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What is CBG and How It Can Support Your Health

What is CBG?

CBG, otherwise known as Cannabigerol, is obtained from the cannabis plant much like CBD or THC. However, CBG is unique because it isn’t derived from cannabigerolic acid like other forms of cannabinoids. It’s often found in cannabis plants in smaller quantities than cannabinoids, and it’s regularly more expensive to extract and process.

The Difference Between CBG and CBD

Like Delta-8, CBG binds with your body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors to deliver a wide range of benefits directly into your endocannabinoid system. Products with CBD have a comparably lower affinity for binding with your body’s cannabinoid receptors. Additionally, CBG is found in cannabis plants in significantly lower quantities compared to CBD. In fact, most cannabis plants contain up to 25% CBD while possessing as little as 1% CBG.

A Closer Examination of CBG Health Benefits

While a wealth of research and information on the benefits of CBD and THC are fairly easy to find, long-term research regarding CBG is comparatively sparse. However, there are many short-term studies linking CBG to a diverse range of health benefits. Most notable among the potential benefits include CBG’s aptitude for inhibiting tumor and cancer growth in animals with colorectal cancer. Studies also indicate the CBG may be useful for treating glaucoma and Huntingdon’s disease through its vasodilator and neuroprotective effects. CBG may also decrease inflammation, and early studies indicate that it’s effective at killing drug-resistant bacteria, including MRSA – a serious bacteria known to cause staph infections.

A Distinct Cultivation Process

The CBG cultivation process all starts and ends with young cannabis plants. Containing higher amounts of CBG compounds than fully developed versions, young cannabis plants are often cross-bred and genetically altered to help each plant produce more CBG. As cannabis plants mature, the plant’s CBG will naturally convert to other cannabinoids. This forces cannabis growers and cultivators to decide what cannabinoid they want to invest in early in the plant’s lifecycle. Producing and harvesting CBG also requires the use of highly specialized equipment, which is quite expensive and difficult for processors to obtain.

CBG Products in the Marketplace

The most common products that utilize CBG in the marketplace are oils, but due to the high production costs and rarity of pure CBG oil, many people choose to experience some of the same benefits of CBG by choosing broad-spectrum CBD oils instead. With many potential health benefits on the horizon, it’s safe to assume that CBG products will become more popular as ongoing research verifies this rare and effective cannabinoid.

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