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Day and Night Bundle

Get the best of both worlds with our Day and Night Bundle so you can get going through the day and wind down easier at night!

What’s in the Bundle?

1x PurSlep CBD Gummies for Sleep
1x PurRelef CBD Gummies for Pain


USDA-approved organic, vegan, non-GMO stamps
Certification of CBD Roll On
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Rest and Relaxation at Your Command

The therapeutic benefits provided by our uniquely formulated PurSlep and PurRelef gummies was only made possible through nature’s genius design with a touch of modern food science.

Bottle of PurRelef CBD gummies for pain

PurRelef CBD Gummies for Pain

Bottle of CBD gummies for sleep

PurSlep CBD Gummies for Sleep

The difference that our Day and Night Bundle will make to your routine is like night and day.

What Makes PurSlep Different?

Check out our article on CBD where we take a deep dive into of the questions a lot of customers have been asking us, such as:

  • What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?
  • What is CBD used for?
  • What is CBD oil?

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Topical Relief Bundle

Topical Relief Bundle

PurWell's Nighttime Bundle containing PurSlep CBD gummies for sleep and PurSlep CBD oil for sleep

Nighttime Bundle

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