steal the lineup and bam, he didn’t fucking read the message and respond, you know, and sometimes I just go right to the message. It’s fucking weird.

Pete 48:34
Wherever the world takes you, man, exactly. The energy? No,

Nick 48:39
well, what I’m using your eyes Hold on, and music wise, you have anything dropping or anything they should look out for.

Sober Junkie 48:45
So just be paying attention to the social media. Because in about a week or two, there’s going to be some news about what I’m dropping, and now it’s going to be dropping. Cool. But what’s more important is what I’m doing with the GoFundMe man. Because that project real quick and happy about I did all the songs during the pandemic. And when I was with the label, right, and nothing got finished. So I still gotta get a mixed mastered I gotta get artwork done this, that and the third, right? I got a photoshoot in an hour or two also downtown. But it’s, it’s, um, let’s focus on that on that GoFundMe. Let’s let everybody get behind it. Let’s let everybody be a part of it. You know, we’re not doing anything crazy. We’re trying to raise like 15k and we’re putting together an album. We’re going to put together a show that you know, with the album release, it’s going to be sick. I’m excited. And my thing is I wanted it to be $1. But it’s got to be a $5 donation. I guess that’s how it works or whatever. But five bucks.

Nick 49:45
Absolutely. Or we don’t want to take the Taiko I don’t I don’t want jiggle jiggle. I want it to fold. No, it’s I think it’s a five. I think it’s a $5 is absolutely that’s where it should start. You know. Now I want you to do take everybody out, whatever you want to say, little motivational, get them going, get them pumped up and let them know what they could do. I basically what you did before, but however you want to end it, but

Sober Junkie 50:11
check it out, hey, hold up and look, listen. I said, Hey, to get your attention. I say hold up. I want you to stop doing whatever you’re doing. I want you to look, then I want you to listen. And why I say look is because I want you to focus that when I’m speaking to. There’s the energy thing going on right now. A lot of people don’t even realize that. But you will start to learn because the world is starting to change. Focus on you. Stop worrying about everybody else, and what they got going on and what they’re doing, what they have what they don’t have, you know, stop looking at Instagram and watch it people feeling like why can I ever like that because 99% of the fucking time they don’t gotta like that. It’s crazy. It’s smoke and mirrors baby and realize that get away from that start living your best life. Use social media for what it’s really supposed to be for. Use your job for what it’s supposed to be for. And if you don’t like what you’re doing, stop doing it. Doing what you love, because when you do what you love you don’t work a day in your life. That one fucking merry go round. He was chosen for greatness. With that amount of love you love it.

Nick 51:19
Come on, drop the mic.

Pete 51:22
We appreciate your time and everybody else thank you for tuning in. Remember to go like subscribe, share and even give us some comments. Let us know how you liked the show. And then like our guests, we are at cannabis radio I heart Spotify, Amazon everywhere else you decide to get your podcasts listen to him till then follow us also at pure Take a look at all the unique blends that we provide custom formulations use code hempire That’s H E M P I R E at pure well p Until then stay educated people we are out

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