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How to Make a Watermelon CBD Cocktail

How to Make a
Watermelon CBD Cocktail


CBD watermelon cocktail with mint leaves decor.


1. Place watermelon and lime juice in a shaker or jar and squash it together until all the watermelon and lime juice is released.2. Mix a few drops of our Full Spectrum CBD Watermelon Tincture into the juice.3. Add mint leaves to the watermelon mixture.4. Add a few ice cubes.5. Seal and shake well.6. Ready to serve!

Try this Recipe with our PurWell CBD Oil Tincture (Watermelon Flavor) and share/tag us a picture or video on how you feel about it!❤️Make sure to use “RECIPE25” code at Checkout for 25% OFF Watermelon Tinctures!😉

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